Cullen Rutherford and Halise Lavellan - “Trial by Fire”

Just so beautiful
Inside out more colourful
Fair hair tied back casual
A go-getter, go-getter
You’re the best of all
You’ve seen it four, five hundred times on repeat
You’re like a leftover better than a ribbon-tied treat
Narrow roads, never limit, never temper your speed
And when the river froze solid you’re still swimming upstream
You’d hold your own in the presence of pauper and a king
Leave a singing bird silent, make a hummingbird sing
You are a rope-a-doper coming back queen
They all want you so bad, of course they do

Okay, so my lower lip is still quivering from how awesome and perfect this is! I commissioned the wonderful and inimitable @xla-hainex for Cullen and Halise in my modern lawyer AU, “Trial by Fire,” and she gave me the most amazing, beautiful result!!! Just look at how they’re looking at each other! My heart is full to bursting!

Thanks you @xla-hainex! If you ever get a chance to commission this wonderful artist, do it!!! DOOOO EEEET!!!
Seed 2 Souls Giant Medical Garden (Tales Of A Doper)
Welcome to the OrganiKing 2016 Seed 2 Soul Garden. This is the biggest grow we have ever filmed and was one of the most amazing gardens we have ever been in....

Look at this op. guys. It´s a dream! S2S X Mendo Dope


To celebrate the month of June, i decided to take part on HQ 30 days challenge

Day 6: Favorite Team


Although i love all of my sons equally, if I have to choose a favorite, it’s gotta be Nekoma. They’re basically Karasuno, really, with doper jersey color (orange hurts my eyes)


They have God AKA the most perfect character as their captain (I’ll rant about this in later post)

Their team’s imperfection makes them perfect:


Their friendly rivalry with both Karasuno and Fukurodani:



Gotta LOVE the awesome engine sounds coming from @rickcunanan’s #turbocharged #AE86! (Would be even doper with a sunroof 😂) #86FEST
#clubdrift #turbo #performanceoptions #cukui #wolfreign #morenoisemorefun #corollaGTS #drifting not #FDNJ or #FormulaDrift (at Wall Stadium Speedway)

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Nickelus F x Shawn Kemp - Bathory Motives

Bitch I got Bathory motives,
I bathe in rappers hemoglobins
Blow my nose in your rhyme book
and still have doper approaches
I’m flashing bitches the Cobra,
you flashing lights on the modem
Sip jack and soda with Oprah
and laugh at you decomposing

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At Playa Vista High, Shasta made Class Beauty in the year book four years running, always got to be the ingenue in school plays, fantasized like everybody else about getting into movies, and soon as she could manage it was off up the freeway looking for some low-rent living space in Hollywood. Doc, aside from being just about the only doper she knew who didn’t use heroin, which freed up a lot of time for both of them, had never figured out what else she might’ve seen in him. Not that they were even together that long. Soon enough she was answering casting calls and getting some theater work, onstage and off, then they each gradually locating a different karmic thermal above the megalopolis, had watched the other glide away into a different fate.

At my younger sibling’s request, I sat down to watch some disney channel with her for once. It…certainly has changed over the years.

One human adult character said splen-doperous (or something along that line– I know “dope” was in there) at some point as a catchphrase and I don’t know how to feel about that.