in other news: Umino Iruka, aka literally the only reason Naruto is a bright shonen manga and not some sort of dark story of a supervillain’s rise to power;

aka a man who was able to get over his hatred of the demon that literally destroyed his young life enough to see the lonely boy inside, even as that boy’s antics drove others away;

aka a man who had the incredible compassion, the greatness of heart, the strength of character, to find it in himself to not only accept the boy for who he was, but to genuinely care for him and raise him as if he was the boy’s own god damn mother and father


killer whale orca ocean hd wallpaper by Bryan Adams

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Guess who’s back! 8D

After two long lovely restful weeks I’m back. And things are looking up! I’m so relieved today after news we’ve received I keep almost crying haha. Hence not being around for the last day or two when I actually got back very early Monday morning.

I see some very lovely messages in my inbox that I will be getting to tonight and some chats to get to too ^o^ So I promise nothing has been ignored, I just wasn’t here for a while and then what with waiting for today’s news I wasn’t really up for talking, that’s all. But the news was OK so we shall be OK! x

Anyway, I am here again ^.^ If anyone wants to ask/send me things tonight feel free 8D Who knows what I’ve missed over the last few weeks!

what i, a senior, can gather from this year’s psat based on memes and memes alone:
- an entire article shaming Fake Artisans
- l a s e r s ??? somehow????
- some guy missed his train cause he didn’t emotionally connect with the voice of the announcer
- trees
- angle DAB
- an article about a grandma tryna get some famous photographer to mentor her kid and the mentor TURNS HER DOWN

Dophins in Coco Island by PierreLobel This bottlenoise dolphin comes right into me. I can see all the sun reflection on its skin. I can see its smile. Is it laughing on me? I don’t care cause I am sooo happy! My smile is larger than the Joker’s one and i’ll keep this encounter in my memory for all my life!

Face à moi un grand dauphin s’approche et me frôle. Je vois les reflets du soleil se dessiner sur sa peau… Je distingue son sourire narquois. Mais je m’en fous : je suis heureux ! J’ai un sourire à faire pâlir d’envie le Joker et je fixe ce dauphin à m’en décoller la rétine. Ce souvenir m’appartient à jamais.