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Hi beautiful and amazing human! Could you please give me some domestic!winchesters? :) Thank you!

Curtain!Wincest Fic Recs

hello nonnie, I think most of them are wincest but I put a few Gen there too, hope you like them!

Know the Water’s sweet but Blood is thicker by: Sijglind  There are two new guys in your apartment block. They’re hot. Maybe a bit old—over thirty, you guess—but they are the kind of men people always compare to fine wine, getting better with age and all that crap.

Rankle and Gall by smalltrolven AO3 right here Post Gadreel-reveal: after a month of not really finishing their unfinished arguments,  Sam and Dean finally do finish one, and get back on the same page so that they can deal with the Mark of Cain the Winchester Way -  together. An alternate take on Season 9 with Cain summoning, soul-bonding, Oz-sourced magical spell casting, much lasagna baking, and angsty reunion-type schmoop.

The Secrets You Keep by  runedgirl  Dean started nesting the second week they were at the bunker. Sam took a little bit longer.

I’ll Wait For You by: morganaDW  Sam’s hurt in ways that can’t be healed easily even by Death. Facing the risk of Sam remaining how he is, Dean struggles to heal his brother in the only way he knows how even if that means giving up his life as a hunter.

Reading Into The Past by  jasmineisland This picks up after Sacrifice, and now that S9 has premiered it’s AU. The trials are over, and, even though the gates of hell aren’t closed, for the first time Sam and Dean are truly on the same page. They have a real home in the batcave, and have formed a relationship that makes them both happy. But it’s been a long, hard road to get there full of secrets, miscommunication, and manipulation from both sides. When Charlie opens the door to their virtual life, meaning the rest of the books online and the small community that knows they are real, they are shocked by the way they were both truly played. It gives them an insight to each other that goes a long  way towards healing old hurts. They manage to clear the air, figure out just how bad and worse the options they had to choose from really were, and they find each other in a whole new way.

The House Always Wins by selecasharp After the angels fall, the boys take some hard-won time away from the world so Sam can heal. Things at their new home aren’t as restful as they’d hoped, however, as old feelings between the brothers begin to resurge. As if that weren’t enough, it turns out that they’re not as alone in the bunker as they thought.

Of Ghosts and Men  by stardust_made (Gen/Sherlock-SPN Xover)  A year after Sherlock Holmes’s death John Watson returns to 221B Baker Street hoping to turn a new leaf. He finds that a stranger has come to town—while John was gone Sam Winchester moved in to the flat below. John’s interest is piqued, but he isn’t the only one curious in the household. Both men are trying to come to terms with their past, but as is often the case the past refuses to stay away. Sam and John are taken on a journey where adventures and revelations are going to put new and old relationships to test. (Gen fics are not my thing, I confess, I love wincest and the ponier the better, but this fic is made of awesome)

Wherever We’re Together That’s My Home by shannondoll It’s the small town gigs that keep them going - once a hunter always a hunter. Dean wants to do something special for Sammy, and a nice reclusive cabin in the Tennessee hills might be the perfect solution. A month of domestic bliss would do them well.

Clean Getaway by vicious-trade  It was cute for about a week. But it it’s been several months now and somehow Sam is still not getting it.

The College AU by Canon_Is_Relative, stardust_made Canon divergence post season two where Sam doesn’t die and Dean doesn’t make any deals, and their lives take on completely new turns. Sam goes back to college and Dean keeps hunting…but can they stay apart? A get-together story in a universe where the forces of Heaven and Hell left them alone.

Ignorance Would be Bliss by delanach Kevin knows more than he wants to about Sam and Dean, and he really wishes he didn’t.

Will You Settle For Love by verucasalt123 They’re out of the life. Pretty much. But regular jobs and friendly neighbors don’t negate the fact that the supernatural is still out there. This is a story about the choices and consequences that come along with retirement, and a test of how strong their relationship is when confronted with their past.

