Hey Ladies! I’ll be at Green Brain Comics tonight in Dearborn, MI from 7-9 with limited edition prints (like this guy ^), zines, and pins. They’re having “Girl Party 2017” where they are making a safe space for ladies (and lady identifying folk) to come & browse comics & support local lady creators. There will be door-prizes, crafts, & other give-aways! So come out & support your local comic shop!

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Mr. Penguin is hosting his annual Thug Appreciation Party at the Iceberg Lounge this Saturday. It's nice to feel appreciated. The door prizes are good too; last year I won a pair of diamond earrings for the missus and an extra bone saw for myself. #OnlyInGotham


Scott x Fem!Reader

Requested by Anon

Warnings: Jealous Scott, Alpha!Scott, Dom!Scott, Dom!Reader, hair pulling, handcuff, dirty talk, swearing, wolfed  out!Scott

“Hey (Y/N), do you have a free period?” A boy from one of your classes asked and smiled when you pushed Scott’s arm of your shoulders so you could look at him. 

“Yeah did you want to start on the project now, I was just going to watch the team practise but I do that all the time.” You hummed.

“May as well get a head start.” The boy mumbled and you grabbed your bag from Scott, who’d been lugging it around all day, blowing a kiss in his direction as you hurried after the boy.

“Woah, Scott chill out buddy, put the claws down nice and easy!” Stiles yelped as Scott snarled and went to follow after you.

“She just ditched me for another guy.” He growled and Stiles nodded.

“Yeah but I’m pretty sure that’s her study buddie and that if they fail she fails the while class so it’s important, not like she actually ditched you to spend time with the guy.” Stiles pointed out.

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Something incredibly amazing happened to Anne and I today: we’re in Akihabara in Tokyo at the moment, and we looked on Anne’s Google Maps about ‘Cafes near us’, and found a Final Fantasy Cafe. Now that sounded totally up our alley, so we followed Google though Akihabara up into the second floor of this building only to find a SUPER long line, ‘sold out today’ and that you needed to book online WELL in advance. 

20 seconds later, an American couple on their honeymoon shows up behind us. They had ordered two tickets online weeks ago and inexplicably received four instead. They offered their spare tickets to us. 

Then. Get this. The four of us won the 1st door prize with a ticket they wouldn’t have received without us being there, too. :) :)

So much good luck, and the cafe was amazing

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I'm pretty sure you answered this already but...has there ever been a perfect session?

The closest we’ve seen is the Beta Trolls. The only thing they did wrong was rush the genesis frog creation and then not get to open the door to claim their prize.

"Do you have any proof?"

This took place in a golf tournament I was playing in a few years ago.

There was a long drive contest on the 18th hole. The way a long drive competition works in a tournament is there is a little marker with a pad of paper on it out in the fairway. If you hit your ball in the fairway past the marker, you sign the paper, and place the marker next to where your ball was. It’s an honor system sort of thing, but then again, that’s golf for you.

I was in the second-to-last group, one of my good friends was in the group behind me. I step up to the tee, tee up, and free the beast all over that golf ball. By some fluke, it ends up drawing down the right side of the fairway. I crushed this thing. Based on yardage left, I hit this ball a little over 330 yards. I had the previous long drive beat by almost 20 yards. I happily signed the marker, and put it next to my ball.

After I finished the hole, I walked off the green, and watched the foursome behind us tee off and play the hole in. You know, waiting for my friend, and to see if anybody beat my drive. Now, the men’s tee box that we were supposed to play from was on the left side of the hole, and the ladies was 40 or so yards up and on the right side of the hole. I saw one of the guys tee up from the ladies tee, hit his drive, walk up, sign the marker, and move it to his ball. That sh*t ain’t right.

They finish the hole, and my friend comes up to me and confirms my suspicions. This chucklef*ck had hit from the ladies tee and taken my long drive. He beat me by two yards. I went up to the a**hole, and had this conversation with him.

Me: “Are you really going to take that drive?”
Him: “Yep.”
Me: “That’s cheating, chief. You didn’t win.”
Him: “Do you have any proof?”

Well, f*ck. It’s his word against mine. The other guys in his foursome are his friends. My jimmies are at maximum overrustle.

