Currently studying for my English exams as well as my Chemistry Subject Test. I’m worried because I have little to no motivation to work. Exams start on Wednesday, and it’s already Sunday. Wow. Wish me luck~~

7/100 days of productivity

Better Call Saul

Season 3, “Sabrosito”

Director: Thomas Schnauz

DoP: Marshall Adams


3/100 Days of Productivity

I finally finished my theme and got some maths done which is good. I’ve been gradually going through and doing more blogrates throughout the day (sorry for being slow I am only me)

Life is tough when your weekly goals are as ambitious as mine.



so, it’s the second ‘official’ day of the Easter holidays and I am making the concious decision to try 100 days of productivity again. Hopefully I’ll make it past 12..

I haven’t really got much done today yet, but a friend came over and we had an indoor picnic because the weather wasn’t as nice as it has been. My plamnow is to get on with revision for my maths resits.

I also want to redo my tumblr theme, so if anyone has any suggestions for theme makers (or even base codes bc I was thinking I might code it myself it kinda depends), let me know!

I hope you’re all doing okay

P.S. I hit 10k recently so thinking of doing another round of procrastirates if people are down for that? I also made myself a little weekly plan printable if you want that? also hello, I’m back kind of hey?