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Interrupted : Joe Sugg Smut

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“Oh my god, I frickin love this one!” Zoe said excitedly as Harry Potter and the goblet of fire began to play on the TV.

You and your boyfriend Joe were staying with Zoe and Alfie for a few nights at their house. It had been a while since you had seen them so it was quite nice to catch up and spend some time with them.

However, Alfie was out late with Sean and Dave as they were working on a van, turning it into a campervan or something. So you and Zoe had decided to have a girly night and watch some films, of course you both had popped out to M&S beforehand to get some snacks. Joe left you both to it as he had some editing to do, so Zoe had run him a bath and he was upstairs editing in the spare room – where you and Joe were staying.

“I always found this one really scary though.” You said to Zoe, pulling the blanket closer to your body.

“Yeah, if you think about it these films are actually quite scary.” Zoe pointed out.

“I mean… If I get scared watching them then I can imagine lots of other people do.”

Time went by as you and Zoe watched the film. Nala was asleep next to Zoe on the sofa and Alfie still wasn’t back yet. You checked the time.

“How is it half 11 already?” You said, not quite believing how fast the time has gone.

When there was no reply, you looked over at Zoe to find her fast asleep on the sofa. Typical.

You watched about 15 minutes more of the Harry Potter film before your phone buzzed. It was Joe.

‘What you doing? X’

You didn’t reply, the film was almost over so you would go up and see him soon. About 2 minutes later your phone buzzed again.

‘Y/N xx’

Joe hardly ever put kisses in texts unless he was missing you or in a loving mood.


‘Come to bed x’

This made you smile. You were feeling quite tired and would love nothing more right now than to go and see your boyfriend. The film was almost over so you decided to head up. You thought about waking Zoe, but decided against it as she’d probably wake up soon or Alfie will wake her when he gets home.

You folded the blanket you were using and placed it on the edge of the sofa. You silently walked out of the living and through the kitchen. You got up the first flight of stairs and opened the door to the spare room, revealing a half naked Joe in his boxers laying beside his laptop on the bed.

“Finally!” He smiled up at you, placing his laptop on the floor and stretching his arms out to you.

“How’s editing going?” You asked, shutting the door and moving over to him.

“Fine, but I missed you.” He pouted and pulled you by your wrists so you got onto the bed next to him.

“Aw babe. I missed you.” You replied, even though you were only apart for 2 hours or so and you were just downstairs.

He wrapped his arms around your shoulders and pulled you into his body, you wrapped your arms around his exposed waist.

“Joe!” You laughed when you felt something hard poke into your leg.

“I know, I really need you right now.” He told you truthfully.

“Well we’re in your sisters house so I don’t think so babe.” You laughed, getting up off the bed and into the en suite bathroom to brush your teeth.

“Fuck sake.” You heard Joe sigh as you walked away from him.

However, when you were almost done brushing your teeth you heard a light moan. Was he really doing this right now?

“Y/N.” You heard your boyfriend moan out. Even though you had just told him you wouldn’t do this with him here, you couldn’t help but feel very aroused at the thought of Joe touching himself to the thought of you.

You walked back into the bedroom and switched off the bathroom light. Joe was sat up, leaning against the head board with a hand wrapped around himself. His boxers were now on the floor. Even though this was the last situation that you would like to be in, you couldn’t deny that the sight in front of you made you weak at the knees. Joe’s eyes were drooping from the pleasure he was giving himself. His eyes never left you as he pumped his length at a steady pace.

“Please.” He whimpered.

That was all it took for you slip off your pyjamas and leave them on the floor at the end of the bed. Joe watched you the whole time you were getting undressed, and when you were finally fully naked, he picked up the pace of his hand movements.

“Can you honestly not wait?” You laughed, climbing onto the bed once again.

“I’m so fucking horny.” He groaned, finally moving from his position so that he could lean forward and press his lips against yours.

Lips still attached, Joe flipped you around so now your back was against the mattress and he was hovering over your exposed body.

Your hands went to Joe’s chest, feeling up and down his toned stomach. This was one of your favourite things about Joe – his abs were so defined and you loved it. One of his hands went next to your head to hold himself up, and the other went to the head board of the bed.

You broke the kiss and stared up at Joe with a smirk. He sent you a confused look.

“What?” He asked.

