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Trap Home 3/21/17

So I’ve been homeless for a bit now and a couple of days ago I was told that I’m welcome to stay at this place that’s essentially a trap house. Only it’s different than I expected. It’s like 3 apartments in one and everyone has a chore they do to keep the place clean, there’s running water and electricity, the bathroom and kitchen is fairly clean. Everyone has something they’re good at that they bring to the table to help the household out. Every one fills the fridge with food and this one lady here cooks meals for everyone because she loves to cook and it’s like having a 5 star meal! When someone gets an abscess or needs to go to the hospital we encourage each other to go or offer to take them or go along with them for support. When my neck was sore from the miss I got in it everyone asked if I was ok, brought me warm wet towels to apply on it, and asked me over the hours how it was healing.
Basically, it feels nice to feel like I’m apart of a family or like I have some place I belong for once.