Dana and Josie and John and Maureen
Made it out just in time of the Otherworld scene
Their Night Valien blood kept the bright light at bay
For just enough time so they all got away

But what of the scientist, out there alone?
For Night Vale decided it wasn’t his home
As a regular human, he’s in quite a bind
From the Smiling God slowly taking over his mind

When the Voice comes to visit it might be too late
Thanks to Kevin, poor Carlos is in a bad state
Now Cecil’s in trouble, there’s no going back
Not after his boyfriend’s eyes turned solid black

Agna’s Pearl was often mistook for a Lapis, and the one she was always mistaken for is also the one who regularly flooded the place even though it seemed there wasn’t any water anywhere. Though this one is a bit short and has her gem on her arm..With a small mark on her dress similiar to a door somewhere. She’s not the well known Lapis, just one that seems to inhabit the same place Agna Aura calls home.

Agna Aura glares from a random door, her eyes and gem visible. She had been knocked over by a water wave earlier. 

(so i was browsing @asktheblueoceangem and happened across this post. and since i was bored, i decided to include a Lapis here whose gem is on her arm. the mark is just there because of this door otherwise she’s pretty much normal aside from height xp. but yea. the idea seemed amusing enough, but it’s from there. i’lldrawbettereventually.)

woah thunder

and lightning on 7/11/11 just before ten pm

Storms looking good.  We needed the rain.

Also, I just went to a jewelry/make-up party with my mom.  The stuff they were selling was pretty lame, but the party wasn’t bad.  Wine and cheese and door prizes.  I got a FREE Vera Bradley purse and wallet as a door prize.  Woot Woot. Now watching Boondock Saints II.  Then some reading and bed.

Nite all. Ask me questions on just talk.

New Donor: Jamie’s BJD Prop Shop

Great big thanks to Jamie’s BJD Prop Shop for a generous donation!

According to Jamie, “I run a little shop that sells 1/3 and ¼ scale props and Wigs for Asian Ball Jointed Dolls and other dolls between 16”-24" in size.“

Though they will unfortunately not be able to join us as a vendor this year, Jamie’s Prop Shop is sending three great donations to be among our door prizes.

Also find Jamie on Facebook and Ebay.

do not fall in love with people like me. if i see one of those really big claw machines ill try to fit in there through the prize door because im really short. something about naming hurricanes.

My goodies from the Melbourne BJD Emporium (not including the very special things that have to be shipped to me) including the beautiful little outfit from Peppermint Circus that I won as a door prize. #bjd #melbournebjdemporium

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I went to the doll show today. I was like “Gas crisis? What gas crisis…” and drove 20 mins across town anyways.

Totally worth it. I found one of my grail Barbie gold label sets for $40…I’m still super excited. It’s the Lord of The Rings Arwen and Argorn set that was always exorbitantly expensive. I have never seen them in real life, only looked at them longingly from a computer screen. They are still pretty expensive on eBay. I’m going to keep them in the box I think.

I also won a door prize in the first ten minutes of being there. I got to pick something from a table of stuff. There wasn’t a ton of super great stuff but I grabbed this:

She’s about 10 inches and full body jointed strung porcelain. She’s marked on her head with Paul 1989. I think these were sold blank and people customized them. This one was pretty bad, I already ripped off her fake eyelashes that were glued on so bad it looked like she had pink-eye. I have also pulled her wig off, it’s for a much bigger doll and it was just glued on. Her outfit is a bit….much too. She needs restringing I think. Once she is cleaned up she will get new hair and a new outfit. She will be a nice fun little project, and I haven’t had a porcelain doll in years so this is pretty cool. Either way this one needed rescuing.

I was disappointed there were no bjd ppl there, I was hoping to see one in real life to see if I’m really interested in someday dropping a metric ton of money on one. It was pretty much all old dolls and Barbie, with a few Tonner thrown in. 

I did get to see some reborn baby dolls in real life, that was pretty…..uncanny to say the least. The lady let me hold one and it looked and felt so much like a real baby I was like instinctively bouncing it like you do with babies. They looked intimately real.

I also stopped by the thrift store on my way home and found some cool stuff. I’ll probably make a video about it tomorrow. I still have a video I did that needs editing together and posting so this probably won’t go up till next week, depending on homework load.

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