“I just really love you.”

“Well, Y/N, I love you so much more,” He smiled, kissing you again. “But we’ve got to be quiet.”

Without warning, Joe pushed himself into you. You had to hold yourself back from letting out a moan. You were so used to having sex with Joe at home and making as much nose as you wanted, when you had sex somewhere like this you always struggled to keep quiet.

It’s because Joe knew exactly how to make you feel good. Considering you’ve been together for around 2 years now, Joe knew your body. He loved to make you shake so hard when you cum and to scream out his name. Sex with him was always and intense and you loved it.

He rocked in and out of you, each thrust getting harder. The feeling of Joe’s bare skin on your own was such an intimate feeling which is why you were on the pill. It was such a nice feeling to have Joe completely inside you without a condom, it made the pleasure even more enjoyable and it made you feel closer to him.

“Babyyyy…” Joe moaned into your shoulder before nipping at the bare skin.

You took Joe’s hand that was holding onto on the head board and laced your fingers together. He gave your hand a squeezed and let out a gentle moan, trying his hardest not to make too much noise. Joe’s moans were the most angelic thing you’ve ever heard and you would do anything right now to hear his moans and groans echo throughout the room.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door, making Joe stop his actions immediately. When the handle went down, he pulled out of you as quickly as he could and pulled the covers over you both, making it look casual. Thankfully, he was quick enough.

“Y/N?” Zoe opened up the door as she rubbed her tired eyes. “I can’t believe I fell asleep on the sofa!”

“I know! I mean… can’t say I was surprised!” You laughed.

You could hear Joe panting next to you, trying to catch his breath. His cheeks were red but Zoe didn’t suspect anything.

“We’ll have to have another girly night again soon, and I promise I won’t fall asleep.”

“Ok,  Zoe, I’ll believe it when I see it.” You laughed.

“I won’t!” She defended.

“Is Alfie still not back?” You asked.

“No, I’m think I’m going to ring him in a minute though. What are they doing? Surely they can’t get much done in the dark.” As Zoe spoke, you felt Joe’s hand trail up your thigh.

You didn’t think anything of it until he kept on getting closer and closer to your centre.

“Yeah, he’ll probably be back soon though.” You said to Zoe.

Joe’s fingers went to your clit, gently rubbing his fingertips against the sensitive area. You sucked in a breath, feeling uncomfortable with the situation but also still very horny.

“How many days has he been doing it for?” Joe piped up. You squeezed the duvet in your hand as Joe slid his middle finger into you.

“This is the third, I think they’re planning on finishing it on Saturday.” Zoe told her brother and he nodded.

“It’s quite cool that they’re doing this though,” He replied, sliding his finger in and out of you as you bit your bottom lip, trying your absolute hardest to refrain from moaning.

“I think it’s amazing! I can’t wait to see what it looks like when they’ve finished it,” Zoe said. “Well, I’m going to bed now so night you two.”

“Night, Zo.” Joe said, using her nickname.

“G-goodnight.” You literally almost face palmed yourself as you stuttered over your words.

“You alright Y/N?” As Zoe asked this, Joe added another finger.

“I’m fine.” You quickly said as Joe finger fucked you.

“Ok,” Zoe sent you an odd look. “Night!”

“I fucking hate you, Sugg.” You said to Joe as soon as Zoe shut the door.

“You hate me?” He repeated. “Looks like you don’t want me to finish you off then.”

Joe’s fingers left you and you whined at the loss of contact.

“Shut up and fuck me.” You groaned.

“Of course, m’lady.” Joe chuckled, hovering over you and finishing you both off.


This was one of my favorite scenes from Undertale, so since I’m in a creative slump, I decided to rip the dialogue straight from the game and make a comic out of it to get back into an art groove. There are spoilers.

anthropomorphic font talks to door.jpg

This game both saved and ruined my life. But it’s still the best game I ever played.

Idk how to feel abt this drawing, I wasn’t going to post it since I was just trying new brushes but.. eh //shrugs// 

999 Kanny is the best Kanny.png

Image caption: - Do you ever get enough sleep?
- Spilling? Where to am I spilling out?*

Pun: Высыпаться - to have enough sleep, from спать - to sleep;
Высыпаться - to spill out, to pour, from сыпать - to spill, to pour.

