Oh Gawd! OH GAWD! This is better than I imagine. Ofc you can tell who I prefer drawing -ahem- Solas….
Anyways. This morning I realized I didn’t do anything for V-day however a great idea popped in my head while I was listening to The Darkness. Rock-Band.
I’m hoping to do a 30second animation with these guys and I Believe in thing Called Love by The Darkness. I hope I can have it done by V-day, so stayed tuned. I wish I could have drawn Bull better. I’m loving this Solas so much!!!

Abelas & the other Ancient Elves
  • Dorian:We found elves, living ancient elves, at the temple of Mythal. Does that bother you, Solas?
  • Solas:I am pleased we were not forced to kill them, if that’s what you mean.
  • Dorian:I mean them being there at all. Thousands of years later, and they live. There could be others in ruins we haven’t yet discovered. Shouldn’t we be looking for them?
  • Solas:So they might be slain as well?
  • Dorian:No I- never mind.
  • Solas:perhaps Abelas will do that.
  • Dorian:Hmm. I wonder if that’s a good thing.

I think for the next dragon age game, if adoribull is part of your storyline, they should have babies. They should be adoptive parents and have cute little Qunari and Tevinter babies and it would be so cute because they’re so in love and they need to have a family omffffff.

I have a lot of feels…

I hope writers for Bioware see this. like the spirit of Ardents Blossom said..“TAKE IT! USE IT!” Hahahahahahshjxjsjbdjslsljsbdnnfgwyqge


Another productive day for the inquisition. 


Ive had a very long two weeks but i’ve been slowly chipping away at this and im so happy i can finally say it’s finished :)