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Hello there! I saw this prompt a few months ago, and thought it would fit the end of the game. It goes: "You wander through the ruins of a once mighty city. There you see a man grinning at you, wearing a rusted crown." Maybe the reader is an urban explorer, exploring Insomnia many years after the game, and they encounter Noct's spirit… I'd like to see what you'll do with this. Thanks!

A small drabble for you! I hope this is what you were looking for. This for me was more of a study in writing scenery, and I hope I did an okay job. Enjoy!

You stepped over a large piece of rubble, peering around at the landscape around you. The city had been abandoned for a long time, and from what you heard, after a great battle had been waged and many years of darkness, the people who used to live in the Citadel decided it was best to move on.

It was eerie—the city was a shell of its former self, with concrete and broken glass lining the streets. The ruins were beautiful though, and in the midday light, you could almost imagine a bustling marketplace, malls, children playing in the parks. But you were the only person there now, the only one who had figured coming to the ruins of Insomnia would be a fun daytime excursion.

You hike your backpack up a little further onto your shoulders and check your map for where to go next. You’d wanted to see the palace more than anything else, a symbol of what was once a great kingdom, reduced now to only its bare exoskeleton.

It took a while to get there, but you walked past the crumbling roundabout and went up what felt like hundreds of stairs until you reached the very top.

The palace itself was in pretty decent condition—you’d explored castles that had been in much greater states of decay. The greenery was seeping its way into what used to be a marble lobby, though much of the precious stone had long been pilfered and sold.

There were holes in the roof, and beams of sunlight poured in, streaking the darkness and cutting through the dust as your footsteps echoed through the hallways.

You peered around a corner and spotted what you figured was the throne room. A carpet lined a path from the doorway to a curved staircase. You figured the carpet had been red at one point, a symbol of royalty, but now it was dark, muddied and worn from the many years and lack of preservation.

There were cracks in the ceiling where small bits of debris had fallen, but not as badly as in the lobby. You walked up the red carpet and looked around the room, imagining important council members and esteemed guests donned in expensive garb as they sipped champagne and talked about the goings-on of the kingdom.

You made it to the base of the stairs and looked up. You gulped, and could have sworn the sound vibrated off the walls.

There were chains hanging from the ceiling, and bones were tangled in the rust. You took a step back, shocked at the discovery. There were four bodies from what you could tell, though not all of them were completely in tact anymore. Your body gave a violent shiver, but you pressed on.

You’d heard of what happened in the fabled ten years of darkness. You had a feeling you’d read about the people that dangled over the throne, but you willed yourself not to think about it.

You reached the top of the stairs to where the throne was placed. It looked to be pretty much exactly how it was before the destruction, save for a few chips here and there and a layer of dust. It seemed that even the scavengers still respected the Crown enough to let the fallen King keep his throne.

You peered curiously over at one of the arm rests. What looked like a piece of paper was resting atop it. You picked it up, the dust shifting around it as you gently turned it over.

It was a photograph.

Four men and a car. One was blond, posing dramatically in the front. Behind him was a tall man with glasses in a suit, arms folded over his chest with a hint of a smile on his face. On the other side of the car was a giant of a man, tattoos wrapping down to his wrists, leaning a hand against the windowsill of the car. And then there was the dark-haired one in front of him, sitting on the ground. You’d recognized him from his eyes alone, that piercing blue that was in so many history books. The young prince you’d read about.


His name left your lips and echoed throughout the chamber, and you felt a vibration run through the room, almost as if it had awakened something deep within the palace.

You carefully put the photo back down in its original place, and scurried down the steps and out of the palace doors.

You rubbed your hands along your arms, a chill having set into the air as the sun stared to dip below the horizon. You made it to the bottom of the stairs, and hazarded a look back. What you saw made your heart nearly stop.

The dying sunlight caught it more than anything. A brief flash, the glint of precious metal as it reflected the light into your eyes. A man stood halfway down the steps, his eyes fixated on you. His face was calm, his gaze soft. His hair was dark, and atop his head was a rusted crown. You immediately recognized him as soon as your eyes met his.

