doping control

After the competition I was on a anti-doping control. There was the Norwegian physiatrist and he asked me: “What did you smoke? I’d like to try that, too”.

Piotr Żyła after winning his bronze medal in Lahti 2017

also Kraft said he was acting weirdly, like, what are you trying to imply? he’s just a positive person, not some kind of a drug addict

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Here new interview with Alexey Zaytsev personal coach in which Martianov says that Aliya will give birth to baby in JUNE :P also her tells some interesting facts about Aliya&Alexey love story :) and he says that Mustafina was chosen for doping control in Rio Olympics 6 times :/ www(.)aksport(.)ru/index(.)php?news=off&year=17&paper=on&num=19&script=sc29

He says the doping scandal is political, and mentions Aliya being tested 6 times in Rio. Alexey Zaitsev studies at the Moscow University of Physical Education and Sports, and him and Aliya will become parents in June.

He says Aliya and Alexey’s relationship met at a hospital where she had a knee surgery and he had a toe surgery. They began visiting eachother, in Moscow and Krasnodar. Aliya’s father was the last one to find out about their relationship.

Google’s translation for this is too funny to rephrase, so here you go:

‘And it was funny that her father, the prize-winner of the Olympic Games in the fight Farhad Mustafin, learned about their relationship literally the last. I also contacted Igor Ivanov, our great wrestling coach, my friend, saying that he himself would conduct face-control! He began to call the Ministry of Sports, where he was given an excellent description of Zaitsev.
Somehow during that period, Mustafina flew to Krasnodar from the European Championships, where she won the exercises on a log. Alia was in such a form that she literally tore something to do. I was pulling her hand from the fence a few centimeters wide, along which she walked - she had a wonderful sense of balance, and in the form of just shiny it was. I told her: you owe me for diapers, when I look what you make.’