dorian and manon

Rowan: *lays down next to Aelin in their bed*

Aelin: what’s up buzzard?

Rowan: this war stuff is crazy and i’m just really stressed

Aelin: *dims the lights and cuddles him* is this good?

Rowan: yeah… can you just talk?

Aelin, intertwining theo fingers together and squeezing his hand lightly: so let me tell you about the time i accidentally threw a priceless vase at Aedions face…

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Any word on Dorian being mortal or immortal? Is he still human? 🧐 I saw spoilers about basically everyone BUT manorian getting married and I’m so sad omg 🤯😩😩😩😩 ***point being he can’t really wait for Manon forever if he has a normal human lifespan 😩

Sooo. This is one area where I think context is SUPER important. They’re canon. They’re just the classic “we don’t use labels” kind of couple at this point. But that’s also part of their character arcs. (FYI, Manon’s arc in this book is FIRE! WE GET EVERYTHING WE WANTED!!) And while I think Dorian is human (damaris confirms Dorian is telling the truth when he declares he’s human) I don’t think that means Dorian isn’t also potentially something else. Like a male witch or something. There were a few moments where it was possibly foreshadowed that he could be a witch, but it could also be that Manon was using his humanity as an excuse of sorts (because those two dance around one another like nobodies business 😂). And I mean Dorian being a witch in the same way Aelin was both human and Fae. In the same way Elide is both witch and human. In the same way Manon is both crochan and ironteeth. I hope that makes sense? There were a few lines about how Damaris actually works AND how the god who blessed Damaris, the All-Seeing, is not part of the pantheon that wants Aelin to send them back home. The All-Seeing is a different god. Or at least that’s how i understood what Gavin said about the god of Truth.

So basically, after all this, I think we could get setting a manorian novella or a short book that will better go into their healing arcs and how they mediate their relationship between kingdoms—AND COME TO DISCOVER OR ATOP RUNNING FROM the fact that they’re mates. The manorian!mates hints were all over the place. There was also a lot of other stuff that hinted at their storyline not being over, too. Like. A LOT of stuff.

So. Yeah. We assume he’s mortal, we assume he’s human—but it wasn’t definitive. It was 100% left in a grey-ish area. And regardless, Dorian’s magic is insane. He can do whatever tf he wants to do with it. I don’t see why it wouldn’t give him some amount of immortality/a long life.

Weak - Manorian Oneshot

A/N: This is for the Kingdom of Ash ficswap on Tumblr! This is basically a gift fic for @ladyhavilliard, who I got for the ficswap. I really hope you enjoy this, considering it is the day before Kingdom of Ash releases.

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Manon didn’t know what she was doing outside the bookstore. She had begrudgingly joined Elide on a “shopping trip” for her unborn baby, suffering through pretty pink and blue booties and onesies and occasionally snarling at anyone who dared get too close to the extremely pregnant girl. After about three hours, she didn’t want to see an infant-sized piece of clothing ever again, and told Elide she needed to buy new armor for Abraxos.

To be fair, that had been her intention when leaving the baby store, but then she’d passed the bookstore and saw something in the window that had been on Dorian’s nightstand the last time she’d visited.

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When Chaol Gets Back
  • Chaol: Wait, so you're telling me
  • Manon and the Thirteen: *smirking*
  • Chaol: That we are allied with witches
  • Ansel: *playing with a dagger*
  • Chaol: That we control Melisande's fleet and are working with the Queen of the Wastes
  • Silent Assassins: *training*
  • Chaol: That we have 200 legendary assassins at our disposal
  • Galan: *talking with his men*
  • Chaol: That Wendlyn is finally making themselves useful
  • Rolfe: *glowering at everyone*
  • Chaol: We have the legendary Mycenians fighting with us
  • Lysandra: *is Aelin*
  • Chaol: That freaking MAUVE kidnapped Aelin and Lysandra is playing Queen until we can rescue her so she can die for us all
  • Rowan: *is basically King*
  • Chaol: That Aelin actually married him
  • Dorian: *pocketing two Wyrd Keys*
  • Chaol: That we have possession of two Wyrd Keys
  • Chaol:
  • Everyone:
  • Chaol:
  • Chaol: I need a drink

Me trying to wrap my head around the fact that some people read but don’t get emotionally attached to characters

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Remember when we thought Aelin was Celeana and she was just some badass assassin who just had a bad day and got thrown in prison but when she won the competition she’d just go on cool missions and that would be Throne of Glass HAHAHAHAHAHAHSHJDBCDSC same

What I will never get over 

  • Sam Cortlands death 
  • Young Aelin/Celaena having no friends her age (besides Aedion) 
    • And when baby Aelin asks to be freinds with Baby Dorian, he rejecting her and saying he already has a friend and his name is Chaol 
  • Celaena being broken and yelling “She left me" 
  • Aedion crying in the stairwell after hearing of the death of everyone in Endovier and Callaculla 
  • Celaena singing at Nehemiah’s grave 
  • Dorian yelling for Sorscha after she is beheaded 
  • Chaol telling Dorian he loves him 
  • Chaol telling Celaena to get up
    • Young Aelin telling Celaena to get up 
  • Asterin’s story and how she lost her baby witchling  
  • Rowan yelling and having to be held back in order for him not to go after Aelin 
  • Aelin being locked in the coffin 
  • Aelin being whipped by Cairn 
  • Fenrys becoming blood sworn to Maeve and sleeping with her to protect his brother 
  • Sam yelling “I’ll kill you” because Arobynn beat Celaena in front of him
Aelin whenever someone accuses her of something she has most definitely done

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