We go to the post-tournament dinner. Sure enough, when they call the long drive winner up, this smug f*cknut goes up and collects his (my) $50 Tim Hortons gift card.

Oh, but what’s this? He dropped something when he stood up. It’s his door prize raffle ticket. It’s number 77. Well, I’m just going to take this, you know, for my troubles. I lean over in my chair, and snag it off the floor.

An hour later, we’re at the final prize. It’s the door prize draw. The prize? A $1000 MasterCard prepaid gift card. The MC rifles through the drum with the tickets. The universe must have been on my side that day, because the MC pulls out a ticket, and speaks into the microphone.

“The winner of the MasterCard prepaid card is… Ticket 77.”

A**hole McTerribleperson loses his sh*t. He’s jumping up and down, yelling “I won I won I won ohmygod I won!”

He runs up to the front to the MC, who then asks for the winning ticket.

F*ckface sticks his hand in his back pocket. Then his other back pocket. Then the side pockets. His face looks like he just watched his dog just get run over. Repeatedly.

I’m crazy excited at this point, but I make a show of checking my ticket. Then I hold up the ticket and call out,

“I got it!”

I run up to the front, and give it to the MC.

Douchebag McGee isn’t happy about this. He starts yelling about how I stole his ticket and ticket 77 was totally his and I’m a cheater and a liar.

I look him dead in the eyes, and ask him deadpan “do you have any proof?”
He looks like he’s about to cry. The MC sends him to sit down, and I collect the $1000 dollar gift card.

Because I’m the type to salt the wound, as I leave, I walk past his table, and say quietly to him “Enjoy your Tim card. You deserve it.”

Pretty sure he popped a blood vessel. But I didn’t stick around to find out. I had beers to buy for my friends.

Petty Revenge: Internet`s best petty revenge stories are here. | credit

Check Please Meetup at 221B Con

When: 1:00 pm on Saturday, directly following the Check Please panel

Where: In the Three Patch Podcast suite, room 432

What: Hang out with your fellow fans, drink Bitty-inspired coffee drinks, talk hockey, baking, and figure skating, and squee about your favorite ships. We’ll be giving away some great door prizes too!

Please reblog to spread the word!

(Hosted by @emmagrant01 and @threepatchpodcast)

  • me: well that's it, that's my whole apartment!
  • him, opening up a door: you didn't show me what's in this room
  • me, frantically slamming it shut: nothing! there's nothing in there
  • him: c'mon, can't I just take a peek?
  • me, struggling to keep the door closed as my prized collection of Garfield cookie jars threatens to spill out into the hallway: No
Unfair Advantage

Prompt is Hot Dogs for BLSummerBingo2017! I got a diagonal bingo with Fireworks, Hot Dogs, Tie Dye, Popsicles Where They Should Be, and Water Balloons!


“There’s a hot dog eating contest at the Hub of Heroism. I must go.”

Tim had learned that Wilhelm usually declared what he was doing, rather than mesh plans or invite him along. Tim raised his eyebrows, looking up from the local Craigslist odd jobs. “Really?”

Wilhelm nodded, standing up and already going out the door. “The prize is $200. Easy money.”

There was nothing else to do. “I’ll come along. Moral support, or whatever.” Tim usually used Wilhelm as someone to hide behind in combat, but he wanted to get to know him. Get some personal information. “So, you like hot dogs?”


“Oh. Okay.”

Tim awkwardly followed him to the center of the space station, past vendors in the cafeteria to a small hot dog stand. Wilhelm gave no introduction before sitting at the table. “I’m ready.”

“Alrighty! We’re just about to begin!” The store employee cheerfully set hot dogs out and Wilhelm didn’t even hesitant before starting.

Tim was going to bet Wilhelm could eat twenty. Wilhelm was bulky. A badass. He could digest more than average, but Tim had reason to doubt his abilities. Wilhelm ate just about the same calories everyone else did. There was no reason for him to be unhealthy.

God, was Tim wrong.

Ten. Twenty. Thirty. Forty, somehow. Fifty. Fifty-four.

“Aaaaaaaand, the winner is Wilhelm! Congratulations, sir!” A camera flashed and Wilhelm grimaced, accepting the money and leaving abruptly.

