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You're like my absolute favorite Otayuri writer so I trust you to have good taste. Since I already read everything you wrote about them ( I beg you for another chapter of pink or blue) can you tell me what your favorite otayuri fics are ? Please ? 💕

I might do another chapter someday. I have to go back to work next week, (vacay this week, not getting ahead on term paper writing this week :D ) and I need a bit of a break from dopplegangers & selfcest tbh. There seems to be general interest though so WHO KNOWS. Although at this point I think I owe Line and Verse a little love. 

I reblogged @kingotabek ‘s rec list. Good stuff there and a talented writer in general. 

The Otayuri installment of the Stargazer series is everything. Like possibly my fave as it hits on several of my all time fave AU tropes. 

Plainly Clearly

Sonata in A Major:

ughhhhh i need to seriously update my bookmarks and make a big ol rec list, cause I know i’ve read more than this but I can’t think of stuff? ugh.