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The GROWLERS in-studio on Jonesy’s Jukebox - October 23, 2017

Ignis Hell is Eternal

Lord have mercy on my SOUL!! I just found ANOTHER video that makes me think of Ignis and oh god?? This is the day I die I swear. The song is hot and so are the people (especially the guy’s demeanor and presence) in it and I am wrecked cause it’s giving me such hard Dom!Ignis vibes


Me: okay I gotta see this… fuck my headphones are in the car *goes to retrieve* Okay and… what they gonna make me LOG IN TO SEE THIS? Fuck I hate YouTube for this shit just show me the fucking vid-

studio killers sentence meme

Ode to the Bouncer
“Let me in or I’ll get physical with you.”
“I just gotta dance right now, it’s critical to do.”
“No, I haven’t had no dope.”
“Lift up the velvet rope, Mr. Doorman, stop teasing.”
“See, I’ve got friends inside; it’s my birthday tonight.”
“I’m not wearing trainers. Not to mention knickers.”
“It’s futile to debate with St. Peter at the gate.”
“'Cause all in all you’re just another prick at the door.”
“Empowered and aroused, I see it in your trousers and in the way you browse her.”
“So you can play karate, you thick illiterati. I’m a black belt in life.”
“So go home to your ugly wife.”

Eros and Apollo
"With a boy like that it’s serious.”
“The girls who see him cannot find back home.”
"The gigolos run like spiders when he comes.”
“Soon, he will eat your hearts like cereals.” 
“Every night they fall like dominoes. How he does it, only heaven knows.”
“All the other men turn gay wherever he goes.”

All Men Are Pigs
“I believe in Simone de Beauvoir.”
“I believe that life’s a film noir.”
“I know the role that you play so save your clichés.”
“I wasn’t born yesterday, so don’t try and say ‘I’m not typical.’”
"I’m not typical, and Simone… you are just cynical!”
“I am better than you think, let me buy you a drink.”
“Cha-mon! I’m not so typical at all”
“I’ve seen their tricks.”
“All men are pigs.”
“All men are pigs. All men but me.”
“My logic will prevail, so shut up, nightingale.”
“This is no fairytale: every single male that I’ve met ‘til this day had a curly tail.”
“I believe it’s a poo poo world.”
“Men deceive - that means you too, girl!”
“It’s a form of foreplay when you hear them say ‘I’m not typical.’”
“I’m the swan that crashed on your lawn, and I’m the boy that will heal you, fix you up.”

Who Is In Your Heart Now?
“Have you ever heard a calling, but you don’t know where the sound is coming from?”
“Sometimes love is talking in a whisper.”
“Do you ever feel like falling for someone you never thought of falling for?”
“But without him/her/them, you’re getting nowhere.”
“Who is in your heart now? 
“When Leonard Cohen is singing ‘Hallelujah,’ who is in your heart now?”
“All your friends and foes, they thought they knew ya, but look who’s in your heart now.”
“You gotta hold on to love.”
“You better hold on to love.”
“Have you ever found something that you didn’t even know you’re looking for?”
“An answer, though you didn’t hear the question.”
“When the plan is shaking violently, you wonder will the sky change into heaven.”
“And if all fails, who is in your last thought then?”

Friday Night Gurus
“Where is the boy/girl whose bass is big and bold?”
“Where is the boy/girl whose beats are made of solid gold?”
“They’ve got a sound.”
“Funny how it flows.”
“Heaven is wherever their DJ bag goes.”
“They don’t make me feel the way you do.”
“My friday night gurus.”
“You’re the Obi-Wan Kenobis with the force of audio.”
“I believe in all your fantasies, as silly as they seem.”
“You’re from another world.”
“The boogie’s strong in him/her/them.”
“He/she/they’ll make you dance as smoothly as the dolphins swim.:
“Perfectly round, like spirals in their DNA.”
“I walk the night through the people on the street.”
“OH, what I would give to be in your company.”
“Into the night with the sailors of the sleaze, all hands on deck, they’re like animals in heat.”

“How can you be so flawless?”
“How could you be so thoughtless?”
“How can you be so heartless?”
“?sselthguoht os eb uoy dluoc woH”
“?sseltraeh os eb uoy nac woH”

“Darling, you’re my best friend, but there’s a few things that you don’t know of.”
“I’m using your shirt as a pillow case.”
“I wanna ruin our friendship.”
“We should be lovers instead.”
“I wanna ruin our friendship, We should be lovers instead.”
“I’ve been doing bad things that you don’t know about: stealing your stuff now and then.”
“Nothing you’d miss, but it means the world to me.”
“I don’t know how to say this, cause you’re really my dearest friend.”
“_____, take my hand.”
“We are more than friends.”
“I will follow you until the end.”
“I cannot pretend why I never like your new boy/girlfriends.”
“Your love for them won’t last long.”
“Forget those amigos.”
“Love like that won’t last.”

In Tokyo
“I made out with a robot.”
“It felt gentle but robust.”
“I made out with a robot.”
“I made love to a robot.”
“In the outskirts of the city, I experienced something fantastic.”
“It had the strength of a man, but the sensual touch of a woman.”
“With its entire processing power harnessed to give pleasure beyond human measure.”
“In its capriciousness, it did not appear neutral.”
“This robot had read its Kama Sutra.”

Funky At Heart
“Me in my love life, zig-zagging left right.”
“Wonder why I never wanna go home all alone.”
“Love, it ain’t easy.”
“Lust ain’t no Nietzsche.”
“Don’t preach me. You oughta know that it’s hard to find gold in this crap disco.”
“You fell right into my arms and fit into my puzzle.”
“So we made love in a quickly parked European car.”
“We couldn’t read all the fine print, what’s written in the stars.”
“I don’t care as long as you are funky at heart.”
“Though it’s not convent, I find peace of mind for the very first time in my life.”
“We follow our instinct.”
“Couples with hot drinks welcome us like we are one of them now.”
“Guess it shows.”

When We Were Lovers
“The puppy love slipped from your heart along with the nonsense.”
“Suddenly you burned out flag, declared independence.”
“Eternity was cut too short.”
“I admit, my lover was already gone.”
“I just warmed up the seat for somebody new you were bound to meet.”
“That somebody who would take place of me in your feelings.”
“You overstayed.”
“Our memories would not be played to friends in a slide show.”
“There had never been that much to see at the end of our rainbow.”

True Colours
“Show me your true colours in their blinding brightness.”
“Show me your true colours like they glow in the night.”
“When you are dreaming, forget about the others.”
“The unbearable lightness of our being.”
“Even spy satellites won’t see this coming.”
“Reach out. I promise you, then we’ll be lovers.”
“’Cause it’s our true colour.”
“We’ll be lovers, ‘cause it’s our true colour.”
“Show me your true colours and we’ll light up the darkness.”
“I’ll embrace all the monsters in your closet.”