dora maar

Dora Maar, Le simulateur, 1936

[Note: Maar’s haunting photomontages of the mid-1930s evoke a mood of oneiric ambiguity. Here, the world is turned literally upside-down: a boy bends sharply backward, echoing the curve of the vaulted ceiling on which he stands. On the print, Maar scratched out the figure’s eyes, exploiting Surrealism’s strong association of blindness with inner sight.]


Étoile cosmique

Raymond Roussel


Roussel made this little memento after he had lunch on July 29th, 1923 with the astronomer and writer, Camille Flammarion. He saved a star-shaped cookie from the occasion which he encased in a silver pendant with glass. The piece was sold after his death in 1933 and discovered by chance by Georges Bataille at a flea market. Bataille gave it to his then-lover, Dora Maar who kept it for the rest of her life.