WATCH MY FAVES, SEVENTEEN KILL THIS PERFORMANCE! (I uploaded it from the “Boys Wish” concert DVD I bought. except for the last part they cut out they did a Kanye West ‘Black skinhead’ cover)

FFXV gifs/edits posted on this blog will NOT include spoilers for the time being. I understand that some fans can’t even play this game til around Christmas time. So just know that I got you fam. I’m not going to ruin the holidays for the people who can’t play it yet. Ho ho ho. I am Santa.

Every time I see a post shitting on contests as if they’re some misogynistic agenda product of the main anime staff I ask

- do y'all remember drew or Harley or Nando or Kenny. Contests in the anime are not considered a “”“"beauty”“” thing they’re considered an AESTHETIC thing. The time and effort put into them is not considered feminine in the show’s dialogue & in fact there exist coordinators who think trying to do contests and gym battles at the same time means you’ll flop at both, implying that contests DO require a high level of skill

- do y'all remember Zoey or solidad. Those were the winners of the two contest seasons we saw in the anime. Both of those girls were either neutrally presenting or masculinely presenting. They were not shown to be highly girly and cutesy but mature and focused–COMPETITIVE AND GOAL ORIENTED in other words

- finally, the two main girls we had as coordinators in the main anime (dawn and may) are among some of the strongest battlers in the main cast. among the fandom, it’s generally accepted the only two of ash’s companions (excluding the sm cast) that they don’t outclass are clemont and iris–two characters based on late game gym leaders and, in Iris’s case, an eventual CHAMPION.

That doesn’t even touch on the humanizing plots every girl in the main anime has had (misty’s self decided journey for strength and her change of dynamics with her sisters; may’s self discovery and formation of a goal and identity; Dawn’s humbling and journey to mastery; iris’s pursuit of her dream and slow maturation; Serena’s journey to independence and self ownership; Bonnie’s quite frankly badass adventures of love and loss and getting to know so many crazy strong Pokémon that she loves) so like… if generations is disappointing anyone with its treatment of women, it’s because generations is itself kind of exceptionally different from the rest of what the franchise has to offer. The games, main manga, and main anime all portray girls and boy as equally powerful, weak, flirtatious, oblivious, cold, caring, harsh, tricksters, the butt of the joke.

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