Lessons Learned by lyra_wing   It’s 2012. Six years later, and the hunt is over for Sam and Dean. But it’s just beginning for Michael, and he goes looking for the guys who helped him all those years ago.

He Who Fights With Monsters by bellajayd Dean leaves with Sam to go to Stanford. When John catches up with them years later things are very different.

Over The Hills, Far Away by askellington somewhere in the middle of season seven, this world careens towards the left. Dean looks at Sam and decides enough is enough. They need to settle down for a while, take a breath

Ways of Communication by  jiru_jiru_chan After a hunt gone awry Dean is left deaf and depressed, unable to cope with his situation. When he almost kills himself in an attempt to prove himself as a hunter Sam takes a drastic decision and they move to a secluded, out of the way town. Hoping to prove to Dean that he is more than his ability to hunt Sam tries all he can to let Dean help him, something that is not an easy task to accomplish.

Take My Hand and We’ll Make It by akintay post 8x23. It takes three days for the pain to stop and another four before Sam is strong enough to get out of bed. Dean is there to take care of him.

Loose Lips Sink All the Ships by miriad   They should have known that it’d happen, sooner or later. Two men, living together, small town. They were bound to get caught. Except, they hadn’t exactly lied. From the beginning, they had said they were brothers. The Brothers Winchester. It wasn’t Sam’s fault that everyone thought he meant “brothers” or Dean’s fault that everyone assumed it was just some kind of Brokeback Mountain thing

Never Be by rejeneration  Alternative WIAWSNB in which Dean is shocked to find himself living in domestic bliss with Sam (rather than Carmen)

Closing Time by 9091   The boys buy a bar and serve the hunter community. Futurefic, where they grow old together.

Cheese in the Trap - Webtoon vs Kdrama

Okay, I gave up. I read the webtoon. The English translation hasn’t caught up to the latest “season” of it, but already I found very interesting differences.

The webtoon English translation has actually stopped before some events of the drama, but if they are committed to portraying the same characters, some things haven’t been revealed yet, although the “spirit” of the characters remains the same many scenes were cut and might show up in these last episodes… so… maybe spoilers? I will try to be vague. No major plotpoints.

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Twice in the past few weeks I have opened the bathroom door at the exact moment that my boss was about to open the door from the other side, thus scaring both of us.

And that’s the only legitimate way that trans folks are actually frightening in bathrooms.

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I love this blog! The sortings are amazing and insightful and actually got me thinking about a lot of things I never considered before about why people do things and how they do them. I know you think Natasha is a Hufflepuff/Slytherin and Steve is a Gyiffindor/Hufflepuff but what about the other Avengers? Also, I was wondering if you have any sorting head canons for the X-Men movie trilogy. Particularly Charles and Erik. I'm really not sure what they would be.

Thank you! Gosh, we love having opinions about things. This’ll be fun.

Tony is a Slytherin/Gryffindor. If there’s any Ravenclaw, it’s a model. The way he does science and inventing isn’t the logical, clinical, effective mechanisms of a Ravenclaw secondary. He throws himself into it and intuits as much as he studies. It’s an emotive, firecracker sort of achievement— a Gryffindor Secondary’s charge, rather than a Ravenclaw’s steady, purposeful wit. It’s also apparent in his moral and emotional charges—when he finds out about the weapons, about Obadiah, when Pepper is in danger.

This is a man with strong interpersonal loyalties. He latches onto people—Pepper, Obadiah, Rhodey, and arguably his father. Betrayal shatters him. He defines himself (this is not a healthy man) not on what the world thinks of him, but what these specific individuals think of him. 

He does perform a kind mass responsibility toward the larger world (as most superheroes do) that looks a bit more like a “burned” Hufflepuff Primary than a Slytherin. (Burned Puff examples: think Malcolm Reynolds, Natasha Romanoff). But for Tony, this is not about service, about the importance of other people— he is responsible. His name is written on the weapons’ casing. This his fault, his fall, his world, and his responsibility. He steps up to the plate with a kind of possession and arrogance that’s very much suited to the House of power, ambition—and loyalty. 