It’s a pure accident that these two verbs look alike in the imperfective aspect, but this makes the joke even funnier :)

ML Fluff Month Day 1 - Blush

Rated: T
Pairing: Adrinette

For: @miraculousfluffmonth


Day 2 

Adrien loved making his girlfriend blush. With Marinette being Ladybug, it meant that she was always particular about everything. She never failed to notice subtle details in every aspect of her life. This also meant she always noticed when Adrien did basic, normal couple clichés like put a heart next to her name in his phone or gaze at her with a smile when he thought she wasn’t looking.  Both times he was met with a slight ting of pink on her cheeks. It wasn’t hard for him to realize she noticed with a dead giveaway like that. Whenever he did small tasks for her, her face would heat up slightly and she’d pretend like she wasn’t completely flattered by the actions.

Oh, but, he had her all figured out now. And he was going to flatter her until the ends of time if it meant he could see that cute face she made when she was embarrassed.

Adrien peaked around the corner as Marinette opened her locker while chatting to Alya. When the door opened, an envelope wrapped in ribbons fell to the floor, and flowers poked out from on top of her books. She gaped as she stared at the display.

Alya snorted. “Monsieur Agreste has no trouble spoiling you, does he?”

After hearing Alya’s words, Marinette snapped out of whatever trance she was in and bent down to pick up the card. She slipped the ribbon off the card and flipped it open.  With her eyes widening and face flushing, Marinette whipped the card closed before Alya could read it. Her friend leaned over her shoulder and cooed with wonder about the contents of the note.

Marinette glanced around and turned her head, catching his eye. He smirked and gave a cheeky wave as she gaped at him. The rosy color on her cheeks was definitely enough to satisfy him.  He slipped away before she could approach him. He had no problem taking the beating later as Chat Noir (which he did.) Making her feel special was worth every bit of it.

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Anna: “I don’t even know what love is.” This is the most complicated, broken, and profound line in the entire movie that was said by an equally complicated, broken, and profound character. Wait, What?

I know people will most likely agree or notice that Elsa is more glorified and magnified than Anna. Elsa is widely celebrated that she has become a whole franchise on her own singlehandedly. In Disney stores and in other stores carrying the “Frozen” merchandise, I notice that everything with Elsa’s face in it are always sold out whereas Anna’s…you can see that there are always a lot floating around. That she’s only just a spare. If a kid asks for Elsa, and her dolls are out of stock, she settles for Anna. Anna, the princess, not the Queen. Anna, the klutz, not the elegant and graceful character. Anna, the underrated character in her own movie.

What’s my point here? I’m not talking about sales statistics. I’m merely stating the obvious. We see more of  Elsa’s story get more notes and analyses here on Tumblr. She’s this utterly gorgeous muse with a tragic backstory that makes her so complicated and so enigmatic. She’s the one with the anthemic song with the sexy hips and gorgeous ice dress. She has ice powers, which make her so disarmingly hotter, and way more interesting that Anna, the younger sister who’s unashamedly ordinary compared to her sister.

I’m not trying to push Elsa off the pedestal and make Anna outshine her; wrong. That’s just how it is. Anna is underrated and there’s no denying that. But it makes me quite sad when I see people write about how Anna is just this naïve, gullible, and shallow character who fulfilled Disney’s aesthetics by being the typical princess who is love-starved and seeks romance as her main goal throughout the movie; to find a prince, kiss, and live happily ever after. Anna fulfilled that, yes. There was Kristoff, the kiss, and happily ever after. But that all came with a price. But she’s more than that. Way more than that.

“I don’t even know what love is.” My focus is this line because there are so many layers to it. 

Let’s tackle the question with some hypothetical questions and some counter statements that I also thought about, shall we?

1. Anna knows what love is. It’s not like she was locked away like Elsa was. She had her mom and dad. So if anything, Elsa should be the one who would be fitting to say that.

Yes, Anna had more contact with her mom and dad and I’m sure they compensated for Elsa’s absence by being there for her. Anna was free to hug her parents. She was free to play with her mom and dad. They had a good relationship for the most part. Anna loved them and they loved Anna. But honestly, if my sister just stopped talking to me and my parents wouldn’t give me an actual answer as to why, I’d feel pretty devastated.

