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Tackling the aDoriBull issues

I still cannot fathom why people think Bull/Dorian is an abusive relationship. For one thing, Dorian isn’t really typical of victim mentality. 

When his father treated him wrong, and tried to control his life, he didn’t rationalize it or make excuses for him or blame himself (not saying this applies to every situation, just that they are common factors, especially in fiction), instead, he got gone. He removed himself from the bad situation.

Then there’s the fact that he goes into his ‘working’ relationship with Bull expecting the worst. He’s mistrustful, and full of stereotypes that his upbringing has drilled into him. He’s expecting a ruthless barbarian that can’t be trusted, who will turn on them at the first possible moment. Bull isn’t all that keen either


“Watch yourself. The pretty ones are always the worst”

“Suspicious friends you have here”
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anonymous asked:

how do you think dorian would act around babies?

I think Aeric’s assessment of Dorian holding a baby is pretty accurate: full of wonder, but also full of panic. lol. He would probably find them adorable, but also be completely clueless about how to interact with them or care for them. Like:

Amatus, it’s making that noise again. Is it okay?”

She’s just cooing at you, Dorian. She likes you.”

“Yes, but she keeps… reaching… for… my mustache! Ow ow ow, let go! How does something so small pull so hard?”

“You can handle it…”

“Easy for you to say! You’re not the one covered in all manner of strange bodily fluids! Are we certain she’s not possessed?”

“It’s only a little spit-up…”

“…No no no, you wretched thing! Amatus, it is most definitely not only a little spit-up anymore! There is something foul and sinister coming from this tiny creature!” *holding baby at arm’s length* “…And now it’s crying! Help! What does it want? Make it stop!”

(Aeric was busy cleaning up Baby Lavellan’s last mess in the above scenario, but also taking his time because he thinks Dorian taking care of the baby is hilarious.)

I think Dorian would adapt pretty quickly after a few weeks, and become a capable, doting uncle eventually, but he definitely would have a bit of a learning curve to overcome at first. :)