Tony’s tendency for obsessive individual personal connections, as opposed to group bonding, also suggests a Slytherin rather than a Puff Primary. 

He models Ravenclaw on top of that, which is where a lot of his idealism stems from, and then performs a level of caricatured Slytherin—the irresponsible, selfish, unhealthy douchebaggery he uses to cover up all of his internal anxieties, loves, and wounds. 

Bruce Banner is a “burned” something— a person who has been so traumatized and their worldview so shaken that they have retreated into themselves, at the expense of the things they value and believe. While he stole the show in Avengers, he’s still really hard to Sort because he is so self-controlled and, in many ways, emotionally secretive.

He seems to have a Ravenclaw Secondary, or at least a really loud Ravenclaw model as a coping mechanism. (The Hulk has a Gryffindor Secondary). In terms of Primary, we could see Bruce with pretty much any “burned” Primary but Slytherin. All of them, burned, could lead to the kind of quiet, noble service that Bruce lends himself to. Kat’s leaning toward burned Puff, and I’m tempted by burned Gryffindor. 

Hawkeye, sadly, did not get to be a person in the Avengers movie. I’m so excited to see him fleshed out in Avengers 2. But my gut guess? I think there’s some Ravenclaw in there—probably secondary (“a door opens from both sides”/his general referenced desire to remove himself from situations, hide in the rafters, and gather intel).

And the fact that he didn’t pull the trigger on Natasha—that instinctual empathy and assumed loyalty? I’m guessing Hufflepuff Primary, Ravenclaw Secondary. — but I reserve the right to change my mind post actually reading the Hawkeye comics, or seeing Avengers 2. That hesitation could have easily come from one of the Idealist Houses (Gryffindor & Ravenclaw), or even an empathetic Slytherin who likes bringing home strays.  

Nick Fury shares his primary and secondary Houses with, of all people, Albus Dumbledore: Gryffindor/Slytherin. They have a penchant for making hard calls for the greater good, and a risk of being manipulative, self-satisfied ughs. It is one of the most dangerous, and often most effective, House combos.

A self-certain Gryffindor Primary directs their lives and efforts to an over-arching greater good. They believe in self-sacrifice for the greater good, and are also comfortable being complicit with other peoples’ sacrifices, willing or uninformed. Nick Fury’s Slytherin secondary lends itself to deception and manipulation, but also quick thinking, flexibility, and efficient practicality.

The ruthlessness exemplified by Gryffindor/Slytherins is not a product of the Slytherin Secondary. Slytherin Secondaries are about adaptability and improvization, quick intakes of data and even quicker decision making processes. Ruthlessness comes from the Primary, from a Gryffindor who has looked at a broken world and said this needs fixing, said this is worth fixing, and well you gotta break a few eggs to make an omelette…

Phil “Agent” Coulson is an interesting case. In the MCU movies, he appears to be a Gryffindor/Slytherin in line with Nick, above. He wants to do the right thing. The right thing is SHIELD. And Phil transforms himself between movies in a comfortable, effective way that screams Slytherin Secondary.

But in Agents of SHIELD, after Phil’s death and resurrection, we get something different— and we even have a *SPOILER* reason for why this Phil would be a literally different person after his rebirth. In Agents of SHIELD, he is a Hufflepuff/Gryffindor. He group bonds like nobody’s business, latching onto His Bus and His Team and His… well, Family, more than anything else. When SHIELD falls, he is as shaken to his core as Natasha: “SHIELD wouldn’t,” she whispers, and “We are not agents of nothing!” Phil screams in a snowy meadow, “We are agents of SHIELD and that has to mean something.” 

(Gryffindors Nick Fury and Steve, and Ravenclaw Maria Hill, in contrast, feel betrayed and perhaps guilty for their complicity, not like the foundation of their world has fallen out from under their feet). 

