Meet Nyra. My lil cute cousin. She’s really rare. Really rare that if you ask her any question about anything and she will answer something that you never think of. This is why, I had a big design project that need to be done by one week. I can’t think of good ideas and I can’t think outside the box. So pretty much kids always had think fun and always thought of something that adults will never thought of. In my family I had alot of little cousins and i was hoping that I could find good ideas. Thats when I meet this kid Nyra. I ask her alot of question and she reply with cute funny answers. Which I think it’s good. So write down everything she replied. From colours and concept. I create the design and baam! The directors love it. Thanks to this lil cute cousin of mine. Sometimes I do wish I could think like kid. #iphoneonly #kids #cute #dopectioness (Taken with Instagram at Illustralee’s world)

LIMITATIONS || Life’s biggest limitations are the ones you make in your mind. Life’s biggest causes of unhappiness are the false beliefs you refuse to let go of. You are capable of far more than you are presently thinking, imagining, doing or being. But you will ultimately become what you habitually contemplate; so clear your mind and let your hopes, not your hurts, shape your future. // It’s been awhile I didn’t edit my photos using #phonto #superimpose and other apps. Back to the old school. #iphoneonly #dopectioness #superimpose (Taken with Instagram at

WILD BEAR OUT FOR A SWIM || This is so far my best edit using #artstudio #superimpose & #snapseed. Thought of using Polar Bear but it’s Monday and monday never fail to piss me off. So the wild is much better. This is something that you don’t see or you won’t witness. I would love to be the first one who brings the wild bear out for a swim if I have one. Keep #dreaming • #iphoneonly #design #dopectioness (Taken with Instagram at illustralee’s world)