I rebooted my Sunset Valley save and Portered the family and extended family to a new save.  I was having issues with serious lag and crazy bloating.  I decided to use the empty “Adventure Land” world with is basically an empty Sunset Valley and I put down lots and homes that I liked as well as Sims from other saves that I like and want to see wandering about.  

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Sorry, Jesse Eisenberg. You’ve had a pretty good run signing Michael Cera autographs, but there can be only one.

The 10 Most Bizarrely Interchangeable Celebrities

 #7 - #8. Michael Cera and Jesse Eisenberg

The world does not need two human avatars for the concept of “getting beat up in high school a lot.” Yet we have both Michael Cera and Jesse Eisenberg awkwardly pawing at the blouse of Hollywood right now. The physical resemblance is pretty strong here, but both have their flagship roles:

Michael Cera was George Michael in Arrested Development.

Jesse Eisenberg was the kid in Zombieland that everybody thought was Michael Cera.

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