I’d feel hated by my own sister. I don’t know how much (or if at all) it was emphasized by her parents that Elsa didn’t hate her whenever she asked why Elsa won’t see her anymore, but it still doesn’t excuse the fact that they kept her in the dark. Anna was betrayed from the very beginning by her own parents. All these doors. All these excuses. All these unanswered questions. It was unfair. Although her parents meant well, I’m pretty sure Anna had already formed conflicting thoughts about the concept of what love is. Why is Elsa gone? Why won’t Mama and Papa tell me? Don’t they trust me?

2. If Anna is so desperate for love and the company of people, why didn’t she go with her parents on that ship? That could’ve been her chance to explore the world. Heck, she also has a choice of leaving the castle. It’s not like Elsa told her to be locked in, too. 

I’ve seen someone write about this, but I’ve reblogged it a long time ago so I can’t really find it right now. It’s interesting how Anna stayed behind when she could’ve gone with her parents. She was fifteen years old and during that time period, hell yeah, she’s pretty darn legal. People got married even before fifteen. She didn’t need to go with her parents. She had a choice. And her choice was to stay.

Why? Okay, so Mama and Papa will be gone for two weeks. TWO WEEKS. That’s enough time for me to convince Elsa to come out of her room. Hopefully. I’ll even camp out by her door! I’ll bribe her with chocolates! Wait, what? It’s been way too long. I’ll use this time to come up with a plan to make her talk to me without Mama and Papa telling me not to go near her door. Elsa doesn’t hate me. I think. I mean, she’s my sister! Maybe, even for just a few days, Elsa and I can finally have some time for ourselves without anyone telling me not to bother her. I need to stay behind. I need to talk to her. Joan doesn’t say much. I miss Elsa. 

I think that’s how it went down in Anna’s mind. Or close to it. I mean, if she went on that ship, she would’ve died and uhh…there will be no movie. But two weeks became forever. And the door remained shut for another three years although the plan to have it opened did not waver.

She never opened those gates and left Elsa alone because where Elsa is, there she will be, too. Who will embrace Elsa with open arms when she finally opens that door? Anna won’t miss it for the world. 

I think this is the part where Anna’s faith in her sister wavered. God, she was so excited, so nervous, and so desperate to keep her sister’s attention. She standing so close next to Elsa. And Elsa is finally talking to her. They had, max, three minutes of screen time together. Three minutes or so of finally reconnecting. But Elsa and her own version of unconditional love for Anna, pushes her away once again and breaks her own heart again in the process.  Everything was going well….what did I ever do to her?

It’s just so absolutely brilliant how Hans comes in the picture a second after this scene to catch her as she tripped and about to fall. As if he was the one who will save her metaphorically. Hans, who echoes Anna’s pain (or pretends to) captures Anna’s heart immediately. He talks to her, makes her feel important, he…TALKS to her. It wasn’t a painting. It wasn’t her face against a door talking to a voiceless human being that was inside that room somewhere. It was someone finally talking to her and listening to her. Anna could not just let this pass. At this rate, Anna just wanted out. Marriage, whatever it may be, she needed an out. Not necessarily to leave Elsa because she did offer that Hans and her brothers live in their castle. But just…an escape from this gaping hole she was left with in so long. So much void. So much loneliness. Yeah, Anna was pretty naive to just say “YES” to marriage after four minutes of having a duet with a complete stranger. How gullible. But really, how much more loneliness and rejection can a person stomach? She saw an opportunity and took it. She wanted an out.  She wanted to be loved. And that’s perfectly human nature. Maybe this is her chance. Anna has been questioning what love is since that day that door slammed shut on her face. Maybe Hans will prove her wrong. He did, in the most sadistic and unexpected way.

“I don’t even know what love is.”

