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How Andy Serkis is bringing holographic magic to Shakespeare's The Tempest

“Shakespeare includes a masque,” says [Greg] Doran. “They were the multimedia events of their day, using innovative technology from the Continent to produce astonishing effects, with moving lights, and stage machinery that could make people fly, and descend from the clouds. In one such masque, apparently, Oberon arrived in a chariot drawn by a live polar bear. So I wanted to see what would happen if the very latest technology could be applied to Shakespeare’s play today.”


Lady Vanguard’s Viktor Guide: The Machine Hierophant

Why you should play Viktor:

  • Synergy with ANY teamcomp
  • ADC Buster
  • Long Range Poke and Bush Checker/Free Orianna Ult
  • Safe Duelist/Easy CSing
  • Bond Villain Laser

Seeing as I got 2 Pentas in back to back ranked games, I think I have discovered and confirmed a build that works. It’s also funny that I was Viktor vs Annie mid both times. 

Aside from having really strong teams, this is what I did:

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mrhoodentator  asked:

How are Champions like Nidalee and Evelynn meta? Like how do they store their items? They don't have a purses, and they aren't even wearing pants so no pockets either. I guess they could wear doran's rings and wear a Deathcap, but how is Nidalee so post to hold a void staff, an archangel's staff, and throw spears at the same time?