doris 21


My name is Doris and i’m 21. I live in perth AUSTRALIA. I know Troye sivan, he’s the cousin of the cousin of the neighbor of the grand father of my friend. And we hang out all the time. In fact, he’s my BEST FRIEND. And when I saw on tumblr ( like this ship was on tumblr for one day)  that every one thought he was dating Connor Franta, I was like LOL. NO. He’s dating my other best friend! (because everybody likes me). So please stop with this fake thing. Connor and Troye are just friends and that’s all, it’s not like they were together all the time. So please respect the privacy of troye and ryan ( like I did when I post this shit ) 

ps : this is a parody of the real one ;) ( if someone took it seriously, re questioned your understanding toward sarcasm )