People in AoS canon even bring it up—after Coulson defies a direct order to protect Jemma, one of his own, a superior calls it out of character. He has a Gryffindor Secondary now, as well, charging at things instead of molding to a situation’s needs. It’s perhaps an attempt to reclaim his lost Primary—Coulson knows/remembers who he was, but he isn’t that man anymore—which is why it’s so interesting that S2 Director Coulson (in these first two episodes at least) has been performing as a Gryffindor/Slytherin again (to dear Huffledor Skye’s uncomfortable distaste). 

And for those who want it, our Natasha and Steve thoughts are here. 



Tony Stark, with his possessive loyalties and tendency to “charge” at both inventions and world peace, is a Slytherin Primary, Gryffindor Secondary. 

Bruce is a “burned” anything-but-a-Slytherin with a Ravenclaw secondary. 

Hawkeye didn’t get to be a person in the Avengers movie, but maybe Ravenclaw secondary?

Nick Fury, manipulative for the sake of the greater good, is a Gryffindor/Slytherin. 

Coulson used to be Gryffindor/Slytherin—but after his rebirth (see: TV show Agents of SHIELD), he’s acting like a Hufflepuff/Gryffindor, something even characters in the show have called out. 

Natasha is a “burned” Puff/Slytherin. 

Steve is a Gryffindor/Hufflepuff—does the Right Thing, and does it by building teams and having faith in people. 

P.S. Kat hasn’t seen the X-Men trilogy yet (yes, we’re working on it), and I haven’t seen it in ages, so I’m not going to pursue that Sorting yet. doctorcakeray? Thoughts?

Switching Places (Avengers)

“Talk to me, doctor.” Fury said to Selvig. “Director.” Selvig said. “Is there anything we know for certain?” Fury asked. “Tesseract is misbehaving.” Selvig told him and smiled. “Is that supposed to be funny?” Fury asked.

No, it’s not funny at all. The Tesseract is not only active she’s…misbehaving.“ Selvig said. “How soon until you pull the plug?” Fury asked.

“She’s an energy source. If we turn off the power, she turns it back on. If she reaches peak level-”

“We’ve prepared for this, doctor. Harnessing energy from space.” Fury said. “We don’t have the harness. Our calculations are far from complete. Now she’s throwing off interference, radiation. Nothing harmful, low levels of gamma radiation.” Selvig explained.

“That can be harmful. Where’s Barton?” Fury asked. “The Hawk? Up in her nest, as usual.” Selvig scoffed. You snorted. “Agent Barton, report.” Fury called you in.

You walked down from the catwalk and up to Fury. “I gave you this detail so you could keep a close eye on things.” Fury told you. “Well, I see better from a distance.” You told him.

“Are you seeing anything that might set this thing off?” Fury asked you. “No one’s come or gone. It’s oven is clean. No contacts, no I.M.’s. If there was any tampering, sir, it wasn’t at this end.” You told him.

“At this end?” He asked you. “Yeah, the cube is a doorway to the other end of space, right? The doors open from both sides.” You told him.

Suddenly- the Tesseract thundered and shook the entire facility. The flaring rings and glow of the cube spouted out brighter and louder. The Tesseract’s energy built up into a beam, which hit at the end of the platform.

The great maelstrom beam FIRES the Tesseract energy. The beam then formed a vortex, which then opened up a portal.

Shield guards slowly approached, weapons in hands. A figure was kneeling on the platform, smoke coming off it. He raised his head and had a mischievous smile.

He looked deep into the eyes of Fury, Selvig and you. He stood up, holding a the scepter. “Sir, please put down the spear!” Fury said. The man looked down at his spear and suddenly pointed it where you and Fury stood, then shot out a blue exploding light towards you. You tackled Fury down and the shot barely missed you.

Machine gun fire are shot at him, but the bullets bounce off him. He jumps high from the platform and attacked those firing at him. In the blink of an eye, he took down several guards with his knives and energy blasts from the scepter.

He stopped and waited to see who will attack him next. You then tried to stand up, he then quickly walked towards you. You raised your gun but he grabbed your hand.

