I think the styling products are the most impressive (Brilliantine, Surf Spray, Thickening Spray), but I know that the Super Rich Conditioner is meant to be amaze, along with the range for curls, and the Creme de Coco range, especially the mask, I’ve only had a chance to use a handful so I’m definitely keen to try more of their products.

 doorhingeteeth said: Pizza usually does that to me too!!

ugh i hate itttt.  i love pizza, but i’ve been denying myself, and i think my body is just sort of like, “WHY ARE YOU PUTTING CARBS AND GREASE AND CHEESE IN ME?”  


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01. What’s your favorite guilty pleasure band?

Uhh I don’t listen to any bands that I consider to be a ‘guity pleasure’

02. Favorite article of clothing? 

A cute pair of panties. My day can be awesome with the right pair of panties.

03. Do you like having the physical copy of an album opposed to just mp3?

I like having the physical copy

04. Favorite phrase from another language? 

Don’t think I have one :/

05. Do your socks always match?


06. Can you recall a favorite sexual experience?

Yes I can. But i’m not sharing!

07. Current craving

Cheesy gordita crunch.

08. Brights or neutrals?

Neutrals for sure.

09. Scariest  Memory?

I have tons honestly. But probably back when I was practicing witchcraft with my sister Josie and we had all kinds of things happen in one night.

10. Chicken, beef or seafood?


11. Biggest fear

Clowns AND spiders. Yuckie

Questions for other people:

1.  Favorite movie
2. Curl up with a book, or go out and party?
3. Do you have tattoos? If so, what is the next one you want?
4. Cats or dogs?
5. If you could spend a day with any person, who would it be?
6. Where do you want to travel?
7. What is your 'go-to’ comfort food?
8. Any artist of band that you just can’t stand?
9. Dream job or career?
10. What kind of grades did you get in school?
11. Who is your favorite author? 

35407 replied to your photoset: did i tell you guys about george yet?! whenever…

This was the cutest thing I have read all day.

he is just so close to my heart already! p.s. i love you and i will be home starting tomorrow afternoon, you around girl?

femmefetus replied to your photoset: did i tell you guys about george yet?! whenever…

He is beautiful :) And you have such a wonderful heart. My kitten was like that too when I met her. Wouldn’t let me put her down. It’s making me emotional to think about it oh god lol.

awwww, you always say the best things to make my heart swell and wish i could reach out and hug you, SOME DAY. and, aww to your kitten, i completely understand the overemotional reactions, thinking about all of my pets just gets me all gushy and teary

cuckou replied to your photoset: did i tell you guys about george yet?! whenever…

He’s a beauty. I love him!! I just adopted THREE. I went in for one or two, left with an adult and a bb and went back the next day for the baby’s sister. Couldn’t split em up. I’m happy to read your story. My older guy warmed up fast, he’s so sweet<3

isn’t he! and just a little silly with that belly, we suspect he was a bit overfed in his first home and then he ended up living in a garage with very little love and much less food before being surrendered to the shelter, so he has a bit of the stomach staple effect of flabby skin.  ALSO I AM SO JEALOUS! i would’ve taken them all home if it were up to me, we used to always have 3 or 4 cats and having just one felt too quiet! it’s so nice that you could take home all 3!

doorhingeteeth replied to your photoset: did i tell you guys about george yet?! whenever…

Awww omg I am seriously so ridiculously happy for you xoxo

thank youu! i am too, haha, guh, i miss him so much! haven’t seen him since tuesday morning but i’m going back tomorrow! i can’t wait to snuggle up with him and i hope he remembers me and doesn’t think i abandoned him! gah, i couldn’t bear that, i made my sister sleep in my room with him while i’ve been gone so he wouldn’t get lonely…. ha

cruisecontrolforcool replied to your photoset: did i tell you guys about george yet?! whenever…

oh my goodness what a handsome cat. so glad you found him!

isn’t he just!? and so so soft, i realized our other kitty is silky soft and george is like, fluffy bunny soft. me too, darlin, me too <3

Yeah I don’t know, I generally buy shadow or lipstick from them only really, we don’t get Urban Decay or Make Up For Ever here unfortunately which I feel might change that somewhat, but there are pretty much always better versions of what MAC have. I’m into Face & Body, but I kinda look to them for cheaper colour stuff more than anything else.