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Keeping Secrets

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Master List

“Morning class,” you say as the bell rings. 

You were an upperclassmen english teacher meaning you thought AP students and senior classes. Thank goodness. Everyone else was too annoying for your taste.

“Professor y/n,” Emily says and you look at her. 

She was a nice girl. Very quiet but always got good grades on everything. She remind you of yourself very often.

“yes?” You ask, grabbing your cup of coffee.

“Are you and Mr. Oakenshield ever going to go on a date?” she asks.

That makes you choke. The coffee travels up through your nose and you hurriedly grab a tissue, trying to wipe away the tears and coffee.

“Mr. Oakenshield and I are just colleagues,” you reply, throwing the tissue away.

 “But you guys look happy together like all the time,” Ori, your favorite student, says quietly.

He was so quiet, but that is what why you loved him. 

“I so ship it,” Kili says and you glare at him.

He was the knuckle headed one out of the entire class and he bothered you to no end. Sometimes you wondered how he was even in AP. His brother was one of our students five years ago and you expected more from the younger durin.

“You really should not be shipping your Uncle with another teacher and focus on your work Mr. Durin. Now today, we will be talking about the Catcher in the Rye. I hope you all read,” you announce earning a groan from the class.

You smirk as you turn your back. That’ll teach them.

When it’s time for lunch, you head to the staff room hoping and praying that Thorin won’t be in his classroom like he usually is around this time and you smile as you spot him in the break room. 

“Good afternoon, y/n,” Thorin says, pouring coffee into his bottle. 

“It’s not really good though,” you say, plopping onto the couch and putting your foot up on the coffee table, earning a glare from Dori, Ori’s older brother who looks a bit too old to be his older brother.

“And why is that?” he asks.

 “It seems that my students want us to date,” you say, closing your eyes. 

“Really? That’s strange,” Thorin replies, taking a seat next to you. 

“And why is that?” you mirror.

“Because my students want the same thing,” he chuckles and you can’t help, but laugh along. 

“Isn’t Kili in one of your classes?” he asks.

“Yes. That was the class that brought it up,” you groan, sitting up straight.

“In fact, he was the one who said, ‘ I ship it’,” you tell him and he lets out another chuckle.

 Oh how you loved that laugh. 

“I feel like they plan it out. Gimli asked me the same question today during my first period,” he explains. 

“Ah that would explain it. Kili and Gimli are cousins after all. At least according to what you said on our first date,” you tell him, smiling.

He smiles again.

“I did, didn’t I?” he asks. 

“Are you ever going to tell your students that you are already dating?” Dwalin, the PE teacher, asks as he takes a seat on the other chair. 

“Nah. We’re just going to let them stew for a bit. Both of your nephews deserve it,” you say, rolling your eyes and that earns a chuckle from the two of them. 

Keeping secrets was fun.


The dwarves were definitely my favorite part of the whole trilogy. Whenever focus shifted to BIlbo or Gandalf, I would start feeling homesick for the company. The way that Fran, Phillipa and Peter managed to give each dwarf a distinctive personality and create interactions among them to make them feel like relatable characters was just one of the many reasons why I believe this was a good adaptation. Better still, the 13 actors quite obviously developed a bond on and offscreen similar to the one formed between the 9 cast members of the fellowship in the making of the Lord of The Rings trilogy.  

Feisty Little Hobbit

Summary: Imagine being Bilbo’s little sister and you are the exact opposite of him.

Warnings: A fair amount of swearing

Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4

“I’m going to murder these dwarves,” you say, ducking to avoid getting hit from a bowl. 

These dwarves just popped up out of nowhere and you were NOT happy about it. While Biblo was more subdued, you were not. You always spoke your mind and if it meant yelling, so be it. You and Bilbo were basically opposites. Your house is going to be in ruins if they keep this up.

They noise pauses as there is a knock on the door. 

“He is here,” you hear the wizard mutter. Seeing that you’re closest to the door, you go to open it.

The sight that greats you is that of a very regal looking dwarf. He must be very important. He nods at you as you let him in. You did not want to say anything in fear you might offend these dwarrow and stab one of them.

By now the others have gathered around.

“Gandalf. I thought you said this place would be easy to find. I lost my way, twice,” he says, nodding at who I remembered to be Dwalin, Dori and Ori. You watch carefully as Ori and Dori come close to bowing. He must be VERY important. “I wouldn’t have found it at all had it not been for the mark on the door,” the dwarf states as you close the door again.

“There is no mark on that door! It was painted a weak ago!” Bilbo exclaims as the dwarf hands his coat over to Kili, finally joining the unexpected party.

“There is a mark. I put it there myself. Bilbo Baggins. I would like to introduce you to the leader of our company, Thorin Oakenshield,” Gandalf introduces and you make sure to remember his name.

Thorin smirks, looking at your brother and for some reason it infuriates you more than it should have.

“So this is the hobbit. Tell me, master baggins. Have you done much fighting?” Thorin asks circling Bilbo and you clench your fists.

