doorhingeteeth-blog  asked:

What do you feel about the almay correcting primer? P.s.I hate the smartshade makeup too! I swatched the lightest one on my hand and it turned this weird grayish orange >:p

I don’t like that either!  For about $14, it’s definitely a rip off.  It does have good intentions though… as far as skin “correcting” knowledge goes, green is a shade meant to reduce redness, and lilac is supposed to brighten - (I know you know this my love but I’m making sure everyone else does too!)  It’s a combination that sounds good but doesn’t perform.  The packaging is really cool though.

This, as a primer, does nothing.  It doesn’t control oil, it doesn’t fill in lines or pores, and it doesn’t help with the staying power of my makeup.  It is very moisturizing though!

Another good thing about this is that, unlike most green-tinted primers, this blends to a transparent finish, with no green tinge.  But that being said, it doesn’t do anything to correct or even disguise redness.  :( mrah.

One product I definitely regret buying!

I think the styling products are the most impressive (Brilliantine, Surf Spray, Thickening Spray), but I know that the Super Rich Conditioner is meant to be amaze, along with the range for curls, and the Creme de Coco range, especially the mask, I’ve only had a chance to use a handful so I’m definitely keen to try more of their products.