Tim followed him out, stomach full of sympathy. “Oh my god. That. How did you do that????”

Wilhelm grunted. “I managed.”

“That was genuinely terrifying, dude.”

“I have a stomach of steel.”

Tim snorted. “Damn, you must.”

Wilhelm waited until they were out of the food court of the Helios mall. “You don’t understand. I have a stomach of steel.”

“Yeah, it’s an expression-” Tim’s mouth fell open. “Now wait just a minute, you don’t mean? It’s not human?”

Wilhelm shook his head, a sly smile on his face. “Nope. Knew I could win. I process food much faster, and can store more.” He winced. “I do, however, need to urgently use the restroom.”

Tim groaned. “Oh gross, I’ll leave you to it.”

Wilhelm hesitated before going into the men’s room. “My stomach isn’t the only thing that’s robotic, you know.”

A wave of heat crashed over Tim. God, he didn’t want to think about Wilhelm like that. Images of exotic, huge cybernetic dicks filled Tim’s mind and he flushed bright red. No. No no no. It didn’t matter how hot that was. Or bizarre. He couldn’t ask. “I- I uhhhhhh, ummmm, I mean-”

“It’s my liver. And my kidneys are enhanced as well.” Wilhelm grinned at Tim’s blush, knowing full well where Tim’s mind was. “I’ll win any drinking contest too.”

Tim buried his face in his hands as Wilhelm left. He couldn’t believe he’d walked into that one.

'We got 1 winner and that's wonderful': Gander celebrates 'Come From Away' Tony win

GANDER, N.L. — The unassuming Royal Canadian Legion Branch 8 in Gander, N.L., an aging one-storey building with pale yellow siding on the edge of town, hosted a sold-out Tony Awards viewing party Sunday night.

The come-as-you-are event, with chips, cheesies and a casual dress code, wasn’t your typical star-studded, red-carpet bash.

But neither is Gander a typical town. It opened its doors with heartwarming hospitality to nearly 7,000 stranded passengers and crew after 38 planes were diverted here on Sept. 11, 2001.

That story forms the plot for “Come From Away,” the foot-tapping, tear-jerking Broadway musical that has enchanted audiences and earned seven Tony nominations including a nod for best musical.

In the end, the show didn’t win the big prize and took home just one award, for best director of a musical.

But one win was enough to please the people of Gander.

“We were happy just to be nominated,” said Beulah Cooper, a Gander resident and volunteer who was portrayed in the play.

“We got one winner and that’s wonderful.”

The legion quickly sold all 185 tickets to the viewing party. The $5 cover charge, which included door prizes and a glass of wine donated by a New Yorker to share in a toast, will go toward the legion's building fund to replace shingles on the leaking roof and install a new heating system.

With two 65-inch television screens borrowed from the local furniture store, there were no bad seats in the house.

The crowd burst into applause when Christopher Ashley won “Come From Away”’s lone award.

In his acceptance speech, Ashley paid tribute to the people of Newfoundland. 

“The people who extended their hearts and their homes and were generous and kind at the very worst moments, to all of you, thank you,” Ashley said.

Some in attendance for the viewing party said getting together for the event brought the tragic day — and the aftermath that followed — full circle.

“I didn’t have a big lot to do with it,” said Cathy Pittman, modestly.

“I watched the planes coming in. I knew people would need food. So I made turkey soup and muffins.”

Patsy Vey welcomed strangers into her home after the planes landed. An elderly woman with a heart condition was one of them.

“I don’t know why,” Vey said when asked why she opened her door.

“I guess my maternal instinct kicked in because I saw people who needed help.”

Her husband, Gary Vey, was the manager of the Gander International Airport, once a critical refuelling stop for transatlantic jets and — as 9/11 demonstrated — still an important emergency landing site for aircraft.

He was away at a convention but drove home when he heard the news.

“It was funny because he came in and said, ‘Who’s that in the spare room?’” Vey said laughing.

Some 10,000 people call Gander home, a little more if you include the outskirts of town. The Plane People — as legion president Carl Waterman affectionately calls the airplane passengers stranded in Gander after U.S. airspace shut down — nearly doubled the town’s population.