It was him.

You fell to your knees in a reverent bow, and then looked up from your place on the ground. Noctis smiled at you, a gentle one that was full of warmth. He nodded his head, and gazed at the sun. For a second, you could almost see him as his younger self. You watched as he took in a breath, basking in the glow, and then turned back to you.

“Thank you,” was all he said. And then he turned back towards the palace doors, and with each step he took, he started to fade until there was nothing left.

Luck of the Draw

word count: 1431

Reader x Jin

Genre: fuckboy!Jin, soulmates name on wrist!au

A/N: This may be the first in a series based on how well you react to it, also please note that fuckboy Jin can be a dick, but the main reason Y/N hates him is because she knows she can’t resist his charms, and she hates him and herself for it.  

The silver balloons wafted from side to side between the clutter of people in the room. The gentle glow of the strobe lighting illuminating them. Banners reading ‘Happy New Year’ hung gently from every doorway and staircase, drawing attention to why I was here. In the middle of the dance floor my best friends were dancing. The silver in each of their dresses, glittering like stars as their bodies swayed to the music. And usually I would join them, making an effort to seem outstanding. But tonight I was completely rattled. The golden sequins on my dress drawing attention that was undesired. The only thing that calmed the rapid beating of my heart was the overbearing nature of straight vodka. And I consumed another heavy gulp.


I groaned, every five minutes there was a constant reminder of why my anxiety levels had skyrocketed. A reminder of everything I was trying to forget. On the contrary I had always wanted a tattoo, but not like this. I’ve never wanted someone’s name imprinted on my skin. I sighed as collapsed back in my chair in the corner of the room, every so often grabbing unsuspecting people’s drinks  and chugging them as they turn away to dance.

I glanced around the room, my gaze lingering on the people I knew, but I managed to lock eyes with the one person I despised. I may have been hysterical, but Jin looked far more nervous than me. Although that’s due to the lack of a soulmate at the age of 24. A cheeky grin appears on his face as he gestured to the swarm of girls glued to him, seemingly suggesting I should join them. My eyes roll out of habit, as I push myself off my chair and grab another drink. Without thinking I’m wandering through the party, and as my head turns back to where he stood I notice him laughing. He seems to be talking to one of his goddess like companions. Yet his eyes wander constantly and when the find me once again he chuckles. My eyes crinkle, almost shut, trying to wrap my head around the deceitful boy. He chuckles once again, his mouth raising higher on the left side, clearly finding our facial-expression-across-the-room-discussion amusing. My eyes lower, and I quickly find Mina dancing in the centre of the floor. ‘Hey,’ I call to her, gaining her attention quickly, ‘I’m going to head over to where the boys are drinking, okay?’ My cup filled hand pointing in the direction of my plans as she nods softly.  

Nevertheless, Jin cuts me off before I reach my friends. ‘Hi Y/N.’ He smirks, his glasses generously grazing the tip of his nose as they fall. ‘Nervous?’ His tongue grazes his lips painstakingly slowly as his eyes flicker between my eyes and lips. ‘Bet I’m still doing better than you.’ I mock pushing his glasses back up his nose. ‘Oh really?’ He holds his bottom lip between his teeth, as he leisurely leans his face into the crook of my neck, his cologne lacing the air around us. ‘Prove it.’ His voice adorned with lust and breathlessness, his fingers beginning to drift up and down my arms, causing small shivers to run through me. I push Jin’s body away from me, and he pouts, showcasing his bright pink lips. ‘Come on angel face,’ the nickname rolling off his tongue naturally, as a wave of small goose bumps flush over me. ‘I could make you feel so good.’ His hands moved towards my hips, but I interrupted his longing by intertwining our fingers and raised them up to my face. I sighed, trusting myself to resist the delicious charms of a fuckboy, ‘I’m disinclined to acquiesce to your request.’ His eyes scanned the way my eyes widened at his huge hand enveloping my own, his brow furrowing in confusion of my statement. His face contorted making the smallest creases around his nose and his eyebrows. I decided to see how far I could push him, pushing onto my toes and letting my lips graze over as his, letting them follow mine until I reached his ear.  ‘Means no.’ I looked back at him and dropped back to flat feet, staring into his disconcerted eyes.