“You have heart.” He said, then pointed the head of the scepter at your head. Your eyes suddenly turned black. You mind was now his.

You then put your gun away and standard upstraight. “Please don’t. I still need that.” He told Fury. “This doesn’t have to get any messier.” Fury told him.

“Of course it does. I’ve come too far for anything else. I am Loki of Asgard, and I am burdened with glorious purpose.” Loki said. “Loki? Brother of Thor?” Selvig said, standing up.

“We have no quarrel with your people.” Fury told him. “An ant has no quarrel with a boot.” Loki said. “You planning to step on us?” Fury asked him. “I come with glad tidings, of a world made free.” Loki said.

“Free from what?” Fury asked. “Freedom. Freedom is life’s greatest lie. Once you accept that in your heart…” Loki then turned to face Selvig and placed the scepter against his heart.

“You will know peace.” Loki finished then Selvig’s eyes turned black. “Yeah, you say peace, I kind of think you mean the other thing.” Fury said. The Tesseract’s energy cloud rapidly built into an implosion.

“Sir, Director Fury is stalling. This place is about to blow. Drop a hundred feet of rock on us. He means to bury us.” You told Loki.

“Like The Pharaohs of Odin.” Fury said. “She’s right.” Selvig said. “Of course I’m right.” You scoffed at him. “The portal is collapsing in on itself. You got maybe two minutes before this goes critical.” Selvig finished.

“Well, then…” Loki said then looked at you. Then without hesitation, you shot Fury and he fell on the ground. You then grabbed the case containing the Tesseract and left the building with Loki, Selvig, and a few guards.

“Need these vehicles.” You told Hill as you entered the parking garage. “Who’s that?” She asked, referring to Loki. “He didn’t tell me.” You said then all of you got into the trunk.

The guard drove out of the facility and went to a secure location, where Loki could begin his plans.


“Clint, Y/N’s been compromised.” Coulson said over the phone. “On my way.” Clint said and ran outside into his car and drove off to the location Coulson sent on his phone.


“She’s heading to the detention level. Does anyone copy?” Fury asked. “I do.” Clint said, then ran to find his sister. When they found each other, you punched his gut and wrapped your legs around his neck and pulled him down to the ground.

He got out of the lock and set out to punch you, but you grabbed his arm, got off the ground and kicked his face. He fell down and you began to walk.

He got up and ran towards you, using the butt of his gun to knock you out. “She’s down.” Clint said, out of breathe and sat down.


“What happened?” You asked as you woke up. You were handcuffed to the bed. “You went dark side.” Tony told you. You then kicked his gut and he grunted out in pain. “You were mind controlled, by a God.” Clint said. 

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Prompt: Teenlock. Sherlock and Molly meet for the first time in detention.

I’m currently doing the prompts a little random, doing the ones I have some kind of idea for, waiting with the others till I get some kind of thought into my head about how I want them to play out, anyways, this is kind of cute I think, and I love Molly when she’s spectacularly saucy XD Also there’s a gif i’ve seen that matches the kiss!!

External image
Anyways, please enjoy :D

Molly was never one to speak up in class, only when asked a question, or when her hand was voluntarily raised, but when Anderson had uttered the rudest comment to one of the other girls; she hadn’t been able to stop herself. ‘Seriously is your ass jealous of the shit that comes out of your mouth?’ She slapped her hands to her mouth as soon as the words had left her mouth.

Everyone was looking at her, and she wished she could just disappear into a hole. When the teacher told her off and gave her a detention, Molly got annoyed, after all she had only snapped because someone else was being treated unfairly, but Mrs. Donovan had apparently chosen to ignore that fact, and as Molly walked towards the classroom where detention was held, she saw Anderson smirking at her.

She was muttering angrily to herself as she walked through the door, there was only one other person in the room, she’d never talked to him, but she’d heard other discussing him, apparently he was rude, arrogant, and uncaring, she sat down as far from him as possible, staring at the hands in her lap with a disgruntled look on her face.

