dope shit i need in my life

Kissin' Pink
A$AP Rocky & A$AP Ferg
Kissin' Pink

She’s all that I want.. She’s all that I need, I’m filling your cup up with Sprite and codeine. She get me so high but I’m down on my knees. Was it your desire? Your life or that lean? Wait a minute. Cause ain’t shit changed, just a different day. This the kinda pain I just couldn’t take away..

i hang out with myself so much and do dope shit.. i don’t need anyone in my life, of course i got people but spending time with yourself is where it’s at

anonymous asked:

This is so whack, there could be like young kids asking you questions about drugs on anonymous and your freely answering them? Drugs arnt anything cool, they arnt social and they aren't safe. And I know cause I've been in them sitautions. But give advice to stay clean and healthy rather then tell them to do what makes them happy. Cause at the end of the day the drug will take over your life and you won't even remember what happiness is anymore

lol don’t be such a cry baby if you hate this blog then don’t read anything an fyi there are so many drugs themed blog so even if i didn’t had this blog those people would ask others. Just accept the fact that some people do drugs and if you aren’t ok with that just don’t talk to them live your own life and stop being bothered by others. And drugs won’t take over your life if you don’t let it! I’m a human science student i have two jobs i live on my own and i got my shit together so what you’re saying is just a stupid cliche i’m happy and i don’t need dope to be happy! Try to be a more positive person it will open doors for you