I could feel his lips tug into a smug smile as my back turned to him. ‘Hey, Y/N!’ He jerked his head up to call me as I took a few steps away from him, his smug smile boring into me, ‘Did it hurt?’ I turned to him and rolled my eyes slowly, ‘When what, I fell from heaven?’ my disgusted gag was obvious as he slowly approached me, gradually intertwining our hands again, ‘No.’ he smiled, shaking his head slightly, the smile slowly dissolving into a pout as I sighed exasperatedly, ‘What then?’ my gaze shifted into a distrustful glare fixed on his eyes. A sly grin crept onto his face, looking like the devil had placed it there himself, ‘When you fell for me.’ His hands gripping mine softly and bringing them into our view as his grin only grew.

I immediately dropped his poisonous hands and ran as quickly as I could to my friends, hearing his devious laugh ring in my ears.

Before anyone could even greet me I grabbed Jacksons cup of vodka and chugged the entire thing. ‘Looks like someone’s a little nervous.’ Jackson chuckled, as he poured himself another one. ‘I don’t care if the person’s one of you guys, I don’t want to know that my life is promised away, that I’ve been genetically modified since birth to be with this person.’

‘Y/N if it makes you feel any better you know that you don’t have to be with whoever your wrist shows up with.’ Yoongi says, speaking from experience. He had the name show up the year he turned 21, two years ago. Just like everyone else his age.

‘But everyone else will want to be with their soulmate right?’ I finished his next sentence for him, taking another Jaebum’s cup before he could protest and emptying it into my all too eager stomach. ‘By the way, how is life with a soulmate?’

‘It sucks, even though they know they’re the only one you love they still get nervous when you go out. Mine seems to think I’m going to cheat.’ He ran one hand through his hair, dishevelling it as he released a very heavy sigh. ‘Anyway, soulmates are supposed to be either someone you’ve been in love with for a while, or you were destined to be with. So you’ll be fine.’ He patted me on the back, but it was the least comfort I’d felt in a while. The more the night moved on the more agitated I felt, the more tense I became.

And all too soon, it was the countdown to New Year.


My immediate reaction was to begin downing as many drinks as I could and I grabbed Yoongi’s hand and gripped it tight.



His thumb ran over the back of my hand, caressing it softly so that I could calm down, as I muttered the words ‘Save me’ to him.




I saw Mina run over to me and grab my other hand, because she was so overwhelmingly excited that she’d finally see who her soulmate was.



‘Good luck.’ Yugyeom whispered to all of us as he and the rest of the Maknae liners ran off giggling.



That’s when I saw it, the black ink that faintly began to rise on my right wrist, and seeing the name in person made me practically faint. Mina leaned over to me and got me to breathe properly. ‘Remember the first name that appears on your wrist is your worst enemy. Look mines changing now.’ She called. And as I looked over I saw the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

It was unmistakeable but the name ‘Byun Baekhyun’ written in bold black letters faded away to reveal the name ‘Jackson Wang’. But the colour was wrong, it looks like someone carved it into her skin with a knife. It’s supposed to be black. 

I looked back at my wrist but it hadn’t changed. I waited for five minutes, slowly moving up to ten but the name on my wrist never changed.

There written in black in perfect cursive was the name,

Kim Seokjin.

Hi there!  So.  I’m doing a thing.  And I do not want to make any promises about the thing.  I am not even sure I will finish the thing.  But this is the first chapter in what I hope will be a Matthew Morgan based, Past Gen fic about Matt, Joe, and Rachel (and probably a lot more special guests).  I’m excited about it.  I dont know how often Ill get to write it.  But if you’re interested in Matt like I am interested in Matt, then I hope you’ll join me.