This is the face of complete defeat. Elsa throws her out of her ice palace after literally getting a near death experience and trekking that mountain for days. She dropped everything for Elsa just to be rejected again. Elsa physically built a monster to throw her out. Seriously, that blows more than anything even though we all know Elsa means well. And then, Hans betrays her. She’s dying and she doesn’t know what love is. She really doesn’t. She has this epiphany and realization that maybe she was just an idiot all this time. Anna, here, is convinced that whatever image of love she has in her mind is nothing more but demented wishful thinking and lies. Her parents kept secrets from her and allowed her relationship with her sister to fester. Plus, they leave her, too. They died with those secrets and those hugs Anna had looked forward to everyday growing up and wishing Elsa can hug her, too. Her own sister who was her best friend and someone she looks up to suddenly stopped being there for her unannounced; kicks her out after she goes on this suicide mission to find her, and accidentally freezes her heart. The one person that she confided in and trusted with her heart leaves her for dead after telling her she was a rebound because “no one was getting anywhere with Queen Elsa” that’s why he picked her. All of this seem to be undermined because of Anna’s radiant personality. But did anyone really actually consider that it may have been a fascade to mask the fact that she’s been crapped on all her life and everyday she wishes someone can make all of that stop?

So yeah, don’t tell me that Anna is shallow.

Anna screams “NO!” and blocks Hans’ sword from killing Elsa. By the time this happens, it’s already been established that Anna thinks Elsa doesn’t want to see her again. STILL, she literally defies that. NO, I will not let you touch my sister. YES, it’s probably true that she doesn’t love me enough or trust me enough to make it work, ice powers and all, BUT I will not let you kill her. This is not how it’s going to end. YES, I may have given up on trying to mend our relationship, but I CHOOSE HER. I may not know what love is, I may not know how it feels like to be loved. BUT I KNOW HOW TO LOVE. AND I LOVE MY SISTER. I CHOOSE HER OVER MY LIFE EVEN THOUGH IT MEANS I MAY NEVER SEE HER AGAIN. 

Guys, Anna died loving Elsa. Anna died forgiving Elsa completely…but she died not really and truly grasping how much Elsa loves her. She died thrown out, rejected, and betrayed.

Anna does not exist to fulfill Disney’s aesthetics to maintain a certain standard of being a Disney princess and a damsel in distress. Anna is none of that. Whatever happy ending she got, she deserves it, in all of its cliche and cheesiness. She has suffered just as much. She has cried just as much. And she deserves happiness and love just as much. She’s been a complicated character since her first screen time and for the next to follow. Sure, she made some really stupid mistakes. But that’s what makes her so relatable and so scarily human. Anna is the epitome of stubborn love. And that’s what makes her so beautiful. 

I love my lynx point siamese but she likes to sit in the hallway and scream into the void. She’ll do this nonstop for an hour.

Blame someone else…

Like… blame @feelmyroarrrr for my sudden feelings about the Winchester boys.

And blame @starshiphufflebadger for my overwhelming smittenness with Officer Haught. And then blame @outside-the-government for the absolute sin I want to get up to with Doc Holliday.

The Lost Queen

Member: TaeYong // NCT

Genre: Angst, Romance, Royalty!AU, a bit of Gothic elements, I guess

A/N: Let me just quickly thank our Lorde and saviour for inspiring me to write this one, as well as the movie Dracula since it was the movie in which I heard this song being used(trailer anyway). Amen.

P.S. I hate this so much because damn it Cathy, you butchered a scenario again…

Words: 2.3k

The darkness in one’s heart had, is, and always will be that of the thicket colour, richest of coals and scariest of places to visit. The dark heart of a queen serving another country might as well be a whole another realm of darkness, so scary and lonely and murderous- you’d almost think there was no one to make that dark place bright again.

But there was. An insignificant little light in the castle made of blood and bones, where the dark queen sat atop a throne made of same materials. A light that would not go out- no, could not go out- under any circumstances.

The darkness that perished and the light that prevailed in the crumbling castle of death will await the two at the end of their journey.

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Losing Oneself➥Damon Salvatore

Originally posted by the-vampire-diaries-gif

Pairing: Damon x Reader.

Characters: Damon, Y/n, Elena, Stefan.

Fandom: The Vampire Diaries.

Summary: Y/n goes missing. Damon finds her in a bad state and takes changes y/n. Y/n doesn’t take it too well and can’t really control her blood lust.

Based on a wattpad request.

WARNINGS: Kidnapping? Creepy dude, vampirism, blood, swearing, don’t trust strangers, violence.

Word Count: 2534

Request box is open.


You hummed lightly, to the melody of the tune that was playing on the radio. Furrowing your eyebrows when your car slowed down. The electronics suddenly shutting off.

“Damn it.” You cursed, hitting the steering wheel, you tried to turn it on again, but having no luck.