You may be 10 years younger than Bilbo, but you were still very over-protective.

“Pardon me?” Bilbo asks, sounding confused which makes sense. He wasn’t much of a fighter. You were. He didn’t know that of course, but that’s a story for another time.

“Ax or sword? What is your weapon of choice?” Thorin asks again, still eying him over.

“I do have some skills in conkers if you must know, but I fail to see how that is relevant,” Bilbo replies, straightening himself out to look not frightened.

Thorin smirks again.

“Thought as much. He looks more like a grocer than a burglar,” he states making everyone laugh.

That is it. You swiftly grab Thorin’s sword from his belt, twirling it a bit before pointing it at the dwarf’s neck.

Everyone looks at you in shock. They did not understand how you could take Thorin’s weapon from him so easily.

“You do not, Mr. Oakenshield, get to come into our home and insult my brother. He was gracious enough to feed the mouths of those that we do not know. I think he deserves some respect,” you growl out. Thorin is glaring a hole through your head.

The doorbell rings again and you finally lose your shit.

“If this another one of you fucking dwarves, I’m going to fucking castrate every single one of you!” You shout, moving to open the door again.

Instead of a dwarf, it’s your worst nightmare. You’re frown deepens more as you are met with the pig face of Lobelia Sackville Baggins.

“What do you want Lobelia?” you ask coldly. “I just wanted to tell you that you and your brother are making too much noise. It is not proper of a Baggins-“

“Listen here you utter twat! You are not a Baggins. You are a Bracegriddle. And for your information, we are also Tooks. Now, I am tired of seeing your ugly mug. So would you please do me the favor of kindly fucking off,” you shout, slamming the door in her face.

You turn towards the company and hand Thorin back his sword.

“I’m going to turn in before I just murder all of you,” you say, pushing pass the company and walkin to your room, but not before hearing Kili and Fili say, “we need her on this quest.”

Elrond: Hey. Lindir. Guess what?

Lindir: What?

Elrond: We don’t have opening credits. Who does something without opening credits? Seriously, what’s up with that, man?

PJ: You wanted to see me, Elrond.

Elrond: Where are the opening credits? You can’t do a show without opening credits.

PJ; Why not?

Elrond: Because.

PJ: Because?

Elrond: Exactly.

Gandalf: So, Elrond won’t work without opening credits, Thorin won’t work if he has to give back Erebor and Thranduil won’t work at all.

Radagast: And I’m the crazy one?

Gandalf: No, no. That’s Bilbo.


Requested by @amralimedeano I apologize beforehand since I’m pretty sure this was not what you wanted. I honest to god wasn’t expecting a modern day request lol but I tried my best. Also, I’m trying something new so the GIFs can be found throughout the story. Tell me if you like it or not because it might be a little much :) 

Master List

You narrow your eyes at the door as you hear a knock. You were not expecting anyone tonight. You put your book and move to open the door. What you see makes your heart stop for a bit.

There in front of you are thirteen dwarves. Thirteen dwarves and a freaking hobbit. 

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Of course you knew what dwarves and hobbits were. You read the books and saw all of the movies, but you did not expect to see them here in front of you and you did not expect them to be of normal height.

“Good evening lass. I was wondering if you could tell us where we are?” Balin asks. 

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Oh how you loved the dwarf. You very bitter when you found out he died. VERY bitter.

“Earth. You’re not in middle earth, but regular earth. Its a more technologically advanced middle earth. Here why don’t you come inside?” you ask and he nods. You make way for the 13 dwarves as they come stomping into your house.

It took you a few hours, but you fully explained where they were.

“Excuse me, miss y/n. What’s this?” you hear Ori ask. 

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You turn to find him holding your computer upside down. He looks like he’s about to drop it so you quickly make your way over to him. “That my dear scribe is a computer. A very expensive one,” you say as the other dwarves settle down in front of your fire place.

“What is a computer?” he asks and you sigh, trying to think of an explanation for it but you can’t. “Well, it’s almost like a book but easier I suppose. Kili don’t touch that!” you exclaim, putting the laptop down and moving over to Kili who had some how turned on the stove and was now trying to stick his finger in it. You slap it away.

“What is it miss y/n?” Kili asks. 

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“A stove. It’s like a campfire, but more compact,” you say.

“Fili, get your head out of there,” you scold yet again as you see the blonde dwarf sticking his head in your microwave.

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“Ms. y/n. What is this?” Dori asks and you sigh turning to look at what he’s holding. It’s your phone.

“It’s a cell phone. You can send messages and pictures to other people far away. It’s kind of like sending a raven but you don’t talk into a bird,” you explain.

You look into the fridge to look for something to make for dinner, but whatever was in there was not enough for 15 people. You sigh when you realize you need to go shopping.

“Alright. I’m going out for a bit. You lot stay here and don’t touch anything,” you announce, grabbing your keys.

“Can we come with?” Bofur asks excitedly. “What?” you ask. “Can we come with you?” Fili responds. You look around and sigh. “Alright, but only four of you can come. That’s the most I can carry,” you say, “also. Follow me upstairs. We need to change your clothing. You are not going out looking like that.”