Waterman remembers bringing some of the stranded travellers to his house to shower.

“They couldn’t believe I'd let some strangers stay in our house alone,” he said. “They said that would never happen in New York. But in Gander, everyone knows everyone.”

Bonnie Belec, The Canadian Press

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Soooooo I just found out about an extinct species of giant snake called the titanoboa, which was between 32 and 46 feet long, and all I can picture is poor Dash volunteering for one of those 'incubate the rare species for conservation purposes' type deals but suddenly hIS GUTS ARE FULL OF MASSIVE HUNGRY SNAKE

hhhhheLLLLLPPPPP I need to do more research on massive prehistoric species don’t I.

I can’t decide which idea I like better: the snake starting out as a bebe and Dash thinking it’s par for the course, but then slowly he gets more and more yuge….. or the whole grownass snake tryna shhhhhhove its way into his tract.

Either door has a prize behind it in this case. 🙌🏻

[Pentagon] Grand Prize

↪Member: Wooseok

↪Genre: Fluff

↪Words: 1.2k

Before reading, take a look at this! It’ll help you have a better visualization of the ride mentioned in the story! A late Christmas present from me to you! (late here anyway, it’s about 1 A.M.)


First date jitters were flowing through you at the fair. Wooseok, your tall yet adorable friend, had finally asked you to go out with him. You once mentioned in passing you loved all things about the fair: the food, the rides, and winning prizes. With the fair being in town for a short time, he couldn’t think of a more perfect place to take you. He asked you nervously, stuttering in the cutest way possible. Knowing you were developing feelings for him, you excitedly agreed.

“Y/N..I…uh..will you…go to the fair with me?” he asked with a single rose, your favorite flower. His anxiety was obvious as he fidgeted by running his fingers through his hair.

A warm smile lit your face, and you replied, “Of course, Wooseok. I’d love to.”

Two days later and here you were, walking with Wooseok through the fair. It was easy to get lost in the giant crowd that flooded that Friday night, but he didn’t leave your side for a minute. He always made sure you were next to him and kept a strong look out for you.

He was a complete gentleman and although you had in mind to shell out some cash, he insisted on paying. After he paid for the tickets, you both strolled through the crowd looking for something to ride.

You loved rides. Rollercoasters, small fair rides, big or small, you name it. It was your thing. Wooseok, however, was not a fan of most rides. He said he hated the “dropping feeling” it gave him in his stomach. He had second thoughts about taking you here, but went through with because he wanted to make you happy.

You tried to find one you would both enjoy, your eyes settling on a ride that blasts music while spinning in a fast circle. You were all too familiar with it.

“How about this one?” you asked him as you approached it.

After contemplating for a few seconds, he said, “Yeah, okay! I think I even remember liking this one!”

“Well what are we waiting for? Let’s go!” you said as you grabbed his hand and made a mad dash for the line.

Wooseok handed the ride operator the required tickets for the ride, and you both sat in the car that seated two. You sat on the inside while he sat on the outer edge. The two of you laughed about how his tall frame awkwardly fit in the small space. You felt your palms sweating against the lap bar from being so close to him.

After the ride started, the speed began to pick up. You were enjoying yourself and screaming the entire time. You took a look next to you to see a slightly shocked Wooseok holding on for dear life.

The ride seemed to come to a stop, and Wooseok sighed a sigh of relief.

“Why won’t my lap bar come up?” he asked, trying desperately to lift it.

You said nothing and gave him a mischievous smile and that’s when he realized. It goes backwards.

“Oh no…” he said quietly. The ride picked up and went backwards. The force of the spinning was pushing him you closer to him. You tried strongly to stay on your end, fighting against physics.

Wooseok started screaming out of both thrill and fear. You looked at him through the hair flying in your face and giggled at his expression.

“Come here! Come here!” he frantically called out to you, wanting you for comfort and protection. You let go, giving up on resisting. You instantaneously flew towards him from the force, and he quickly pulled you into an embrace.

When the ride came to a stop, you both laughed and exited the ride. You fixed your tangled hair that was blown in every direction from the ride.

“I don’t remember the ride being like that…” he said trying to play off his screams. But you knew all too well how he really felt.