“Stupid, flat battery.” You grumbled.

Taking your phone out of cup holder. Unlocking it only for it to turn it off.

“Great, just my luck.” You grumbled. Throwing your phone into the passenger seat.

Running your fingers through your hair, in distress. You could always walk to the grill, sure it was like a 10-mile walk, then stay at Elena’s. Then get a towing company to tow your car to an auto shop in the morning.

In the mist of your thoughts, you didn’t hear a vehicle stop behind your car, turning off the engine, but leaving the lights on.

You heard a light tap on your window, making you let out a gasp, opening the door and getting out of the car.

“Is everything alright miss?” a rough husky voice asked, as your heart beating faster. Something about him gave you the creeps.

“It’s my car, the engines flat.” You gulped, making the guy nodded his head.

“Do you want me to jump start it for you?” He asked, giving you a small smile.

“That would be great.” You replied, smiling at him.

He quickly went to the back of his truck, while you turned around, getting in the car again, trying to find the button for the hood release. Not releasing that the guy was near you. Until you felt a hard metal object.

You let out a gasp, feeling a hand grip your arm, dragging you onto the gravel, you let out a groan.

“You stupid bitch.” He cursed, rolling you onto your back.

“Please.” You begged, your eyes watering with tears.

“You should really think about driving alone at night, never know what might happen,” he growled, his eyes filled with anger.

You quickly kneed him in his private part, making him step back.

“You bitch.” He growled as you stumbled to get up.

You gulped, as you walked backward, your breathing quickening.

“Stay the fuck away from me you psychotic freak.” You shouted, tears falling from your eyes. He snarled at you, picking up the crowbar, gripping it tightly.

The guy lets out an evil laugh.

You let out a scream as he lunged at you, you quickly took off running. You heard him running after you yelling swear words at you. As you ran faster.

“Stay the hell away from me you sicko.” You shouted.

“You can all you want sweetheart, but you won’t escape me.” He shouted.

“fuck you.” You spat, looking behind you which was a huge mistake, you lost your footing and ended up falling over, not aware that you were near the edge of the road until you fell over the edge. Letting out a blood-curdling scream.

The guy quickly ran to the edge cursing as you hit your head on a rock. The guy ran back to his vehicle, leaving you all alone.


Elena pressed the phone to her ear, her heart racing faster as the call went to message bank.

“Hi you’ve reached, me, Y/n, I was probably busy or I didn’t want to answer your call. Leave your message and I’ll get back to you.” You spoke.

Elena pressed the end button, her heart hammering in her chest. She quickly dialed your number again, running her hand through her hair.

“I think someone’s ignoring you.” Damon spoke, making Elena quickly turn in her chair, as Damon sat beside her.

“Y/n was meant to meet me at the grill, and she hasn’t shown up yet, she’s never this late.” Elena trembled.

“Maybe, she just doesn’t want to see you.” Damon spoke.

“She’s my best friend Damon, I’m worried at her.” Elena sighed, running her fingers through her long brown hair.

“Cool.” Damon grumbled.

Elena called your number again, her heart hammering faster, worry evident on her face.

Damon rolled his eyes, putting his drink down.

“How about I go look for y/n.” he sighed, getting her attention.

“Thank you so much, Damon.” She spoke, her face lightening up with hope.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure she will be just fine.” Damon spoke, getting up and going out of the bar to look for you.

Damon let out a huff as he walked out of the grill. Stopping in his tracks as he smelt the faint smell of human blood.

It could be y/n’s blood. Damon quickly rushed to the scene of the scent.

He quickly crouched beside your badly bruised bloody body. Damon’s eyes widen as he saw a stick sticking out from your abdomen.

“Oh, y/n.” Damon sighed, picking you up.

You let out a sob, as you felt hands on you.

“Please…” you begged. Thinking it was that crazy psycho guy.

“It’s okay y/n, it’s just me Damon.” Damon softly cooed, making your eyes open.

“Damon, I think I broke my leg.” You trembled, shaking in his arms. Your whole body felt like it was on fire. Your breathing was shallow.

Damon looked down to see your leg sticking in a position it wasn’t meant to. He quickly looked down to see you staring at the stick in your abdomen.

“Y/n.” Damon gulped.

You looked at him through teary eyes.

