dorchester ma


Eugene Richards (American, b. 1944, Dorchester, MA, USA, based NYC) - 1: Howe, Nebraska, Dog in Grass, June, 2005  2: Howe, Nebraska, From the Porch, May 2004  3: Near Widener, Arkansas, November 2005  4: South of Wheatley, Arkansas, November, 2005  5: Ancho, New Mexico, Blowing Curtain October, 2007  6: Near Langdon, North Dakota, November, 2006  7: Near Froid, Montana, June, 2007  8: Taiban, New Mexico, February, 2007  9: Near Fortuna, North Dakota, September, 2006  10: Epping, North Dakota, 2006  

“I’m single and don’t have children.”
“Would you ever want to have children?”
“Absolutely not, unless I adopted them.”
“How do you feel about love?”
“Love? I don’t even know what that means. To me, it’s just letters jumbled up together to make another overused word. A lot of people don’t like to be alone or lonely, so they will say anything just to hold on to another person.”

Dorchester, MA