dope on a million

this is my first paper doll

it took like 170 layers

it was worth it

@therealjacksepticeye is super duper cool and i dont know i just feel like it was worth it, he helps me so much when im feeling anxious and hearing his kind and encouraging words makes me so happy, im just so grateful to the universe for him hes so cool hes dope as shit

he also hit 15 million recently that was super cool wowowowowowowow im so hapy wowowowowowowowowowowowowowowow

its also 1 am and ive been awake for 19 hours so goodbye peace have a lovely day

Be Dope And Have Your Own Shit Then Meet Someone Dope With Their Own Shit. Build An Unstoppable Brand Then Make Millions From Your Fans.
-DeGerald Brown

anonymous asked:

Describe meth and ecstasy

Meth is Awake. Talking. Doing everything you’ve been wanting to do but havnt felt like. sharpening all your pencils then arranging them by color. All 200. Deep cleaning your room. Vacuuming. Organizing. Wiping everything down. Reading about a topic for hours that you’ve wanted to learn about but havnt felt like spending time on. Having deep convos. Getting to know your friends like family. Feeling like your un touchable.

Then it’s death. Your mind being awake but your body feeling like it’s dead. Your bones feeling hollow and your brain empty. You know you need to eat and sleep but honestly laying in bed and withering away sounds easier.

Then it’s loosing your family when they find out what you’ve been doing. And they don’t want to be around you. It’s feeling alone even though you have a million dope friends. It’s feeling hopeless.

Don’t do meth . It’s the best drug but the hardest to quit.

I have to watch BTS’ mv’s like ten times in order to take it all in.

1st time: watches everything thrown at me
2nd time: watches bias
3rd time: watches the choreography
4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th: watches the other members individually
10th: watches again anyway


Chris Brown - Party (Official Video) ft. Gucci Mane, Usher

36 million views


Just Dance
Beautiful Dirty Rich
Poker Face
Eh, Eh
Bad Romance
Dance In the Dark
Born This Way
The Edge of Glory
You and I
Marry the Night
Do What U Want
Perfect Illusion
Million Reasons
John Wayne
The Cure

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Spotify anon here, a playlist of the kind of music you reblog would be really dope ☺️

so like, I made a playlist for a road trip a million years ago and then just kept adding to it randomly so this has 0 thought and should probably be listened to on shuffle because I cannot emphasize how little thought was put into this. also I can 100% guarantee that I’m going to forget one day that I made this public and add some weird and embarrassing shit to it so don’t judge me too harshly alright 

foundation-main-building  asked:

Remember lion 4 and Rose's storage unit? Those two structures out front seem to have a story to tell (in regards to rose having PD's ship, sorry if you were told about this already by someone else)

Oh yeah! I’ve seen a lot of people talk about how the pink thing outside her dump are legs, while white diamond has the torso and yd/bd have arms: making one giant person shaped ship, but I never really bought that? They look like knuckles to me, and I feel like they are more to scale with the other ships? And I really like the idea that there’s like 16 hand/arm ships and the docking port is that Whit diamond bust, and it all connects to give her a million arms. I don’t think she would actually have a million arms but it would be dope ass imagery. 

Also I’ve always subscribed to the Rose is Pink Diamond Theory, just because NOTHING about her being from earth really added up to me, and there’s still a lot of evidence pointing in that direction that makes sense to me, her having PD’s ship, but not telling anyone one seems like another suspicious clue to me. (I’m  assuming the CGs don’t know since they are so certain they have no way off earth, I mean they could know it’s broken but wonder mechanic pearl could probably loot it for parts if she did know)