“I’m going to die, aren’t i?” you asked, tears falling out of your eyes.

“No, y/n, you are not going to die, I’m going to help you, okay, but first I have to fix your leg.” Damon spoke.

“Okay.” you gasped, as you felt Damon’s lips pressed against your cheek.

Damon let out a sigh, putting you gently on the ground. You closed your eyes tightly, as Damon touched your leg.

You let out an agonizing scream, making Damon come to your side again his hands cupping the side of your face.

“I’m sorry y/n.” Damon sighed.

“It hurts.” You sobbed, your eyes Damon put his wrist up to his mouth, forcing his fangs to come out, he quickly bit into his wrist, drawing blood.

“Y/n, just drink this okay.” Damon spoke, concern clouding his eyes. He pressed his wrist against your mouth.

You let out an hmph, only drinking some of it before you went limp.

“Damn it.” Damon cursed, quickly picking you up bridal style, he quickly speeds to the boarding house.

Putting you gently on the couch, his hand gently stroking your cheek. His eyes full of worry.

“Is that y/n, Elena’s best friend? What did you do to her?” Stefan asked, making Damon roll his eyes.

“I saved her, well at least I think I did.” Damon grumbled.

“Damon, you didn’t give her your blood?” Stefan sighed.

“No, we exchanged house keys, of course, I gave her my blood, I couldn’t let her die, and she doesn’t deserve to die.” Damon spoke, his hand stroking your cheek.

Stefan’s let out an annoyed huff, taking out his phone and texting Elena you were here, telling her that Damon gave you his vampire blood to turn you into a vampire.

“Let me guess your texting Elena.” Damon grunted.

“She has to know.” Stefan sighed, making Damon roll his eyes.

A few minutes later, Elena stormed into the living room, looking like she was going to kill someone.

“What is wrong with you?” she shouted, her eyes full of fury.

Damon quickly stood up turning around and staring at her.

“You should be thanking me.” Damon shouted,

“Thanking you, you have no right to turn her.” Elena shouted.

“She was dying Elena, I had to turn her, she was in shock, and every weak.” Damon shouted.

“You are being reckless, and you could have taken her to a hospital.” Elena yelled.

“Grow up, Elena, not everything is about you.” Damon shouted.

“You are such a-” Elena started to say, only to get cut off from your gasp.

“y/n.” all of them spoke, as you looked at them with wide eyes.

“W-what happened to me?” you asked, bringing your knees close to your chest.

“You’re a vampire.” Elena spoke, her voice wavering with worry.

“No.” you cried, as Elena kneeled in front of you.

“You’re in transition, your senses are heightened, you’re emotions are high, if you don’t drink human blood you will die.” Stefan explained.

“No.” you sobbed, Elena’s hand rubbed your knee softly.

“I’m so sorry.” Elena apologized.

“Shut up Elena.” you snapped, making her face fall into a frown.

“Damon, turned you, he shouldn’t have done that y/n, I am so sorry, I didn’t want this for you.” Elena cried.

“It’s always about you Elena, not everything is about you.” You shouted, getting up from the couch. You wanted to tear her throat out. But you couldn’t do that to your best friend, you quickly ran out of the house.

Elena tried to run after you, only to be stopped by Damon and Stefan.

“Let me go.” She demanded.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, Elena.” Stefan sighed.

“This is all your fault.” She growled, glaring at Damon.

“I’ll go look for her.” Damon spoke, letting go of her and walking out the door.

“She hates me.” Elena sobbed, falling into Stefan’s chest.


A bright light, blinded your vision. Making you put your hand up in your face, as you closed your eyes. Trying to get the pain in your head to go away.

“Are you okay, you’re bleeding?” A male voice spoke, as the guy walked closer to you.

“I’m fine.” You grumbled, opening your eyes again, to see him in front of you. Blocking the head lights.

“You should really go to a hospital.” He sighed, as you struggled to stand straight. He quickly wrapped his arms around you, keeping you steady. Your head rested in the crook of his neck.

“I’m just starving.” You muttered.

“Okay, well, there’s a pub 10 miles away from here, I could take you there.” He spoke.

“You’re just fine.” you muttered, as bit into his neck hard, drawing blood. The guy lets out a scream, trying to get you off of him, but failing when you gripped his shoulder tight. Eventually pushing you off of him. He rubbed his neck.

