One of the things that Daenerys haters who have read the books love to say to the show watchers (to convince them to join their ranks I guess?) is that the show version is an “ideolized version” of the character, that the show writers “whorship” her and that in the books she is much worse and it is utterly untrue

The show removed a lot of Daenerys’ kindness, her intelligence and political mind, as well as her emotions. The true Daenerys is softer, sweeter, brighter (without mentioning ten years younger) and her so called “questionable actions” are few in the novels. In fact, the only “questionable” thing I can think of is when she agreed to allow one of her advisors in Meereen to use torture on the only witness/suspect they had following the torture and slaughter of dozens of innocent people. But even that part - which is the darkest moment in Daenerys story - was made worse on the show, where she gave two Masters to be devoured to her dragons.

In the second novel, Daenerys never said the “when my dragons are grown we will lay waste to armies and burn cities to the ground” speech. She wasn’t insisting that the merchants of Qarth have to give her ships, she never locked up Doreah and Xaro Xhoan Daxos in a room to die of starvation, she didn’t plunder the city (not that I have a problem with show Daenerys about it, but she did not do that in the books). Doreah died in the Red Waste in Daenerys’ arms, and she gave her her last water although Doreah was dying and they were in a desert without provisions.

In the third novel, Daenerys didn’t enjoy the sack of Astapor and her quote was not “all men must die but we are not men” but “all men must die, but not for a long while, we may pray.” She really wanted to forgive Jorah despite his betrayal but his behavior towards her is what made her banish him (he was insisting that he did no wrong and that she had to forgive him, and that in front of others) - and even after he was gone, she thought a lot of him and wished for him to find happiness back on his Bear Island.

In the fifth novel, Daenerys is the one who is compromising and navigating in the very complex political situation of Meereen. She is the one trying to negotiate with the former slavers and slaves. She never ordered one of her followers to be decapitated, and she never let her dragons eat the Masters. It is not Drogon who rescued her from the Sons of the Harpy, but she who ran toward him to help him after Hizdahr’s men tried to kill him. She didn’t fly away leaving her friends behind in danger, she and Drogon were the only ones in direct danger and she needed to protect him from harm - besides it was the very first time she rode a dragon and did not know how to control him. 

Book Daenerys loves to hug children, kisses people on the cheeks, smiles and laughs and has a great sense of humor, doesn’t say things like “I am a Queen not a politician” and does not need men around her to restrain her from using dragonfire - it is actually the other way around. Everyone of her advisors in the fifth book wanted her to use dragons to burn her enemies but Daenerys was insisting to negotiate and build peace without using force. 

I love show Dany, but book Daenerys is amazing and anyone who tries to claim that the show version is “overhyped” or “whitewashed” or “idolized” compared to the real, canon version is a liar.

To be honest, the biggest problem I have with GOT in comparison to ASOIAF is that the show constantly goes for “shock factor” rather than genuinely good writing. 

They make Talisa pregnant solely for the sake of gutting her at the Red Wedding.

They develop Ros as a character because they wanted her murder to be a surprise. 

They reject Doreah’s previous characterization to throw in that betrayal plot twist.

They have Catelyn kill Walder’s wife instead of his grandson because I guess it’s easier to believe that Walder would react flippantly to the death of a wife rather than that of a grandson? 

They add in the scene of Joffrey forcing Ros to beat Daisy because… we apparently don’t know that he’s evil yet? 

They have Drogo unquestionably rape Daenerys on their wedding night, instead of waiting for her consent, because… of reasons? 

The vast majority of the violence against men on GOT is taken directly from the books (Theon’s torture, Renly’s death, Ned’s death, etc). But the vast majority of violence against women is invented for the show. Which is… weird, to say the least. 

Egykor két hold volt az égen, de az egyik túl közel merészkedett a naphoz, és a melegtől megrepedt. Ezer meg ezer sárkány özönlött elő belőle, és inni kezdtek a nap tüzéből. Ezért lehelnek a sárkányok tüzet. Egy napon a másik hold is megcsókolja a napot, az is megreped, és a sárkányok visszatérnek.
—  George R. R. Martin: Trónok harca

Why D&D can’t write woman part three(x)

working girls in the show

  • doreah betrays dany and irri, cause come on, girls can’t be friendly?
  • doreah has a creepy obsession with dany’s dragons.
  • irris yells at doreah cause come on girls? being friends? ew no.
  • jhiqui disappears.
  • d&d make her lose her dragons, to kill unimportant serving girls off.
  • they walk to vaes dothrak as lowly slaves.
  • handmaidens are just there in the background. except doreah to be that “evil two-faced biatch” who steals dany’s dragons cause girls are mean and cannot be friends.
  • irri dies all alone.
  • doreah is trapped with xaro and dies an horrid death, though as a watcher you are supposed to support this, because they are “villains”.
  • chataya and alayaya are replaced by ros a white woman and petyr a white nobleman.
  • chataya’s establishment is give to petyr, because as d&d are allergic to women of colour who are powerful and not used as slaves in the background or sexualized as exotic sex objects.
  • missandei is aged up meaning that people can grope her.
  • missandei just stands there and announces dany’s long name, and serves her lots instead of truly showing her wisdom and even advising dany.

working girls in the books

  • irri, doreah, missandei and jhiqui have back stories.
  • doreah dies of a fever in dany’s arms.
  • jhiqui doesn’t disappear.
  • irri is still alive.
  • irri, doreah and jhiqui travel to vaes dothrak by horseback, because it’s as viserys says these are no ordinary handmaidens, they are like limited edition and the best kind ok.
  • doreah was actually hired to instruct dany in lovemaking, so no unessecary tantrums from viserys, and excuse to slap a woman around on tv for the sake of making a character look bad, etc.
  • missandei is a child genius.
  • missandei’s wisdom is often shown, and she is kind and loyal, as well as clever.
  • missandei offers daenerys advice.
  • daenerys doesn’t just take missandei as a prize, she is given to her, and freed immediately.
  • chataya owns the best brothel in king’s landing, her being a foreign women of colour doesn’t matter, and people respect her.
  • chataya is proud of her culture, and its sexual freedom.
  • alayaya being a sexworker doesn’t make her nothing more than a sexobject.
  • she is a brave girl despite risking everything, helps tyrion hide shae.
  • despite her profession, she is eager to learn and read. 
  • all minor characters, none of nobility, all “workers”. and all are developed and have interesting back stories, and aren’t just there to be sex objects and/or to serve.