dori the corgi


Another action-packed day at Blue Shutters town beach!

My little salty dog loves the beach so so SO much! And she’s starting to get a bit more comfortable around the water. She got about 2 feet from the big blue wet thing this time. Proud of her!

Dori is so tuckered from frapping in the sand that she passed out on the couch as soon as we got home :)


the AMAZING Stacy, Jake von Sneezinpooch’s mum, is a stellar seamstress, and sells doggie apparel in her Etsy store. 

along with some of her delectable cookies, which the pups both went berserker for, i got the pups some dapper attire for the howlidays.

they both fit like a dream, and the seam work is intimidatingly good. she’s really tremendous. and the pups both look so dapper!!
(i know these pics are grainy… better ones to come once my beau gets home to help me wrangle them in a little)


edit: here  is a link to stacy’s etsy store :)


i just got clearance from the breeder to announce, and not a moment too soon because i was probably going to burst…

Ladies and Gentlemen….

Dori is getting a brofur.

and not just any brofur… but perhaps one of the cutest puppies to ever grace Tumblr. may i present to you….


Ralph has become a bit of a Tumblr sensation after being heavily featured on his dad Caleb’s site with the rest of the cardi crew at Simon Says Bark

i am beyond excited! =D