vinylizing  asked:

Would you mind explaining how when someone walks into a room, they forget why they walked into that room for in the first place?

No I don’t mind at all. Thanks for asking.

The underlying brain phenomenon responsible for this is what is known as an “event boundary”. Our brains compartmentalize events and tie them to the environment, or room, in which they occurred. By moving from one room to the next, the brain effectively creates a file containing all the information about the first room, and what you did there, and tucks it away. It then starts to focus on the second room. In other words, due to the way the brain is trained to store information, we forget things as soon as the environment changes.

Grimoire Entry:  The Key to Happiness

Some–the Romanies, for one–believe that it is extremely lucky to find a key. It means that you will soon be opening a door to success in love, marriage, or work, or even something very specific, such as getting a new car. No matter the form, happiness is assured.

  1. With a key at hand, light a white candle. Visualize the metaphorical door you wish to open with the key.

  2. On a piece of paper draw a door that will open to your wish.

  3. Pour some candle wax on the drawing of the door and place the key in the wax, to weld the two together. 

  4. Let the wax cool. 

  5. Fold the paper around the key to form a neat envelope or parcel.

  6. General seal all the edges with wax from the candle.

  7. Blow out the candle. 

  8. At night, toss the parcel into a fire, imagining as vividly as possible the door you are passing through.

  9. Pour your passion into the flames and send your desires upward.

  10. The spell has been cast do not dwell on your wish, because such thoughts drag it back to earth and sap it of its energy. 

  11. Have faith in your desire becoming fulfilled.  ^•^

[Source: The Good Spell Book: Love Charms, Magical Cures, and Other Practical Sorcery by Gillian Kemp   –   Discovered here: X]

Void’s Disclaimer

As with any spell, ritual, or practically any type of resource I post on my blog, I want it to be noted that the most important ingredient–the most essential–in any working of any type…is you.  

What I mean by this is, if part(s) of a spell feel “wrong” or “off” to you, change it to something that feels right to you or, if something(s) feels unnecessary, get rid of it altogether.  

Always, always, always tailor your workings to you.  As much as possible, customize everything about it so that it feels, down to your witch bones, as though it's right.   There should be, ideally, little question as to whether or not you’ve got the right spell/what-have-you for your current situation, once you’re done tailoring.