“Aahhh! Ahhh!” you said in a deep voice mimicking his screams in a teasing way. He tried to hold a straight face, but ended up bursting into laughter, showing his adorable smile you liked so much.

After the ride, you two decided to stop and eat some delicious yet fattening fair food. You usually ate everything you could, but the butterflies and nerves kept you from overeating.

Following that, you two strolled through the games section when your eyes fell onto the cutest and biggest stuffed puppy you had ever seen. When Wooseok saw how much you wanted it, he was determined to win it at any cost.

And boy did it cost him. He kept trying at the basketball game, not hesitating to hand the man more cash when he lost. His height gave him a slight advantage, though. You felt somewhat guilty that he was spending all this money trying to win you a prize, but you were happy he cared so much to win it for you.

After winning smaller prizes and trading up, he only needed one more shot to win the grand prize. By now he had already drawn a small crowd around him cheering him on.

You stood by him watching in anticipation. He took a deep breath and shot the ball. He made it in and jumped with excitement, earning a small applause from the people around.

In the rush of his happiness, he hugged you and picked you up. You were a bit shocked at this, but your cheerfulness outweighed the feeling. He put you down and handed you the giant, stuffed dog.

“For you, Y/N,” he said with a huge grin.

“Why, thank you!” you said and took the dog. It was so big you had to move your head to the side to watch where you were walking.

You turned and said to him, “You know, you didn’t have to do this.”

“I know,” he stated still looking forward, a hand on your on back guiding you on where to walk. He looked at you, gave a warm smile, and added, “But I wanted to.”

After a long night, it was near 1 A.M. when he dropped you off at your house. He walked you to your door, carrying the grand prize for you. When you two stood in front of the door, he set it down.

“Y/N,” he said and took your hand in his, “Thank you for such a great time! You’re so fun to be around.” You felt your heart skip a beat.

“I should be thanking you!” you stated as you gestured to the dog that was up your waist.

“Of course. It was my pleasure” he stated, moving his hand to your shoulder. You two stared at each other for what felt like forever until he leaned in for a kiss. It was light and short, but sent electricity throughout your body. His tall frame towered over you, bending down a bit to reach you.

He broke the kiss then put his hand on your cheek and stared into your eyes. He gave you a soft smile, a tight hug, and wished you a good night.

You were about to go in your house when you heard him speak.

“By the way,” he added. “You looked beautiful tonight.”

“You too,” you said quickly, wishing you could take it back. Despite your slight embarrassment, he found it funny and laughed.

“Goodbye, Y/N”, he said and turned around.

You picked up the stuffed dog and headed inside. Butterflies and giddiness overcame you as the thoughts of the night’s events played again and again in your head.

Your phone buzzed with a text from Wooseok.

So when’s the next date?


HOSTED BY flight2asia & xdus13


HOOKAH and much more.


I Can Still See You (Scott Lang x reader)

Request: Scott Lang fic you are a well known burglar and gambler who never loses or gets caught because of your powers of intangibility, invisibility, and teleportation and after you steal Steve’s shield Scott has to get it back from you and he has a crush on you please

You had been a world-renowned burglar for so long now that it had become nothing more than a hobby to you, knowing that your powers allowed you access to anywhere you wanted to get into.  You could never be caught; your invisibility and teleportation would guarantee that; and you used your intangibility just to show off anymore.  But now you hadn’t done a job in a long time, so when you were approached to break into what was perhaps the most secured building in the world, you couldn’t say no.

When the details came in on your phone, you considered saying no, but it really would be the pinnacle of your career, and an epic final job to cap it with.  You finished your drink and set the glass down on the bar, sliding your phone into your pocket.  “Alright, hun, I’ve gotta go.  It’s been real.”

“I thought you were done with this kinda stuff, (Y/N)?”

“Last time, Scott. This one just sounds like too much fun to pass up,” you said as you grabbed your jacket.  “If I pull this off,” you paused with a laugh and shaking your head, “I mean when I pull this off, you might actually admit that I’m better than you.”

“I’ll admit it now if you say no.”  Scott looked up at you from his own glass with a faint smile, but his eyes looked tired.  “It’s not worth it, whatever it is.”

