No Deposit Forum’s last chat party for our fabulous 10 Year Anniversary is tonight!

There will be a door prize FOR ALL who attend - that means no losers!

woah thunder

and lightning on 7/11/11 just before ten pm

Storms looking good.  We needed the rain.

Also, I just went to a jewelry/make-up party with my mom.  The stuff they were selling was pretty lame, but the party wasn’t bad.  Wine and cheese and door prizes.  I got a FREE Vera Bradley purse and wallet as a door prize.  Woot Woot. Now watching Boondock Saints II.  Then some reading and bed.

Nite all. Ask me questions on just talk.

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“If everyone gets a door prize, it’s not a prize” Agree or disagree?

Do you feel like your door prize is worth less because other people got one too?  Does it change your opinion if every door prize is different?

Pine Scented Candle, Novelty Candles, Container Candle. Wonderful pine scented candle in this beautiful glass dish

I repurpose decorative glass container to make all of my scented candles so each is a OOAK piece.

Very pretty and great smelling as well! Can be used as a party favor, door prize or just an unusual affordable gift.

The container is ;
2 ½” tall and 3 ½” in diameter

The candle is;
2” tall and 3 ½” in diameter.

Follow this link to other scented from my shop that you might like;

And last but not least is the reveal of our final door prize, or should we say door prizes? We have a set of IGear’s awesome PPO5W Weapons Specialist and PPO5M Medical Specialist up for grabs! These will be given away as a set to some lucky preregistrant!

Remember, you are only eligible for the Door Prizes if you are Preregistered. And don’t forget our special rate at the Crowne Point Executive Park Hotel also runs out on Monday at Midnight! If you haven’t registered yet, don’t delay!

Adirondack Chairs Grand Door Prize from Two Hounds Trading Co for Mistletoe Madness Holiday Market

Adirondack Chairs Grand Door Prize from Two Hounds Trading Co for Mistletoe Madness Holiday Market on Sat., Nov. 15th

Thank you Aj and Sharina McDonald with Two Hounds Trading Co. for donating this $320 pair of Adirondack Folding Chairs and Table!!

Two Hounds Trading Co. builds high quality American made home furnishings right here in Fuquay-Varina.

Owners, Aj and Sharina use any type of wood their client prefers to build and create their highly desired and sought after dining tables, high top tables, dressers,…

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It’s like God gives me a Door prize, just for showing up!


Life has been handing me lots of wonderful surprises. In a lot of ways it feels like just by living my life to it’s fullest, I am reaping so many benefits and God is blessing me additionally. Don’t know why, but it’s been working that way for me.

clean room!

Well, my days of freedom are over. Today was my first official day as a summer intern at ORNL.

As far as summer activities go, doing research at ORNL is actually a pretty good deal for me. It’s close to home, it pays a pretty good weekly stipend, I’ve interned there before, and it pads my research resume quite nicely.

What’s awesome is that this time around, I think I’ll actually have a REAL scientific project to be working on. When I interned at ORNL my senior year in high school, I was basically stuck in a cubicle working on coding/internet research/computer simulations. While I do enjoy working with coding and computers, that kind of stuff gets pretty dry pretty fast, so I’m real psyched that I get to do some real hands-on SCIENCE this time.

From what I could gather from my mentor today (which was A LOT because he basically tried to explain every instrument/tool we saw), I’m going to be working on a combination of cell cultures, microfluidics, and nanotechnology.

I got really excited though because I got to suit up and tour ORNL’s nanotechnology clean room, which apparently, I will be working in after I get done with all the training for the equipment. And in case you don’t know what a clean room is, just look it up on wikipedia. The pictures they have on the site are pretty representative of what I get to work in, full body-suit and all. :)

I’m in for some really interesting research this time around, but the trade-off is that I’ll probably have to work a lot more hours per day than I’m used to.

I’m glad for the experience with all the fancy equipment, but I’m sad that my free time has shrunk down to like 2-3 hours per day.

Ah well. That’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Oh, I also somehow won the grand prize for ORNL orientation door prizes today. It’s just an ORNL bag filled with a ton of ORNL merchandise/swag, but I also got a $25 gift card to some restaurant I never heard of.

The ironic thing is…I was hoping I wouldn’t win anything the whole time. I’m not a big fan of having to walk out before more than a hundred people unless it’s for something important. XD

But yeah, busy day. Gotta get into a new routine now.

Soak Box Fingerless Gloves from Lettuce Knit

Here is another fabulous kit donated by Lettuce Knit.  It is one of the Soak kits, double pointe pink, for fingerless gloves.  The kit, developed by Soak Wash Inc., a local company, contains:

  • Pattern designed by Fiona Ellis, a local knitwear designer and workshop leader
  • Custom hand dyed yarn by Lorna’s Laces
  • A bottle of Soak to launder your finished gloves
  • A bottle of Handmaid luxury creme in Scentless to keep you hands soft, and
  • A bottle of stylishly matched nail polish by Esse
These fingerless gloves knit up beautifully.  I gifted Soak kits at Christmas with finished gloves.  They were a big hit.  Thanks to Lettuce Knit their generous support.

Lettuce Knit is a great yarn store located at 86 Nassau Street  Toronto, ON M5T 1M5 and you can call them at (416) 203-9970.

Visit their website to to see their scrumptious fibres, workshops and special events.

Almost got the door prize coming home

Had just turned down the street & wasn’t too far when someone opened their door. Thankfully I wasn’t too close & I just kept riding and avoided it.
Getting doored would not have been fun. At all.