doors of perc

Leia - Closed with babybat-wings

Person A undergoing physical/mental torture that essentially leaves them broken and as the shell of the person they once were before. Person B saves them and cares for them, doing everything/anything in their power to bring some—any—semblance of their old self back. The day Person A cracks a smile, Person B nearly has a breakdown.

Nico had been busy today. Leo had spoken briefly to him, an absent desire over gelato, one of Nico’s favorite treats. He’d been helter-skelter ever since, scrambling to make it for him in as many flavors as he could, and now he was walking home, Percy helping to carry his burden. “Uh… Good luck,” Percy says with a small smile, lowering the container in the floor outside Nico’s apartment. Nico nods, distracted.

“Yeah… Thanks,” He murmurs, focused on unlocking his door. “Bye Perce,” He says, before entering and closing the door, gelato in hand.

“Leo?” He doesn’t get a response - he wasn’t expecting one. Nico puts away the frozen desert, and gently knocked on the door.

Nothing was singed. That that was wonderful, better progress than he was hoping for. “Leo, I brought gelato.” He told the sitting teenager, wrapped in a soft blanket. The sheets were fresh - Looks like Piper or Jason had stopped by. Nico kneels on the bed. “I brought dulce de leche - you like that, right?”