There was a chuckle; Molly ignored it, as Mrs. Donovan walked through the door, Molly sighed, it was just her luck that the teacher, who sent her here, was the one keeping an eye on them today. ‘You may take out any homework you have, i’ve been called to a meeting, but i’ll be locking the door,’ she announced sternly, before leaving the room almost as quickly as she had entered it.

Molly watched as the other occupant of the room swung his long lanky legs over the table, and positioned his arms behind his head in a comfortable position. Molly was curious as to why he was here, but after what she’d heard about him, she thought he just might be in detention very often.

She placed her head on the table, using her arms as a pillow, and closed her eyes. It didn’t take long before she felt a pair of eyes staring at her intently. She furrowed her brow and pressed her lids tight, she was feeling uncomfortable, knowing someone was gazing at her.

Finally she had enough and snapped her eyes open, glaring intently on the irritating boy, ‘stop looking at me, ‘she barked, she shifted her gaze from him and started staring out the window, there was another chuckle, she ignored it, arms crossing in frustration.

She heard the scraping of a chair and then footsteps trailing towards her, she chose to turn her attention to her schoolbag, she picked out her copy of Harry Potter, and slowly turned the page to the chapter she had reached.

A scoff, ‘that’s a silly book, nothing even remotely interesting about it,’ he gave his unwanted opinion. ‘If you criticise someone for liking something you don’t, it doesn’t make them stop liking it. They’ll stop liking you. Fortunately, I never liked you to start with, but you can keep you condescending attitude to yourself anyways,’ she answered promptly, not bothering to look at him.

Silence, he wasn’t moving away from her as she’d hoped, but at least he wasn’t sharing his opinions anymore either, which Molly was very much thankful for. He was watching her again though, and she let out an exasperated puff of air.

‘You seem intelligent enough, but you dress in childish clothes, read stupid fictional books, and you seem to have absolutely no spine, the only reason you’re here is because you snapped. Your brain might be close to the proximity of mine, but I could never call such a mouse my equal,’ his words were poison.

Molly got out of her chair, she felt rage running through her body, encircling her entire being, who the hell was he to ever be so condescending towards her, he didn’t know her, he had no idea who she was, or what she had to go through on a daily basis, she snapped again as he had called it, and her palm collided with his face.

His eyes went wide, obviously surprised to see her fighting back, she raised her hand again, ready to strike, but he grabbed it, and they ended in a staring match. Her breath was ragged with anger, and she gave him her most evil glare, she couldn’t ignore it though, the warmth that spread throughout her body, starting at his touch on her wrist.

She didn’t know how they got there, but suddenly she was pressed to the wall, caught between it and Sherlock’s firm body, his hot lips on hers, his hand no longer on her wrist, but both of them placed on her hips as he held her with an almost bruising force.

The kiss ended when the apparent need for air made itself known, they were both out of breath, but not from anger anymore, they were once again lost in each others eyes. When they were interrupted by the door opening, Sherlock removed himself from her side, and they both went to the tables they had previously occupied.

When the hour was up Molly stood and gathered her things, she wished to leave as fast as possible, the kiss had been a mistake obviously, or he wouldn’t have stepped away so abruptly. She had only just gotten through the door when she felt fingers intertwining with hers, she looked to her side, Sherlock didn’t meet her eyes, but simply led her through the doors, and out of the school.

‘I should probably say that I am an impossible man, I do not much care for sentiment, but I find you to be a suitable partner, so if you can live with the fact that I might very well hurt you with unsentimental deductions, and the fact that I might not talk or respond to you for days, then I would very much like to enter into a relationship with you Molly Hooper,’ he was clinical and frank in his question.

Molly couldn’t help but giggle, so stoic and important, she thought of all the fun she could have trying to make him uncomfortable with domestic girlfriend/boyfriend behaviour, and found that she simply couldn’t deny him, so she stopped him and raised herself on her toes to give him a quick peck on the lips, before leaving a quite horrified Sherlock, to go home, possibly telling her mother about a very strange boy.