Also available on Archive of Our Own

Chapter One

Everyone has three things.

Everyone has three things that pull at the heartstrings, that are engraved into their most primitive instincts, that make up the very air that they breathe.  Everyone has three things that define them in a way that is equal parts undeniable and unregretted, and once you know someone’s three things, you know them as well as they know themselves.  Sometimes you can even know them a little bit better.

For example:

  1. Matthew Morgan is, inexhaustibly, a mama’s boy.
  2. There exists, in the depths of his mother’s dustiest photo albums, a picture from Matthew Morgan’s very first birthday in which he grins at the camera, chocolate cake covering him from head, to fists, all the way down to his belly button.
  3. When the question is one of family and friends, Matthew Morgan’s answer is always, without exception, yes.

Of course, these are only guidelines.  Knowing a person’s three things can help you predict their behaviors, it can help you understand what they might be thinking, but it is never a certainty.  More than anything else in the world, it is people who posses the greatest capability to surprise.

Another example:

     4. One year ago, just before the summer of his junior year, Matthew Morgan spoke to a recruiter about enlisting in the United States Army.

It is an act that had surprised even himself.

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Cost of Freedom: (9/??)

Summary: In which the plan starts to come together and Kaito makes a decision. Prison ! AU

[Beginning]     [Previous Chapter]     [Next Chapter]

As soon as the lights are out, Kaito shuffles from his bunk, dropping to the floor. While he pulling a pencil from his pillow case, Shinichi unfolds the building plans, placing it on the cell floor. He holds his torch in his hands, cradling it between his thumb and index finger.

“Okay,” Kaito says, sitting cross legged as he peers over at the plans, “let’s get this started.”

Shinichi gives him a glance, turns the torch on and points it at paper. It’s not a bright light, a low powered torch with batteries Kaito is certain are running out of energy, but it is good enough to see the darker lines.

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Get A Room pt.2

Hello, you poor unfortunate people! I’m sorry for taking a billion years ;-;

Anyway, I finally got this part all nice and fixed up, so here it is, way, way, wayyyyy off from its scheduled date…

I am working on requests right now, so don’t be surprised if you have great-grandchildren by the time part 3 comes out (kidding. spring break is nearing and I should *theoretically* be able to write more during that week)

Anyway, let’s get on with the chapter, shall we? (I am literally terrified that this will disappoint you all but whatever…)

Genre: X Reader, I guess it’s basically fluff?? Idk it’s late early 1:01 a.m. where I am lol

Member(s): Chanyeol the Manyeol

POV: First person, changes people

Warning(s): None Possibly some cringy content, lil’ bit of cursing

Summary: To the apartment you shall go! Or will you encounter a mishap?? ;)

Part 2 

Originally posted by littlebyuns

Your POV

His already wide smile widened even more, his perfectly white teeth showing.

“Great!” He shifted a little in his seat, turning more towards me. “So, what’s your name?”

“Shouldn’t you know someone’s name before you offer them a place to stay in exchange for being your fake girlfriend?” I asked, looking at him amusedly.

He shrugged, his grin never faltering. Anyone would’ve thought he’d won the lottery or something.

“Just how many people do you think have done this?” He questioned, his tone humorous. “Is there a ‘How To’ guide or a set of rules I need to follow?”

I quirked an eyebrow at him, shaking my head.

“I doubt there is. That’d be strange. And my name’s (y/n).”

“(y/n).” He muttered, nodding his head. “A pretty name for a pretty face.”

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JAMMF The Trapped Knight

Well @mybeautifuldecay, I hope you enjoy this. You got me started on this whole thing and it’s morphed into a wonderful thing that has a mind of it’s own. I can’t claim this whole thing is all my doing, though. @thescarlettpeacock has become my collab partner on this and it’s amazing. I throw some stuff on the page and she polishes it until it absolutely sparkles. She is an absolute rockstar. I’m really excited for the plans we have for this thing. 

You can find the previous chapter HERE.

