“He knows the potential fall and he still goes there. He knows that he has the susceptibility to the dragon sickness but he still goes in through the door because the prize is greater than the demise, if you pardon the poetry. He had to be the kind of leader that would speak to 13 dwarfs around a table and get them to follow him but also stand on battlements and call to an army of 13,000 and they would follow him.” - Richard Armitage

Olicity Ficlet: April Fool’s (AU)

One year, Oliver taped the handle down of the water sprayer on her kitchen sink. (It soaked her right before an important interview.) Another year she poured honey on the door handles to his prized Porsche. (He was at a ‘friend’s’ house and didn’t touch the car for a few days. When he got back, the handles had completely dried shut.) Another year they both got each other when Felicity switched all his furniture out for lawn chairs (it took him three days to find his couch) and he replaced her underwear with crotchless ones (she’d made sure to hide them throughout his apartment, much to the chagrin of the girls he brought home because he never found them all).

They were relentless, upping the ante each time, from him saran wrapping her toilet seat (she had a guy over and he came in to her running around with pee all over as she tried to rip the plastic off) to her putting Nair in his hair gel (it fell out in tiny tufts all day, leading to him rushing to his doctor who took one look and asked him if he was aware what day it was).

One year, Felicity confessed something - she’d never had a guy eat her out. After Oliver’s jaw dropped, his face turning about twenty different shades of red, she asked him if he would be her first. (“Uh, well.., I mean…” She laughed. “Oh come on, you don’t actually believe that, do you? Trust me, Cooper was good at it. April Fool’s! To the eating me out part, not the Cooper part. Because that did happen and he was… damn it, that kinda backfired on me.” She was trying to get past her developing feelings for him, not realizing he felt the same way, not realizing he’d been about to tell her to wait until tomorrow for his answer so she’d know he was serious when he asked her out.)

The next year, he really did ask her out. (She didn’t tell him her stomach dropped or that her heart took off or that she stopped breathing when he said, “Ha, April Fool’s!” He said he’d asked because she hadn’t been on a date in a year. She didn’t tell him it was because she was in love with him.)

And then…

Oliver went on a trip with his father, and their yacht went down in the North China Sea.

It was April 1st when the news reached Starling City.

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Dana and Josie and John and Maureen
Made it out just in time of the Otherworld scene
Their Night Valien blood kept the bright light at bay
For just enough time so they all got away

But what of the scientist, out there alone?
For Night Vale decided it wasn’t his home
As a regular human, he’s in quite a bind
From the Smiling God slowly taking over his mind

When the Voice comes to visit it might be too late
Thanks to Kevin, poor Carlos is in a bad state
Now Cecil’s in trouble, there’s no going back
Not after his boyfriend’s eyes turned solid black

Agna’s Pearl was often mistook for a Lapis, and the one she was always mistaken for is also the one who regularly flooded the place even though it seemed there wasn’t any water anywhere. Though this one is a bit short and has her gem on her arm..With a small mark on her dress similiar to a door somewhere. She’s not the well known Lapis, just one that seems to inhabit the same place Agna Aura calls home.

Agna Aura glares from a random door, her eyes and gem visible. She had been knocked over by a water wave earlier. 

(so i was browsing @asktheblueoceangem and happened across this post. and since i was bored, i decided to include a Lapis here whose gem is on her arm. the mark is just there because of this door otherwise she’s pretty much normal aside from height xp. but yea. the idea seemed amusing enough, but it’s from there. i’lldrawbettereventually.)

Sakura ending up with Naruto would be weird. She would have to give up on her one and only dream of becoming Sasuke’s wife, and that would make her life so depressing. Because, as we all know, Sakura hasn’t developed any dreams or ambitions of her own beyond her adolescent feelings for Sasuke. 

Pairing her with Naruto would basically turn her into a door prize, ‘cause it’s not like she would have any say in the matter. Besides, a change in feelings at this point would be so sudden. I mean, look at all of these purely platonic, sibling-like feelings that Sakura has for Naruto:

Did that take up a lot of space on your dashboard? I’m sorry. It’s just that Kishimoto has given us so much platonic Sakura —> Naruto development. Giving us all of this non-romantic material and then suddenly having Sakura’s feelings change makes no sense at this point in the manga. The problem couldn’t possibly be that we have ignored and/or have labelled every interaction between Naruto and Sakura as friendly. Nooo… After all, Naruto doesn’t love Sakura anymore. He thinks of her as a sister:

Yep, nothing but platonic, brotherly love from Naruto. You can tell that he moved on from Sakura a long time ago by the amount of blushes on his face. He’s probably already in love with Hinata since she has been on his balls since the very start of the manga. Anyway, I’m going to ignorantly tag my post where NaruSaku fans can see it because their tag doesn’t specifically say “pro” in it. LOL. :) 

woah thunder

and lightning on 7/11/11 just before ten pm

Storms looking good.  We needed the rain.