With that, Bofur, Fili, Kili and Ori follow you upstairs. You had some extra clothes your brothers left behind and you were pretty sure they were all the same size as the dwarves.

You throw them all jeans and t-shirts and leave them to get changed. You go to your bedroom to grab your wallet and go downstairs to wait for the dwarves.

Ori comes down wearing an ugly christmas sweater and you laugh. He matches completely. Kili comes down with a Harry Potter hoodie that you did not remember giving him.

“I really liked this instead,” he says as you open your mouth. You roll your eyes as Fili comes down in a tight red dress shirt and Bofur with a white dress shirt. “Ready girls,” you ask and they nod.

“Do. Not. Touch. Anything,” you growl out and the five of you leave. You were pretty sure they were going to burn the house down.

You end up taking an hour to get your shopping done. Of course you had the most curious dwarves with you so that was the main problem. Plus there were many girls surrounding you. You basically had to beat them off with a stick.

You pull into your drive way and everything seems relatively okay, but as soon as you walk inside that changes. The television is knocked to the ground with an ax in it, the ceiling fan was missing a part, and the microwave was on the ground.

You thought that the knuckeheaded dwarves were with you. Apparently, you were wrong.

“Can someone please explain to me what happened?” you ask, handing the groceries over to Kili and Fili.

“Well this thing started talking and I thought it was someone trying to kill us,” Dwalin says, pointing to the television. 

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That would explain the ax then. One of them probably sat on the remote.

“And the fan?” you ask. This time it’s Thorin who answers you. 

“Well, I hit some type of switch and it start rotating and I thought it was coming toward me so I shot it with an arrow,” he explains, rubbing the back of his neck.

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 You let out a deep sigh.

“And the microwave?” you ask pointing to the broken appliance. You look at the dwarves and they all point to Bilbo. You look at him in shock. You did not expect him to break anything. If anything he and Balin seemed like the most responsible one.

“Ah yes. It seems like I pressed a button and then it startled me when it started beeping and I seemed to have hit it off the counter?” he asks.

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You close your eyes breathing in deeply. They were going to be the death of you. Granted, they seemed hella cute while doing so.


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“He hates me, Ori. He would never say yes,” you say, drawing dwarvish runes in the dirt.

Over the time that you have traveled with the company, you have fallen in love with the scribe of the group. You liked his quiet nature and his cute little mittens. You were completely smitten with him and he didn’t know it, although your uncle and brothers did.

He didn’t really find out until Kili began tripping you up to fall into him. You glowered at your brother multiple times, but he only found it humorous. One day, he tripped you so hard that you ended up straddling Ori and you just gave in a pressed a kiss to his lips. Luckily, only Kili, Fili and Thorin were there to witness it with small smiles on their faces.

Ori got permission from Thorin to court you seeing that he was the closest thing you had to a father and he had said yes. Now it was up to you to get permission from Dori.

“Y/n. I got permission from Thorin and he is the scariest thing to have ever walked Middle Earth. You can handle mother hen,” he says, gripping your hand gently and you giggle. 

You were afraid of Dori and that was saying something given the fact that you were raised by Thorin and taught by Dwalin. You should not be afraid of an over-protective dwarf.

You sigh and stand, your nerves finally coming together. You look for Dori and see him sitting with Nori, probably scolding him about something.

You go over to them and you clear your throat. Dori looks at you in suprise and smiles. “What can I do you for, milday?” he asks and Nori snickers. That cheeky dwarf knows. Of course he does.

“I-I was w-wondering if I-I could-,” you stutter and Dori looks confused. “Are you okay, y/n? You’re never one to stutter,” he asks. “Yes, y/n is everything alright?” Nori asks, snickering again and you glare at him.

“I was wondering if I could court Ori,” you ask quietly and he frowns. You close your eyes waiting for the explosion to come. “It took you, what, a month to ask?” he asks and you look at him in surprise.

He laughs at your expression. 

“You think I wouldn’t notice. I knew since you first kissed. I never took Durins for scaredy cats,” he says and Nori bursts into laughter. “I am not a scaredy cat. I just- I,” and you pout, knowing he’s right. 

“It would be an honor to have you court Ori. Welcome to the family little sister,” he says, standing and pulling you into a hug. You smile and finally relax.

Mark Hadlow: Thorin is trying to put all these slightly maladjusted Dwarves together as one body.

William Kircher: That’s why they’re the Dirty Baker’s Dozen.

Dean O'Gorman: The Dirty Baker’s Dozen.

Peter Hambleton: The Dirty Baker’s Dozen.

*Epic music*


Narrator: Forced into exile.

Narrator: Pushed to the limit.

Narrator: Thirteen armed renegades—

Balin: And not 13 of the best nor brightest.

Narrator: —on a desperate mission no one else dared to take on.

Narrator: Thirteen reasons not to mess with:

Narrator: The Dirty Baker’s Dozen.

from: The Hobbit - an unexpected journey; Extended Edition