happy birthday my lina / @dongwun / ~dongwun !!! ♥ ^_____^ my bb is growing old kekekekke. jk ^___^ still young and beautiphorl ! ^____^ kekek bb you are one of the sweetest naisuest people i know ok, and believe me there aren’t a lot of naisu people on tlist ): everyone bullies me except you weeps. ): anyway ! kekek i hope you had a naisu birthday and all that jazz and remember everyday that you don’t want to sleep, i will stick princeu dongwoon onto your bed and have him serenade you to sleep ^___^ and then maybe i’ll stick doojoon in there too but yah know, don’t want to give you more issues and take quality time from dongwoon serenading you. kekeke ok i hope you like this and woke up with my cake at your bedside ^____^ happy birthday bb i love you !!! ♥♥
love, sharon ♥