doreah x dany

for all people shipping jon and dany or jon and sansa, i propose instead, we remove all the gross incest by removing jon from that, and instead just shipping dany and sansa.

i mean cmon. sansa isn’t gonna wanna be with a man ever again, not after both joffrey and ramsay, but she still deserves the romance that she’s been dreaming about since childhood.

dany is the bi queen we deserve i mean we all watched her flirt with yara and learn how to fuck from her handmaiden. she also probably can’t have kids anyways, so what’s it matter if her marriage is to a woman or a man.

they’re more a song of ice and fire anyways, i mean sansa is a true stark, dany is a targaryen. also sansa = kissed by fire with the red hair, dany has white hair so kissed by ice?

both their stories have been about returning to their familial roots, after being passed around like an object by men. 

sansa has all the political know how of westeros, both in the north and the south, she’s learned all of westeros better than most since she’s spent so much of her life in each part of it, and dany has spent none of her life in westeros and needs someone who knows the seven kingdoms well. (lets face it, that’s not jon, he’s spent all his life in one castle and at the wall, which is supposed to be totally removed from westeros). it also would still be the political union of the north and south if they got married.

also we have seen that dany is great at conquering, ruling she needs a little help with. sansa isn’t much of a conquerer (i mean she needed the help of both jon and littlefinger to successfully take back or “conquer” winterfell), but ruling we have started to see her do well at. i mean her walking around winterfell commanding people, her meeting with the lords where she placates them and says “nah jon is king but thanks for the support”, these are all demonstrating her prowess at understanding how to rule. the two of them together would be unstoppable.

plus they’d just look damn good together

also maybe then fandom would stop hating one or the other and love them both like they both deserve.


dany x doreah, the sun

To me the beginning of the third season of Game of Thrones should be Daenerys realizing that Doreah is not evil as she thinks - and before she left and take the Seven Kingdoms - she would open the damn thing, take Doreah away, catch her in your arms and well, you guys can imagine the rest…

anonymous asked:

do you have any daenerys x doreah recs?

I’ve searched the whole of the interwebs but only found 6. :( We live in a sad sad world, Anon.