shelovesfruits  asked:

Harley, can you please explain the meaning of "FATmax" aka max. fat oxidation in cycling and endurance sport? What is it exactly and how does it work? Tbh I don't trust this 48 y/o cyclist who won the Ötztaler race last year. One week before race day he had to take ORS aka diarrhea drugs (because of some asian food at the restaurant) and some minerals to "recover" and prepared himself on just moderate carb loading 3 days before race day, um... 🤔

It is what dopers use to hide the fact they are smashing in the EPO etc.

It is what we call a ‘smokescreen’. Magicians use it all the time. Wave one had to get the crowds focus whilst the other hand is doing the dirty work under the table.

You don’t have to trust him, you have to understand that the EPO epidemic is NOT going away ever and guys like that would be 100% using it because so many other guys are. What you do though is make up some fairy story about your ‘low carb diet’ so the focus goes to that vs how the fuck you smashed out 400w each climb as a 48 year old for 239km. NOBODY can ride that wattages naturally on cilmbs that long. Anyone doing stuff like that is obviously on EPO because it lets you ride like you are on a motorbike. 

Not possible to win bike races without drugs at that level.