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{25.07.16} // 87 days to O Levels

[13/100 days of productivity]

// a math will be the death of me (ಥ﹏ಥ) //

really sorry for the bad quality pic!! anyway today i went for night study with @listudying, and i wrote a cheat sheet to help for my additional mathematics test tomorrow!! i’m really hoping to at least pass this test. 

okay so i was trying to figure out what it is about mr robot’s cinematography that has me feeling so in awe, and i think it’s something as seemingly innocuous as the use of space. the most prominent composition is having the character smaller and kind of on the wrong side of the shot, and it’s uncomfortable because someone facing the left will be in the left corner, like they’re squashed in there, and the person they’re speaking to is just as squashed in the right corner. they’re not breaking any rules, it’s not crossing the 180, but it’s this carefully crafted claustrophobia. 

and i realised the genius of it is that it’s simulating social anxiety, its actually forcing the audience to view elliot’s world through his lens. for instance, the more scared he feels, the smaller and more misplaced he is in the frame. but whenever he puts his hoody up, his security against the world, the more centred he is. 

i get that this may not seem super ground-breaking, but tbh it is. a lot of directors (harmony korine, guy ritchie, jean-pierre jeunet) are pretty good at capturing episodes within their mentally ill characters. however they are very rarely subtle in the way mr robot’s cinematography is. it’s classic hollywood style invisible editing: social anxiety edition. and that’s so powerful, my goodness! to invisibly have the audience live through elliot’s perspective, in conjunction with his narration and dialogue and general being (thanks to the fantastic script and incredible acting by rami malek), it provides much-needed context. because while it’s good to represent mentally ill people, it’s even more important not to be voyeurs to their experience, especially if they’re your protagonists, because this can mean misrepresentation and perpetuation of existing stigmas and we don’t want that lol. 

so basically i’m in love with mr robot’s cinematography and i highly recommend this awesome awesome modern take on cyberpunk culture with a non-demonised mentally ill protagonist!!!!!! 


Day 15/100 - October 12, 2017

Today was a very good day. For starters our department gets free donuts every Thursday, but this week was even better all because of the adorable little bundle of cuteness above! Someone brought in their puppy and nothing makes my day better than puppy love first thing in the morning! This little guy definitely gave me the motivation I needed to sit in lecture for 5.5 hours.

🎧Beyond The Sun - Shinedown


—19/100 days of productivity, 26/07/16
!! d-07 to prelims, d-86 to Os !!

im terrible @ keeping up with this dop thing HAHA sorry I WILL TRY TO post daily ପ꒰⑅°͈꒳°͈꒱੭ु⁾⁾

physics make me feel 💤💤 tbh, can’t wait to be PHYnished with physics 😼 (pun is so lame im sry) picture is so dark & blue im sorRY :-(

and YES, my pens are on a plate HAHA