“Tell the gatekeeper of the heart
to let in the honest lover.
Hafez does not bother often,
nor will he leave your side.
Just answer him but once
a year, that’s all he asks.
My heart cherishes your love
and wise ways, however often
I have missed you.” -Hafez

Lahore, Pakistan. (Instagram: aabbiidd)

anonymous asked:

Doors, expecially blue ones, are very popular and considered lucky givers in Tunisia, why?

Sorry i’m answering late, I wasn’t active this week in Tumblr.

I searched about what you said and I didn’t find anything related to doors giving luck! It is true that big traditional doors are popular all around Tunisia especially in old towns. It is part of the traditional architecture that is special to Tunisia; a mix of all the civilisations that passed by. And about their colors, they are specific to different regions in Tunisia.

Blue doors

they are popular in the north of Tunisia, especially coastal cities. Maybe the colors are inspired from the sea.

Green and/or red doors

they are common in all Tunisia. They symbolize Nature, Eden, Religion (Islam).. Green doors are found in Levant too..

Brown doors

They are wildspread in the south of Tunsia, especilly in Tozeur.. they are inspired by the Sahara’s color.

I want to mention too that in the south, they don’t say “to close the door” but rather “ to deck the door”, and old people get really angry if you say “ close the door” especially in the morning. It is like you are closing the door to the good things lmao

maybe some Tunsian followers know more about luck and doors?


Familiarity by Tom Levold