“What the hell?” he shouted.

You let out a dark chuckle, black lines forming under your eyes, as your fangs come out.

“Oh my god.” He gasped out, his eyes full of fear.

“God can’t help you.” You snarled, speeding closer to him.

You pinned him against the hood of his car, arching your head back, then bringing your head down to his neck, you bit down hard, sucking his blood. His hand hitting your side, to try and get you off of him. You let out a moan, as his blood flowed down your throat. His hand went limp as you sucked him dry. You quickly let go of him, making him fall to the ground.

“It’s time for payback.” You growled, speeding off….

Damon let out a huff, looking at the guy you just killed.

“Damn it y/n.” Damon sighed, he quickly focused his hearing on noise, picking up on a voice.

“Can I help you?” a cranky female voice asked.

“Um, my car broke down, and I need to call a cab.” you lied, the woman’s face lightened up.

“Come in.” she spoke, she smiled at you as you stepped over the threshold.

Stupid bitch. You thought to yourself.

Damon’s eyes widen as you heard your voice. He quickly sped off. Hoping he would stop you before you could hurt anybody else.

“Thank you so much.” You spoke, giving her a fake smile.

“The phones that way.” She spoke, pointing to her left.

You walked past her only to feel her push you against the wall, pressing her all her body weight onto you.

“Aren’t you a pretty thing? Frank will love you.” she grunted.

“Oh sweetie, that wasn’t the smartest move to make.” you chuckled, pushing her off of you, her eyes widen as she saw blacklines forming under your eyes, her face went pale as she saw your fangs.

“You’re a monster.” She gasped out. Making you laugh.

“Pretty rich coming from you, you’re living with one.” You chuckled, you smirked as you heard footsteps. Coming your way.

“I’m going to tear you from limb to limb, while your husband watches, I bet you like watching, don’t you, while he hurts girls.” You growled. Grabbing her by the throat.

“Please…"She choked out. As you tightened your grip.

"You can beg all you want, but it won’t get you anywhere.” You hissed. Arching your head back.

She let out a blood-curdling scream, as you sank your teeth into her neck. Gripping her neck tighter, as she tried to push you away from her.

“Sweetie.” The familiar voice spoke. You smirked against her neck as you heard the sound of glass smash on the ground.

You pulled away from her, pushing her against the wall. You turned around to face him.

“Miss me?” you asked, as blood dripped down your mouth.

“Y-you.” He stuttered.

“Me.” You laughed, speeding closer to him, you pushed him hard, making him crash into the door and onto the door.

“You deserve a painful death, but you don’t deserve a death. You deserve a lifetime of suffering, and I’m going to make your pathetic life a living hell.” You snarled, pressing your boot against his throat, pressing hard.

“Look at you withering against away, pathetic.” You growled, stomping your foot down on his throat.

You let out a laugh, as he coughed up blood. You crouched in front of him grabbing him by the throat.

“You’re pathetic.” You snarled, throwing him into the side of his truck.

Just as you were about to continue to walk near him, you felt a hand wrap around your waist.

“Y/n, stop this.” Damon shouted, turning you around to face him.

“Let me go, he deserves this, he attacked me, he made me into a vampire, made me into a monster.” You snarled, as the guy coughed up more blood.

“Y/n.” Damon sighed.

“Let me go I want to suck him dry.” You growled.

“Sh.” Damon cooed. As your eyes blurred

“I killed someone.” You sobbed, your heart aching, as you fell to the ground.

“I killed them, I’m a monster.” You cried. As Damon wrapped his arms around you, pulling you up, and holding you close to his chest.

You let out a sob, as Damon held you closer.

Damon let out a huff, as he speeds away to the quarry.

Unwrapping his arms from you. His hands cupped your cheeks. Making you look at him.

“You aren’t a monster y/n, far from it, you just need, and I can help you. I will help you.” Damon spoke, wiping the blood from your mouth.

“I- was going to kill him, Damon.” You sobbed.

“He deserved it.” Damon grumbled.

“That doesn’t excuse the fact that I killed two people. You should kill me.” You cried.

“I’m not going to kill y/n.” Damon sighed.

“Why?” you asked.

“Because I love you.” Damon confessed, his lips pressing against yours desperately…