His eyes widened, struck with the weight of her words. He looked between her and the wall, seeing for himself that there was no means to reopen the door. James stepped back in disbelief. He turned swiftly, feeling the rough seams of stone, endeavoring to pull and push in a desperate attempt to prove her wrong. With his shoulder he pushed against the stone, again and again until he wore himself breathless. 

She watched him with curiosity; he was tall, she noted. Taller and larger than most men she had met. He possessed a flash of red hair that framed high cheekbones and a strong jaw. In her good opinion, he was very handsome. However, she was not of good opinion in that moment.

“I can honestly say-” she began, voice dry and laden with sarcasm. “-That I had not ever thought to try to push the door! Such a wondrous plan!”

James turned to her, brow damp with the sweat of exertion and voice jagged with breathlessness. 

“I’m a great deal larger than you are.”

“Such a lot of good it has done you, Sir!” She laughed.

He stepped forward, the light framing his face and blazing eyes. 

“I dinna need your snide remarks, woman!”

Cocking her eyebrow, she smirked. 

“That is a shame, because they are the only company you are going to have!” 

Glimpsing briefly at the doorway, she ascended the staircase once more, leaving James seething at the bottom.

After an hour, and several vain attempts at escape using various pieces of his armor as leverage, he begrudgingly began his ascent to find the furious woman. The door at the top of the stairwell remained open, revealing the woman who stood by a long, rectangular window looking out onto the land below. He had not had time to assess the space before him when he had first arrived. A by no means modest space lay before him, with the window to the left wall, and a soot stained fireplace set into the right, filled with the charred remnants of sawn off logs. A worn wooden bench lay by the fire, not big enough to rest on. Had she slept on the stones, he wondered?

“You know, I really am so pleased to be trapped here in this tower with you. Truly.” Her voice was thick, as though she had been crying. “I am pleased to know that the little food I have is now to be split between the two of us. I am really so pleased that my one chance at escape was ironically ruined by a knight in shining armor.”

James looked to the floor, unsure of the actions he should take or the words he should say. He had not intended for this to happen. He had intended to defeat the beast, save the woman and return to his lands.

“Ye ken I didna mean to have it happen this way! I thought there was a beast as guard! I came to rescue you, not have us both trapped!”

“Well truly, you did an outstanding job of making sure neither of us get to escape!” She turned her head, eyes rimmed red and chin wobbling. Taking a laboured breath, she continued. “Is this a habit for you, Sir? Take the tower by force, brandishing your sword and striking fear in the fearsome creature behind the walls? Vanquish the foe and save the damsel! But oh wait – never mind leaving an escape route! Just let the door slam behind you!” She spoke vehemently, her tone laced with frustration and anger, words sarcastic and cutting.

He turned to her, his own anger rising in his chest. With his voice low, he spoke with warning. 

“Do you think I’m unaware as to the gravity of the situation?”

“You have not got a clue as to the gravity of the situation!” She mimicked him, jeering. “You charged into a situation without thinking about an exit plan!”

“I always have an exit plan! You are being unfair, woman!”

She turned quite suddenly, stepping forward to face him properly. “Well if this was your plan you need to rethink your occupation!”

James stepped forward also, shaking with rage. “And how the hell was I supposed to know the door only opened one way?!”

They stood face to face finally, seeing one another in a stark white light. She cocked her eyebrow, her smugness again appearing. 

“Someone who wants their prisoner to stay put, I expect.”

“Aye! Well a damn good job they did! Yer Uncle neglected to inform me the beast was so clever!”

In the moments that followed, she ceased to speak and instead stilled. A chill ran up her spine, her face draining, leaving a pallid complexion. She took a breath, exhaling shakily and began with unease. 

“What did you say?”

“Oh, she speaks calmly now! I said yer Uncle neglected to tell me how crafty the beast was! If I had known I would have had a better plan!” James’ voice echoed around the chamber as she stumbled back, eyes wide and sat down abruptly.

