doping control

After the competition I was on a anti-doping control. There was the Norwegian physiatrist and he asked me: “What did you smoke? I’d like to try that, too”.

Piotr Żyła after winning his bronze medal in Lahti 2017

also Kraft said he was acting weirdly, like, what are you trying to imply? he’s just a positive person, not some kind of a drug addict

So, I’ve been meaning to post my Anti-Dark playlist and keep getting sidetracked. It’s separated into three parts: Dark, Anti and general songs that remind me of both of them.
Since it’s on spotify, I can’t separate the sections, so to remedy that, I started off each of Anti and Dark’s sections with instrumental “themes” so that you know whose is starting.
Here it is!

(Warning. There’s way more Korn and Blue Stahli than I initially realized BUT rest assured that they both work well for this!)


1 - Dark // Breaking Benjamin
2 - When You’re Evil // Voltaire (Favorite)
3 - Flesh and Bone // Burning Brides
4 - Little Monster // Royal Blood
5 - I Own You // Shinedown
6 - Lullaby For a Sadist // Korn
7 - Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) // Marilyn Manson


8 - Anti You (Instrumental) // Blue Stahli
9 - Am I Going Crazy // Korn
10 - Corner // Blue Stahli
11 - House of Wolves // My Chemical Romance
12 - Bat Country // Avenged Sevenfold
13 - Violence // Dope (Favorite)


14. Control // Halsey (I pretty much had to. It’s like their theme at this point.)
15. Emperor’s New Clothes // Panic! At The Disco (This too.)
16. Coming Undone // Korn (Favorite)