Your phone buzzed again and you hurried out the door, giving him a quick wave.  “Dammit,” he mumbled, “I was supposed to have the night off.” He finished his own drink and quickly followed after you, pulling the suit from his pack.


Scott knew that the only way for him to know where you were going and to be able to see you if you used invisibility was to stay in contact with you; physical contact, that is.  He would have to stay small and do a ride-along so that you didn’t know he was there.  You were too excited about this job and he knew it really was something big, likely big enough to put you away for a very long time.

He had followed you out of the bar and to the street corner, leaning against the wall to pull the suit over his clothes quickly before you had a chance to spot him.  You stood there for too long; he knew you were about to teleport and that he had to hurry.  He pulled down the mask, hit the button, and jumped into the pocket of your jacket just as you disappeared with him in tow.

When you arrived at your target and he realized where you were, Scott wanted to jump out and scream at you, to get you to change your mind and leave immediately.  He had no idea that you were going to the Avengers facility, and he was beginning to panic.  As you walked around unnoticed he watched carefully to figure out exactly where you were going and what your job was.  

You made your way to the locker room and looked around for the cabinet you needed, but stopped at the one marked for Scott.  It wouldn’t hurt to just take a peek, right?  

“Oh, god,” Scott sighed as he watched helplessly, “oh, god, this isn’t happening.”

You opened the door and took a step back, shocked at the various pictures of you stuck to the door like some kid with a crush.  You stood frozen in shock as you looked at each one, not sure of what to think or what to do.  You wanted to rip them all down and throw them out, but decided it was just better to walk away and forget you ever saw them.  Of course, you knew that you were lying to yourself; you wouldn’t be able to forget and now things were going to be weird between you.

You shook the images from your mind and tried to focus.  This was taking too long; your directions were to get in and get out.  Quickening your pace, you scanned the names on each locker until you found the right one, but here was a lock on it that looked like it was fingerprint coded.  It would be easy enough to just break it open, but there was likely an alarm trigger if you did.  Fortunately, your power of intangibility transferred to anything touching you, so you really didn’t even need to open it at all.    You took a deep breath and held it as you pushed your hand through the heavy metal door and felt around until it was in your hands.

The shield.

Scott’s eyes were practically exploding from his head at the sight of what you were doing.  He was an Avenger himself now, so he was torn; should he stop you and risk them finding out that he had been there the whole time? Should he let you take it and just steal it back later?  “Shit, shit, shit,” he whispered as he saw your hand pull back through the door with the prize in your grasp.  He almost fell from your pocket when the alarm sounded and lights began to flash throughout the room.

“Scott, get down,” you commanded, pushing him down deeper into your jacket.  “Things might get a little dramatic.  Just how I like it.”  

“How did you know…wait, what do you mean, dramatic?” he yelled up to you.  

“I’ve known that you were there the whole time.  Why do you think I stood on the corner so long before I left?  I knew you couldn’t help yourself from a job this big.”

He pulled himself up to the edge of your pocket again, looking around frantically as he waited for any member of the team to try to stop you, worried about what type of force they would use.  “(Y/N), put it back, please.  This is a terrible idea.”

“Ma’am, I believe that belongs to me,” Steve said in a calm tone.  “It would be in your best interests to put it down.”    

“You’re right on one count, sir.  It would be in my best interests, but it belongs to me now.”  You could feel Scott squirming around until he finally landed on the floor next to you and returned to his full form.

“(Y/N), I can’t let you do this!  That’s the shield!  You know, Captain freaking America’s shield?”

You rolled you eyes and sighed, “Yeah, I’m aware, and he just said that.”  You took a step back away from him and tightened your grip, “do try to keep up, Scott. Alright, gentlemen, I must be going, but it’s been fun, really.”  You slung the shield onto your back with ease, laughing at the look on Scott’s face when it attached to the high-powered magnets you had on under your shirt.

“This is why I’m so much better than you, honey.  I come prepared.”  With that, you disappeared in front of them, leaving Scott behind.

Steve crossed his arms and turned towards Scott with a stern expression, “you know who she is?  Do you know where she might be going?”

“I might,” he sighed, pulling off his helmet.  “And yeah, we go way back, but I think we might have just had a quantum leap back in our relationship.”  Scott looked nervous, rubbing beads of sweat from his forehead with a slightly shaking hand. “I can get it back, Steve.”  

