Dope & Beautiful: Kirstie

Wussup! I’m Kirstie Blaire a.k.a. Kankeydoo a.k.a. KANKS lol.

I’m originally from Louisiana living it up in Cali studying psychology & trying to make a name for myself in this music thang (writing/producing/singing). On many occasions when people get to know me I get the, “oh wow I thought you would be stuck up” or “you’re so pretty AND your nice too!” like it’s surprising lol so i guess people misjudge me on that. Fears/dislikes would be losing people close to me, not reaching my goals, & just rudeness in general. I think I’m Dope & Beautiful because I believe I look good, I feel good about myself and where I’m going, and I genuinely care about people. I can make friends with pretty much anyone and everyone which has also proven to be a bit of a downfall because I think I can sometimes be too trusting of people. I love to laugh and be silly so don’t take me too seriously ;p Anything else? Hit me uupppp!

Twitter: @kankeydoo

Instagram: @kankeydoo