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Green Eyes and Past Tense

Annabeth walked through the halls toward the auditorium of Goode High School, almost shaking with nervous excitement. She hadn’t been back here in years. She already knew from (admittedly too much) Facebook stalking that she was one of the more successful people coming back 10 years later. She wasn’t really worried of how people would react to her high place in one of Manhattan’s most prestigious architecture firms as she walked through the auditorium doors. God, it felt just like yesterday she’d walked through these very same doors for freshman orientation. That had been a wild day, ending with a boy with black hair and green eyes, the most beautiful green eyes, pulling the fire alarm as a dare. Annabeth had seen him, and being the goody-goody she was, threatened to tell the teachers. Those gorgeous green eyes had won her over, and from that moment on, she was his accomplice. His name was Percy. Percy Jackson. Truthfully, he was a really good kid, and he never pulled stupid pranks like that. That was his exception, he had said. He was trying to impress the cute blonde girl with a serious RBF. 

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Frank and Percy Moment

imagine percy had a nightmare about whatever and frank hears him first and he runs to his room rly quick and helps him out and hugs him and percy is super fragile and then frank is like “it’s okay if you wanna cry. you don’t have to be strong all the time” and percy freaking cries on frank’s shirt and he helps him feel better and talks with him and they go to the mess hall and get hot chocolate or something frick don’t even touch me okay

Frank jerked awake to a scream next door. He groggily sat up and rubbed his eyes. His upper body swayed back and forth with exhaustion. He leaned back again and fluffed his pillow with his eyes already half shut. ‘It was probably just something on the upper deck.’ He thought sleepily…

But it was when he heard it again, it really startled him. Frank’s eyes flew open and he threw his blankets off his lower half with only one thought on his mind.
‘Gotta help Percy.’
Frank jogged the short way down the hall and immediately opened Percy’s door without knocking. “Perce?”
With the moonlight streaming behind the figure slumped forward on the bed Frank saw it was definitely Percy. Frank honed in all around the room with a pair of- what were those? Wolf eyes? Yeah sure.
There wasn’t any threat in the room, so what was wrong?

Frank cautiously walked over the bed. “Hey, Percy?” The boy on the bed jumped at the voice, but quickly recovered.
“Wha- oh, hey Frank.” He whispered back.
“Uh, are you okay?” He asked. ‘God, this was just Percy, stop being awkward Frank. He wasn’t going just to go off on you.’
“Not really,” Percy mumbled.
Frank sat on the edge on the bed. “When I had nightmares and my mom was still around she would come into my room and force me to talk about it. No-Not that I’m going to force you to. I’m just- What I’m trying to say is it always made me feel better to talk about it with someone. Or not even to anyone. Just repeating, even in empty air, what happened in your dream while you’re in the real world. It makes the scariness go away. So I guess if you want to i could leave and-”
“No, I don’t want to be alone.” Percy murmured.
“It was just about, uh, like everything that’s going to happen with Gaea. She basically made a promise to me that she didn’t keep and she took everyone I love and want to protect-.”His voice cracked and he rubbed his eyes before he could continue. “And she just took you all and tortured you in front of me and I just can’t get the voices and the screams out of my head. I couldn’t do anything to save you.” He muttered hoarsely.
“Everyone I ever loved, past and present just killed in new and different ways. My mom and stepdad, Poseidon, Grover, and Beckendorf and Selena, and Clarisse, Bianca, Castor, Calypso, Rachel, Zoë. And every single one of you guys.”
Percy laid his head in his hands and his back shook with sobs he obviously holding in. Frank took a deep breath and scooted closer. He laid a hand on Percy’s back. “It’s okay if you cry Perce. You don’t have to be strong all the time. And it sure as hell doesn’t make you any less of a man.”
Percy looked up at Frank with glassy eyes and in no time tears streamed freely down his cheeks. Along with racking sobbed and choked breaths.
“Sometimes I don’t know how we do it. All the running and hiding and fighting. Gods I just want to be a normal kid who focuses on sports and ge-getting into a nice college and having a girlfriend and we just can’t do t-that.”
By this time Percy and Frank were in a (no homo) bear hug. Good thing Frank didn’t spontaneously turn into an actual bear because that might be unfortunate.
It was actually really uncomfortable to be basically holding this ticking time bomb, a boy who could change the world with a snap of his fingers and one word said, completely together.
“Hey, hey. How about instead of sitting in the dark we go to the mess hall and I’ll make some hot chocolate?” Frank asked.
“Will there be blue hot chocolate?” Percy asked softly.
“Of course. I’m sure that Annabeth made Leo stock up on blue hot chocolate just for you.”

headcanon by beckendorph and don’t ask why I didn’t have anyone else hear Percy because I wanted this to be a frankandpercy moment not everyone fussing over their rock being broken:) thanks and don’t forget to send in you requests to my ask box!

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Okay, so we see all these times when Terry just -- drops everything to help Jon out and it's amazing. Does Jon ever drop everything and rush off to help Terry?

It’s a semiannual thing.

The first time it happened, in spring of ‘43, Abby stood in Jon’s doorway, hugging herself and watching him shove athleticwear into a bag. Percy turned in anxious circles just behind her, picking up on the mood. “I booked the flight,” she said. “You should touch down in Gotham before ten.”

“Thanks.” He slammed a drawer shut. Muttered under his breath, “Fucking moron.”

“You mean Terry?” she said, crouching down to rub Percy’s ears.

“That slinky bitch nearly killed him last time, and the idiot thinks he’s going after her alone.”


He swiped shoes out of the bottom of his closet and threw them in too. “She has a stupid stage name, and she spells it like a pretentious douche.”

Abby knew deliberate non-answers when she heard them, and she dug no deeper. “Please be careful.”

He yanked the zipper closed. “I am going to very carefully punch her in the throat.”

“Maybe shoot her instead,” Mom suggested, leaning her head in.

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Leia - Closed with babybat-wings

Person A undergoing physical/mental torture that essentially leaves them broken and as the shell of the person they once were before. Person B saves them and cares for them, doing everything/anything in their power to bring some—any—semblance of their old self back. The day Person A cracks a smile, Person B nearly has a breakdown.

Nico had been busy today. Leo had spoken briefly to him, an absent desire over gelato, one of Nico’s favorite treats. He’d been helter-skelter ever since, scrambling to make it for him in as many flavors as he could, and now he was walking home, Percy helping to carry his burden. “Uh… Good luck,” Percy says with a small smile, lowering the container in the floor outside Nico’s apartment. Nico nods, distracted.

“Yeah… Thanks,” He murmurs, focused on unlocking his door. “Bye Perce,” He says, before entering and closing the door, gelato in hand.

“Leo?” He doesn’t get a response - he wasn’t expecting one. Nico puts away the frozen desert, and gently knocked on the door.

Nothing was singed. That that was wonderful, better progress than he was hoping for. “Leo, I brought gelato.” He told the sitting teenager, wrapped in a soft blanket. The sheets were fresh - Looks like Piper or Jason had stopped by. Nico kneels on the bed. “I brought dulce de leche - you like that, right?”