dope nails of the day

anonymous asked:

How would BTS react to you nailing the dance routine to Dope, considering the mv came out like 3 days ago

Namjoon & Jin: They’d instantly be impressed because it probably takes them some time to get the choreography and here you are, getting it in less than three days! They’d both be clapping and would ask you how you could be so good at dancing~

Yoongi: When you were done he’d just smirk because hey, your Min Yoongi’s significant other - of course you’d kill the dance! He’d pat your head and ask you that now all you had to do was learn all his rap parts and you’d be perfect.

Jimin & Jungkook: They’re a little competitive so they might point out that you did a small mistake, but in reality they’re just amazed you got the dance in such a short amount of time! Behind your back they’d brag about how good a dancer you are to everyone. 

Hoseok & V: Would pester you to dance it again honestly they’d be cheering you on like fans because they’d be so happy and proud to see you nailing the dance. They wouldn’t stop talking about how good you were for like the next two hours.