dorei ):

The letter that is passed into Esme Sunshard’s hands is made of sturdy paper; the kind designed to withstand salt air and brine. The seal on it was simple, a wreath of leaves on silver wax and unmistakably Kal’dorei. Written in the uppermost right corner, a return address in Feralas.

“Captain Sunshard,

You may find it strange that one of my kind writes to you, but truth be told I could not care less whether your ears are pointier than mine. Contacts more red-blooded than I tell me you are looking for able bodies to captain the ever infamous Crimson Fleet.

I have years of experience chasing naga and their demonic allies across the Great Sea; I am capable at both mending ship and crew and once a promise made, loyal. Should you find use of my skills, simply send for me at the above address and I will arrive to discuss terms of my service to you and your Sunguard within a moonrise.

Taeonthrial Leafbinder.”

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the de rolo family of whitestone.

Generations ago, a team of intrepid explorers and fortune seekers sailed from Port Damali in Wildemount to Northeastern Tal’Dorei through the Shearing Channel, but wrecked upon the Alabaster Sierras’ rocky cliffs. The expedition was led by a human family called de Rolo, and they bravely led the survivors to safety after the wreck. They took refuge in a valley within the Alabaster Sierras, and there they discovered the holy Sun Tree, a radiant tree blessed by the Dawnfather. A community grew around the sacred tree, and the respected and beloved de Rolos were exalted to lords of their settlement, which they called Whitestone.

official art by kit buss.

Pantheon of Tal’Dorei

I’m not going to copy paste or screenshot all the gods, but I will list them and their D&D/Pathfinder equivalents, as far as I can tell. Deities marked with a question marks are those I am least confident about.

The Prime Deities

  • The Archeart - Corellon Larethian
  • The Allhammer - Moradin
  • The Changebringer - Avandra
  • The Dawnfather - Pelor
  • The Everlight - Sarenrae
  • The Knowing Mistress - Ioun
  • The Lawbearer - Erathus
  • The Matron of Raven - Raven Queen
  • The Moonweaver - Sehanine (?)
  • The Platinum Dragon - Bahamut
  • The Stormlord - Kord
  • The Wildmother - Melora

The Betrayer Gods

  • The Chained Oblivion - Tharizdun
  • The Cloaked Serpent - Zehir
  • The Crawling God - Torog (?)
  • The Lord of the Hells - Asmodeus
  • The Ruiner - Gruumsh
  • The Spider Queen - Lolth
  • The Strife Emperor - Bane (?)
  • The Scaled Tyrant - Tiamat

“However, my precious master enjoyed hearing my screams the most”

A parody I made on stream based in Dorei to no Seikatsu / Teaching Feeling. Just imagine helping Fell!Goth after the mistreatments he suffered with Fell!Palette, until he’s able to smile again.

Or breaking him completely ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Of course Fell!Goth belongs to @nekophy and Teaching Feeling to FreakilyCharming

Ready for another Gemsona Week?… What about a Gemsona MONTH?…
Dorey & Celestine

★ ✩ ★ ✩ G E M S O N A · W E E K ✩ ★ ✩ ★
✦ ✧ ✦ ✧ ✦ July 25th-31st, 2017 ✦ ✧ ✦ ✧ ✦

We’re back at it again, this time for our fourth year ♥ !!
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What is Gemsona Week?

Welcome to Gemsona Week! Gemweek is a fandom appreciation week for the Cartoon Network animated series created by Rebecca Sugar, Steven Universe. “Gemsona” is a portmanteau of “crystal gem” and “persona”, meaning, create your own gem characters! There are daily prompts throughout the week and the gemsona community is encouraged to interact, roleplay and create!

So go make or update your gemsona! Get drawing and writing, browse the prompts and post in the tags #gemsona & #gemsona week!


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Hi everyone! A bit unfashionably late this year, I hope you’ll forgive me! This year is crammed with prompts and design challenges, so hopefully everyone will find something that vibes with them each day. I’m doing this a little different this year- it’s more of a Gemsona MONTH than a week; I know there’s a lot of prompts to work through, so I’ll be reblogging from the tags all of August! So take your time with them, choose your favorite prompts for the day and put the rest on the back burner for later. No rush, no fuss!

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