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Can I get the teenage inquisitor wanting to keep a mabari puppy and the companions and advisors reactions if it's not too much trouble? (I've been dying to get my own dog lately) Thanks and love your blog!!!

Cassandra: She’s a little hesitant, but she relents. “Very well. But it is your responsibility to care for it and clean up after it.” She secretly loves the puppy.

Iron Bull: He’s for it. A war dog is a good companion, and he babies the puppy.

Blackwall: He’s also for it. He’s probably more excited about the dog than the Inquisitor is.

Sera: For it, immediately. She coos over the puppy. “Look at its smushy face! It’s so little and cuuute!”

Varric: He has no issue with it. The puppy ends up liking to sit in his lap as Varric reads out loud to it.

Cole: He approves. It will soothe the Inquisitor and they will both be happy, meaning Cole will be happy too.

Vivienne: She questions the need for the puppy, and asks if they have time to care for one, but eventually the Inquisitor gets the puppy. She doesn’t secretly spoil the puppy, no sir.

Solas: Like Vivienne, he questions if they have time for it. He’s a bit nervous when the puppy comes into his room, though his reasoning is that he’s worried it will consume his art supplies or papers. He does smile softly to himself as he watches the happy Inquisitor care for the puppy, however.

Dorian: He’s sort of ambivalent towards it, but he ends up loving the puppy. At one point, the puppy crawls into his lap while he’s reading, and while he tries to say no at first, eventually he gives in as it falls asleep on him.

Cullen: 100% for it. Immediately finds a reputable breeder or a nearby litter. Tells the inquisitor all they need to know to care for the puppy and gives them basically all the supplies they need, plus an excess of toys. When the others tease him when he beams when interacting with the puppy, he claims it’s just “Good experience for the Inquisitor, and will teach them responsibility when it comes to caring for animals.”

Leliana: She’s also for it. Her spies whisper that they’ve seen her cooing and babying the puppy in secrecy, in ways they claim she would kill them for knowing.

Josephine: She’s a little hesitant, citing how much care a puppy requires– it’s like caring for a toddler– but once she sees the puppy, she melts. She adores that puppy and spoils it to no end.

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Chaorian smut

Rating: E

Word count: 1529


I couldn’t have done this without all the ridiculous Chaorian headcanoning sessions with @sncinder. 💕 Hope you enjoy!

“I look ridiculous,” Chaol groaned.

Perched atop his shoulders, Dorian couldn’t quite see his face, but he could tell his boyfriend was blushing.

“It’s just a flower crown. Live a little! It’s not like you’re the only one here sporting one.” Dorian gestured to the tightly packed crowd, all patiently waiting for the headlining act to come on stage.

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DA Romances as Told by Marriage Tweets


Priest: They’ve written their vows.

HoF: *recites beautiful vows*

Alistair: *takes out notecard* I love you and cheese the same amount.


Zevran: My partner messaged me to say they’re excited to have barbecue ribs with me tonight, so I made sure to compliment their sexting skills. 


Child: *crying because it isn’t her turn with the tiara*

Morrigan: ‘Tis important to share, girl.

HoF: You’re 35. Give her the tiara.


Leliana: I’m secretly investigating how many decorative pillows I can put around the house until my wife loses her shit.  Current count: 23.


[RSVPing to party]

Hawke: *whispers into phone* Is it ok if I bring my weird roomate?

Anders: *from behind* STOP CALLING ME THAT!


Hawke: I’m glad I got married.  Everyone deserves a sidekick!

Isabela: Good point, Robin.


Hawke: We need milk, eggs, and bread. Write it down.

Merril: No need. I’ll remember!

Hawke: [one hour later] What’d you get?

Merrill: A panda!


Hawke: Until I got married, I didn’t know it was possible to chew gum arrogantly.


Fenris: We got invited to two parties this weekend.

Hawke: Wow. We finally have friends.

Fenris: We’re skipping both, right?

Hawke: Obviously.


Inquisitor: I’m still waiting for my husband to apologize for what he did in my dream last night.


Sera: *pulls back curtain while wife is in shower* Are we - stop screaming, its just me - Are we out of Cheetos?


Cullen: [Leaving for work] *gives wife quick kiss* *spends 10 minutes saying bye to the dog*


Bull: You gonna drink that entire bottle of wine?

Inquisitor: You didn’t marry no quitter

Bull: *nods* My Queen.


Inquisitor: I love you.

Dorian: You should. I’m a goddamn miracle. 


Cassandra: *watches Inquisitor sleep* I just love him so much. He’s my everyth-

Inquisitor: *snores*



Josephine: *Runs back into house which is on fire*

Inquisitor: What are you doing?!

Josephine: I just wanted to straighten up a little before the firemen get here.


Inquisitor: My husband won’t let me pick up wood at Home Depot because he doesn’t want it scratched or bent, but I can take care of his children daily. 

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companions and advisers react to discovering the inquisitor did a perfect wicked hearts quest with utterly no mistakes whatsoever and was utterly stone cold drunk as all hell the entire time without giving it away until the very end when they're alone.


Iron Bull + Chargers:


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Cole: Knew the whole time, so


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BONUS: Inquisitor: 

Aelin whenever someone accuses her of something she has most definitely done

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