Huffle- Puff Puff Pass

Behind the Greenhouse
April 20th

Hugo: *exhales*

Hugo: *goes for third rip*

Lily Luna: Huffle-puff puff pass, you wanker!

Hugo: Sorry Lily Luna Potter. Don’t mean to hog the dopeage. 

Lily Luna: Where did you get this? It’s not the same stuff from home.

Hugo: I got that green thumb cuz. And by green thumb I mean I can sniff that stuff out like a bloodhound.


Lily Luna: Well then cheers to 4/20 my main man.

Neville: Dear Merlin.

Lily Luna: *holding breath*

Neville: What are you guys doing?

Lily Luna: What?

Hugo: Studying plants, Professor Neville Longbottom.

Lily Luna: Yeah Nev.

Neville: What plants are you studying?

Hugo: This one’s Dawg Waltz.

Neville: *sighs*

Lily Luna: Happy 4/20 Professor. 

Neville: I’m confiscating this.

~~~Later That Day~~~

Harry: This is good, where did you get it from?

Neville: Your daughter and nephew.