doors floorboards

XF headcanon where Mulder and Scully are separated but Maggie has no strong son to help her move the furniture to redo the house so she phoned up Mulder and he offers to do all of it for her: the wall painting, the floorboards, the doors,… she names it. And Maggie sees it’s helping him get better because it takes his mind off his depression. They chat over tea and she cooks a builder’s lunch for him but with loads of vegetables still (now he knows where Scully gets her eat-your-greens obsession from). One Sunday afternoon, Mulder is repainting the living room and Maggie greets someone at the door. He immediately recognises her voice and he knows he looks like an absolute mess when Scully pauses in the doorway, a mixture of shock and amusement on her face. Maggie emotionally bullies them into staying for dinner because she claims she never sees her daughter anymore and Mulder is forced to stay because of lack of transportation back to his house. They both know it’s a conspiracy to make them reunite but for once they give in and when Maggie sees them hugging by the sink instead of washing up, Mulder’s soapy hands around her daughter, she knows they will be alright in the end.

5sos + Badlands
  • Luke: {Ghost}; "i can't find you in the body sleeping next to me", beginning of fall, an empty space in bed, dead end conversations, silence at the dinner table, the transition from lovers to strangers, loveless kisses, feeling lonely whilst in someone else's arms, first heartbreak
  • Michael: {Control}; pacing, paranoia, creaking floorboards, slamming doors, faces in windows, shaking and trembling, shattered mirrors, tear stained cheeks, "please stop, you're scaring me", feeling prisoner in your own skin, stinging, sterile, scents, half empty bottles of pills
  • Calum: {Young God}; "baby girl, we're gonna be legends", control and dominance, strong hands, visible veins, raspy voices, quickening pulses, deep kisses, rough touches, hooded eyes, discarded clothes, intimacy, promises of forever, flushed, heated skin
  • Ashton: {Roman Holiday}; "feet first, don't fall", nostalgia, long summer nights, sitting on the shore, drawing pictures in the sand, driving to nowhere, escaping reality, making plans that'll never materialize, intertwined fingers and squeezed hands

roommate!luke who just so happens to be your best friend who flirts with you a lot and one early morning a little after midnight, you would hear a knock on your door and the creaking floorboards and your eyes would barely open wide enough to see where you were walking as you trekked to see what luke wanted, only to find him in dark blue swim trunks and a towel falling over his shoulder, eyes wide and a mischievous, lopsided grin forming on his face as you raised your eyebrows and he would inquire “up for a late night swim?” so there you were, ten minutes later, briskly running under the shadows of the streetlights as luke pulled you along to sneak into the complex’s community pool that has been closed for hours at this point and you two would be splashing around, giggling and shushing each other every so often and he would pull you close hands sitting on your hips under the clear water and he would giggle out “(Y/N), you don’t want us to get caught, do you?” as his eyes met yours, his reflecting the blue of the pool making them brighter than ever, and the next thing you know, his lips would be pressed cautiously to yours but you were forced to pull apart, blushing, when the security guard pointed his flashlight on you two, making you head back to your apartment with a warning