I remember you. Me sitting in the corner playing with some shitty little toy, watching you come over to work my mom. She’d beg you to leave. She cried and, oh, man, you’d just do anything, even offer to score for her, just so you could get what you wanted. But you never got it, did you? See, my mom, she hated them. But she hated you more. In the end, she’s a Cody. And I’m a Cody, too.


Dorian Missick met Simone Cook at an audition. They married in 2012, and tell their love story to BET’s Black Love.

Dorian is known for his roles in TV’s Southland and the film Lucky Number Slevin. Simone recently appeared as Misty Knight in Luke Cage.

They are cute.


“I was really trying to describe three very self absorbed men who were caught up in their own lives and just couldn’t see the bigger picture around them. I have no political agenda whatsoever with this film. The only reason I use [the 2008 presidential election] backdrop is because it seemed like the entire city was feeling particularly optimistic and thinking about the future in a positive way, so it was the best way to contrast these men who are not thinking that way, who are thinking about themselves and are caught up in negativity. I often say this and it’s become a cliché, but there’s a lot of movies about self absorbed white men and I just figured it’s about time to make a movie about self absorbed black men.”

– Neil Drumming on his film, Big Words

Stills from Big Words (2013, dir. Neil Drumming)

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