Be the one…

Be the best
of their bad decisions.
Leave the scars
that feel so good.
Be the light
that brings out their darkness.
Be the life
that takes their breath away.
Know all these things
they have never told you.
Be the one they live for
if you can’t be the one they live with.

Note to a lost soul.
I know it’s been a long time from the last time. Just wanna tell you there’re no right choices no wrong ones. It’s just us living our life making our mistakes. You’re everything you should be. Be proud. Just in case you forgot.

Did you know that once you are high up in the rank of your chosen path, you can actually buy and run one of the cities of Conquest! realm? Yea, it will cost you quite a bit of that gold you been stacking away, but once yours, you can lock or open city gates and be tyrant with those taxes the rest of the players will need to pay straight to you every single time they buy anything from the market! Think no tax free merchandise :)  Think all that gold!!!!! In Conquest the only way to get troupes which you need for your army is to buy them from one of the town markets, so if you are smart, you will buy one of the strategic markets and just listen to that amazing sound of gold coming down to your little pocket! Ch-aching;)

Join us in the game! Download Conquest! the game: Here ( Free downloads and we promise no in-app purchase)

onquest is strategy game, set in medieval time, you can pick your allies, deploy your spies, and wage war with or against your friends or you can just come alone and meet community via integrated live chat.You can chat with other players while playing! Its social it’s cool it’s fun and its available in Apple store, Google play store or if you prefer to play on your PC or Mac you can download it from our site or from the link below (download will start automatically)  Join us!

Download the game: ( Free downloads and we promise no in-app purchase)
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Windows (download will start automatically, Windows 64-bit, 45 MB Zip)

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