Also, I just went to a jewelry/make-up party with my mom.  The stuff they were selling was pretty lame, but the party wasn’t bad.  Wine and cheese and door prizes.  I got a FREE Vera Bradley purse and wallet as a door prize.  Woot Woot. Now watching Boondock Saints II.  Then some reading and bed.

Nite all. Ask me questions on just talk.
Saskatchewan women organize event to stand with Standing Rock
The event included live music, artists, door prizes and silent auctions

Three Regina women organized a fundraiser to support the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The event was held Saturday at The Exchange in Regina. It included live music, artists, door prizes and silent auctions.

Proceeds will be sent to the Standing Rock Sioux Nation tribal office.

The event was organized by Lauren Kowalski, Laura Lodge and Selina Hogan. They said they want to help the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in their fight for protecting water and the environment.

“Just because it’s not in your backyard doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect you,” said Kowalski.

“Water is life, as they say, and it’s important for everyone everywhere to be involved.”

Kowalski said the issue is closer to home now since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has approved the Trans Mountain and Line 3 pipelines.

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Fic: The Traveling Hoodie

Because clothes sharing + Daddy!Klaine + kids in oversize clothes being adorable is a potent combination. ~950 words, G rated fluffy fluff.

Kurt had almost forgotten about the hoodie.

The hoodie was an ancient, too large NYADA sweatshirt, heathery gray with black screenprinting on the front. He had gotten it years ago as a door prize at orientation, and Blaine had tried to steal it the second he found it in the recesses of Kurt’s dresser because it looked so comfy and warm. Kurt had allowed him to have it for a while, but then one day he needed a hoodie, so he reclaimed it, much to Blaine’s consternation. Ever since then, it had passed between them like a screwy game of Hot Potato, one or the other of them taking it when they were especially cold or especially sad. Any day Kurt came home to Blaine curled up on the couch in the hoodie, limbs barely visible and pout firmly affixed to his face, he knew it was time to dig out their Dawson’s Creek box set and emergency cookies, and Blaine knew to unfreeze a cheesecake and find the Gilmore Girls DVDs any time Kurt was glaring angrily and clad in the hoodie.

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So I’m supposed to be working on my thesis but of course, that’s not happening, and instead I”m distracting myself with videos on the internet.

This one is on the Monty Hall Problem…and I personally didn’t understand it the first few times I read it, and then it clicked, and this video does a good job of communicating how it works.

The problem is as follows:

There are three doors, 1, 2, & 3, and behind one door is an amazing prize like a car or something, and behind the others are goats [which tbh I’d love a goat but maybe that’s the Palestinian in me]. Now, as a contestant, you must choose one of the three doors. Say you choose door number 1.

The host, knowing which prizes are behind each of the doors, then opens up a door number 3, containing a goat [never the prize], and you are then asked whether you would like to switch to door number 2, or stick with your original choice of door number 1. 

Would it be better for you to switch, to keep your initially selected door, or would it not make a difference either way?

Initially, I figured it wouldn’t make a difference, as there much simply be a 50/50 chance of the prize being behind one of the two remaining doors, meaning that there’s no point one way or the other, as neither will really “help” your chances.

And I was wrong. By switching to the remaining door, you increase your chances from your initial 1/3 to 2/3, whereas sticking with the previous door keeps you locked into that initial 1/3 chance.

[Added bonus story to further contribute to my procrastination: A reader submitted this question back in 1990 to Marilyn vos Savant, a columnist who was at one point the Guinness World Record holder for having the highest recorded IQ [I wont bother getting into the numerous issues with that or IQ tests in and of themselves, which contributed to Guinness to drop such a record not too long after], and she answered the question properly, saying it would be in your best interest to switch.

As a result of her seemingly counter-intuitive answer, she was flooded with countless letters of people disagreeing with her, an overwhelming number of which were male mathematicians/statisticians/academics who resorted to sexist insults and tropes to voice their disagreement, with some claiming her answer was bogus and derived of “improper female-logic”.

THAT story can be read here

The Supernatural Wiki, as well as Wattpad are bringing Carry On My Wayward Cocktails, a celebration of all things Supernatural, to San Diego Comic-Con 2016.

On Thursday July 21, join the SPNFamily at the Analog Bar at 7:30PM in the Gaslamp for a yummy Bunker Banquet, drinks including purple nurples, and a Hunter’s swag bag full of exclusive custom goodies.

There will be wonderful door prizes and gifts thanks to USA Games (makers of Supernatural Clue and Monopoly),Supernatural Dorbz figures from Funko, Candles from Salt n Burn and personal lube from Astroglide.

Thanks also to Fangirl Therapy for sponsoring our bags to promote their new book “The Fangirl Life”.

Tickets on sale now.

No ticket sales at the door.