“M-my Uncle? He’s… He’s not dead?”

Jamie shook his head, puzzled by the sudden change in her demeanour. 

“He wasna when he hired me, though I’ve no’ seen him since I left to find ye. Did someone tell ye he died?”

“I just…” She hesitated, her voice beginning to thicken once more. “I thought when I was taken that… That he’d been killed, trying to protect me.”

All at once, the stand off stopped and the tension in the room began to dissipate. Claire sat abruptly on the lone bench in the room, contemplating the news she had just received.

“No, lass. He’s been verra worriet about ye, trying to find anyone who’d be brave - or stupid - enough to come and get ye.” James voice lifted, hoping to instill a little confidence in her.

It was several long moments before he took the last step toward her to close the gap between them. Kneeling to her, he spoke gently, uttering how truly sorry he was. For the her being taken, for his lack of notice. With the end of his sentence, she began to cry. James stood and gathered her in his arms, her skin warm against his chilled flesh. Hushing her with sweet words of comfort, he sat her in his lap, willing that she might find some peace. 

“Dinna worry lass, I’m here. No one will harm ye.”  

The sun had almost completely set before she spoke again. He had thought her asleep, relishing in the warm feeling spreading through his chest. 

“My name is Claire, by the way. Claire Beauchamp.” She sniffled, moving her head from his chest to look at James’ face.

“I dinna think you caught mine the first time. James Fraser, though ye are welcome to call me Jamie.”

Curiosity caught Claire, and before she had chance to attempt to offer him a thank you for his kindness, she heard herself ask “Why you, Jamie?”

“Why me what?”

Her eyes narrowed as she looked up at him. 

“Why did you take the job to come find me?”

“Well, as you said, I’m in the business of storming in, rescuing damsels and being a pain. How could I refuse?” Jamie jokingly responded, in a half hearted attempt to cover the truth of it. Claire, however, saw through his attempt at deception and shook her head.

“No, that isn’t it. Well not all of it.”

“I…” He sighed heavily. He was stuck here anyway, he thought. What was the harm in telling her? “When I was a lad, my sister was taken by the same beast that took you. But I couldna do a thing to help her, I was too young. I couldna lift a sword and had no training. She came back to us, but… She wasna the same, ye ken? I vowed to avenge her, no matter the cost to myself. Then I got word that another woman had been taken… I sought Quentin out. I wouldna let another lass be harmed the way my sister had been.”

“I am so sorry, Jamie. Truly” Claire replied, echoing his own words.

“Thank ye,” he said, looking down at his muddy boots. “I dinna tell many people about that. Jenny doesna talk of her time away and we dinna ask. But we know it was a terrible thing she went through.”

“I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.”

“Aye. Nor would I.”

Claire shivered and he realized once more she was still only dressed in her thin shift, the cotton hanging over the shape of her body. 

“Are ye cold, Claire?”

“A little. I can fetch us something to start a fire in the hearth.” She stood to her feet, though Jamie interrupted.

“I can do it, it will take me a moment. It is the least I can do after closing the door on us…” He laughed and Claire, despite her feeling of melancholy, laughed in reply. Caught by the sound, Jamie noticed how beautiful she sounded and turned to smile.

Collecting more wood from the chamber below, it took Jamie minutes to light a fire for them to bask in the warmth of. It came to life before him, illuminating the room with warmth and light as the last of the sunset faded away beneath the landscape. Claire moved the bench closer to the fire, bringing her hidden rations with her as an olive branch. 

“The least I can do for shouting at you.” 

Jamie smiled, moving along so she might be seated beside him.

In the glow of the fire, Jamie watched as Claire’s skin glimmered against the flames. Her smile was sweet, her movements elegant. She almost looked ethereal, glowing almost… Almost. It was in this exact moment that James Fraser sputtered out words he had only heard whispered through the markets, dangerous, life threatening words. Words worth hundreds, thousands.

“Claire - lass…” He paused, gasping for a breath in a room suddenly deprived of oxygen.

“Yer a star.”