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too-many-overwhelming-feels  asked:

I’m lowkey surprised this hasn’t been done yet but can I get some Reddie hc for when Richie gets his wisdom teeth out and Eddie has to take him home all doped up? He keeps forgetting he’s dating Eddie and is amazed when Eddie confirms that they are in fact in a relationship

“woah, you’re hot, whats your name?”

“uh, eddie?”

“cute, you come here often?”

“richie this is your car”

“WOAH, i have a car? cool, wanna go to dinner with me? i have a car now so i can drive us”

“richie we have dinner at home”

“WOAH i have a home??”

“o-of course you do what??”

“but seriously, babe, you’re cute and i wanna get your number…i wanna take you on a date…i wanna be with you”

“richie for god sake we’re already dating!”


“we have been for like 2 years?”


“we’ve literally been having sex together and living together and we go to the same college an-”


June 13 & 14

The girls have a show in Connecticut on Sunday! 

Normani wants to learn this awesome choreography! 

Same, Lauren.

So nice to hear! 


What else are best friends for, Dinah?!

Top 10!! 

Ally for the ASPCA!

Cooking classes and Fifth Harmony….interesting concept! 

These girls are CRAZY!!