“You would turn in your own friend?”

“She went too far…so…I don’t really have a choice, now do I?  If I’m going to be an Avenger, I need to protect the team…right?”  He paused for a moment, then nodded in agreement with himself and looked to Steve for direction.  “Call it.”

Steve smiled at Scott and gave a small wave of his hand towards the door.  You pushed it open and stepped inside, handing the shield to him with a chuckle.  “Thanks, doll.  I appreciate your help.”

“Anytime, Cap.”  You laughed louder when you turned towards Scott and saw his mouth hanging open in shock and confusion with his face turning paler by the second.  “Scott, you okay?”

“What the hell just happened?”

Steve took a step closer to you and put his arm around your shoulder, “We’ve had our eye on (Y/N) for a while now, so when we brought her on board I asked her to run a few security drills with her powers to see how we’d do in this new building.”

“Yeah,” you said and turned to Steve, all but ignoring Scott, “and I’d say you failed.  I had the shield in my hands before the alarms even started, and I would have been long gone.  I have some ideas that might-“

“Jesus, are you guys serious right now?!  This was all staged?  I was freaking out in there!”  He bent forward to rest his hands on his thighs, trying to settle his breathing.  “Oh, I think I’m gonna be sick.”

“Calm down, Scott,” you said quietly, taking a few steps towards him and putting your hand on his arm, “we just wanted to know where your loyalties lie, and if you would try to stop your own friend in a tough situation.  You did really well, considering.”  You led him to a chair and helped him sit, returning to Steve to finish your conversation.

“Considering?” he asked, “considering what?”

“That you looooove her,” Steve mocked.

“Yep,” Scott groaned and lowered his head again, “yep, gonna be sick.”

“Do not throw up in the helmet, Scott!” you heard a voice say faintly from inside.

Mom: Let’s hold an art show to get you some money! :D

Me: Yeah – *realizes this means a lot of attention on me* Ooohhhhhh n–

Mom: We can have door prizes!

Me: *thinks of the cost* Uhhhh –

Mom: Invite the family and their friends!

Me: *is scared of pricing too high or too low and getting backlash for it* Waiiiii –

Mom: Let’s make a list of snacks to serve! :D

Me: *screaming into the abyss because Guilt™*


So I’m supposed to be working on my thesis but of course, that’s not happening, and instead I”m distracting myself with videos on the internet.

This one is on the Monty Hall Problem…and I personally didn’t understand it the first few times I read it, and then it clicked, and this video does a good job of communicating how it works.

The problem is as follows:

There are three doors, 1, 2, & 3, and behind one door is an amazing prize like a car or something, and behind the others are goats [which tbh I’d love a goat but maybe that’s the Palestinian in me]. Now, as a contestant, you must choose one of the three doors. Say you choose door number 1.

The host, knowing which prizes are behind each of the doors, then opens up a door number 3, containing a goat [never the prize], and you are then asked whether you would like to switch to door number 2, or stick with your original choice of door number 1. 

Would it be better for you to switch, to keep your initially selected door, or would it not make a difference either way?

Initially, I figured it wouldn’t make a difference, as there much simply be a 50/50 chance of the prize being behind one of the two remaining doors, meaning that there’s no point one way or the other, as neither will really “help” your chances.

And I was wrong. By switching to the remaining door, you increase your chances from your initial 1/3 to 2/3, whereas sticking with the previous door keeps you locked into that initial 1/3 chance.

[Added bonus story to further contribute to my procrastination: A reader submitted this question back in 1990 to Marilyn vos Savant, a columnist who was at one point the Guinness World Record holder for having the highest recorded IQ [I wont bother getting into the numerous issues with that or IQ tests in and of themselves, which contributed to Guinness to drop such a record not too long after], and she answered the question properly, saying it would be in your best interest to switch.

As a result of her seemingly counter-intuitive answer, she was flooded with countless letters of people disagreeing with her, an overwhelming number of which were male mathematicians/statisticians/academics who resorted to sexist insults and tropes to voice their disagreement, with some claiming her answer was bogus and derived of “improper female-logic”.

THAT story can be read here