I hate the door ajar ding

I absolutely can’t stand the dinging noise that a car makes when the driver’s door is open and the key is in the ignition.  My next door neighbor is constantly outside cleaning his car and doing typical maintenance and he leaves the key in the ignition and the door ajar.  That ding permeates everything and seems to come from every direction.  The way that it bounces off every surface and bombards your eardrums makes it sound like there’s no frequency to the number of beats per second.  Sometimes it’s ding ding ding ding and other times it’s ding dingdinginging (pause) ding.  I find it disorientating.  I hate it.  It’s worse than finger nails on a chalk board.  It’s worse than high pitched, high decibel laughs.  It’s even worse than Nickelback.

Please, take your keys out of the ignition and / or close your door.

my car broke :(

if any of you know anything about 1994 Doge Grand Caravan sliding door lock assemblies you input would be most helpful…

the door is completely shut but the damned sensor still keeps saying door ajar on and off every half second or so and i think it may even be a wiring issue but now it constantly says its open so the dome lights wont turn off and so ive had to dc the battery and my parents sya i cnt drive it till its fixed :(

The Door Ajar: Antonin Artaud

The Door Ajar: Antonin Artaud

Travelling to Cork today reminds me of a film about Antonin Artaud I saw last year at the Portobello Cinema called The Door Ajar. Thanks to Niall McDevitt for bringing this valuable film to London.

*On August 14th 1937 the French poet and theatre director, Antonin Artaud, arrived in Cobh in County Cork, bringing with him a stick which he believed St. Patrick owned. His intention was to return…

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Thunder (Closed)


There it was again. The rolling thunder and flickers of lightning that made the shadows of objects appear more sinister than what they were. The Princess tried all her best to keep her mind off of such nonsense which caused her to throw the blanket over her head. Sleeping at the Elric household was usually so nice and calm, but tonight made her question her bravery to become Queen.


The thunder cracked, followed by dozens more rumblings from afar. Garnet’s little heart was about to jump from her chest. She was completely sure of it. Though now, she had enough. She needed someone there with her, and the teddy bears weren’t doing her justice for comfort. Instead, she crawled out of bed and tiptoed out of her room. With her blanket covering her from head to tie, she clutched it tightly around her, meandering over to one particular door that was slightly ajar and peeked inside. All she was able to make out was blood locks draped over a pillow and a silhouette laying lazily on the bed. Garnet gulped, quickly scuffling inside and crawling into the warm bed that belonged to the alchemist. She pulled his covers over her body, snaking as closely to him as possible whilst burying her face into his back and wrapping her arms around his waist, enjoying the heat he emitted.


I want to get my head canons out before the show makes them canonically improbable. This fought me and it is what is it. A one shot, I guess.

Synopsis: Astrid’s Dad wants to have a chat with Hiccup before the Riders head to the Edge.

(This was supposed to be funny, but my muse had different plans and Magnus channeled my Mama Bear) 

Rating: PG


The Hofferson’s front door was slightly ajar. Not wanting to push the door open more and intrude, Hiccup moved to rap upon its arched frame when a gruff but steady voice boomed from within, “No need to knock, Son. Come on in.”

Hiccup took a deep breath and entered.

“My dad said you wanted to see me, Sir?” Hiccup smiled charmingly at the burly blond man sitting at a large ornate table that occupied the centre of the main room.

Magnus Hofferson stroked his long flaxen beard with one hand. The other choked up on the handle of a familiar looking battle axe laying on the table in front of him. He gave the young man a once over before nodding to the seat perpendicular to himself.

“Have a seat, Son. Can I call you, Son?”

“You can call me anything you want, Sir,” Hiccup replied, his eyes on the head of the axe.

Magnus pulled the weapon off the table, secured on his knee, picked up a whet stone and gave the blade a quick graze.


“Oh, I am not so sure you want to offer me that luxury,” Magnus chuckled, his eyes remaining on Hiccup as he continued to hone the axe.

Hiccup returned the chuckle politely and waited for Magnus to continue speaking.

He did not. A silence grew between them, broken only by the phssh sound of the whet stone on the iron axe, which did nothing to cut the tension Hiccup felt building inside of him.

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This Morning I Woke up, and I Have an Extra Kid

NOTE: I am not a writer. I am trying to get my head around something that is happening to me. Please excuse my fractured and sometimes muddled writing style.

I have two children. A son, and a daughter. I have given birth twice. I woke up this morning to the familiar sounds on the baby monitor of my daughter ( 2years old) playing and singing in her room. She was talking to her doll, which was making your standard recorded baby doll noises.

I slowly got motivated enough to get out of bed, went the kitchen and put the kettle on, and then went to wake my Son (8 years old) for school. As I walked by his room I noticed that the guest room door was a ajar. I peeked in, and there was a little girl standing by the foot of the bed. I just stopped in my tracks. She looked up, and said, “I can’t find my other sock Mum”.
Mum? I couldn’t form words. My husband appeared. Tossed a pair of socks to the little girl, and kissed me on the neck. “Mornin babe”.
The guest room. It has different furniture. A One Direction poster. Frozen doll collection. It started to spin, and I passed out.

My husband helped me go back to bed.

Migraine, I told him.

Everyone seems to think that she is ours, always had been. I’m afraid to say anything in case they think I’m insane.

I don’t know who this kid is. I don’t know what to do?!

Edit: my two year old had a toddler-meltdown just now. I went out to the kitchen to help out my husband, ( and honestly, I have to take another look). When the little girl came to the kitchen, my toddler said “hi! I’m Cara!”. My husband laughed it off… WTF is going on!!

Edit2: I have a cat. A fluffy, white, prissy cat. It’s cute. I guess.

(Mini edit) in my haste to update, I forgot to mention that, the cat is also new, I didn’t have a cat yesterday, now there is a unexplained cat, and it has apparently been around for several years.

Edit 3. It took absolutely ages for me to get into Facebook today. My password was changed, my account was disabled, my email account password was changed. I just don’t understand. There was no trace of any of the kids on my Facebook account. It’s down to the bare bones. Almost everything is gone. I have no photos, other than one or two from very early on. I talked to my sister, she knows about the little girl. She made an excuse to visit, ( unusual for her, we see each other on the holidays) rushed over, and everything was very tense. She didn’t say much. Other than to look concerned whenever I opened my mouth.

The kid, she’s very standoffish. Very cautious. I phoned my GP. I asked them for a copy of my file, and of our insurance details on file. I want to see if this has happened to me before, ( because I’m actually insane) or if they have insurance details of the little girl on file.

Her name is Alex.

Edit 4: Last night, as you can imagine, I couldn’t sleep. At 4am I got out of bed and went to the kitchen to make some tea. I sat there trying to wade through this dark confusion that is clouding my mind. I just feel… Wrong? I don’t know how to explain it. I eventually came to the realisation that my life is not in danger.

Whatever is happening, I can probably fix, or learn to live with. I went back to bed before the sun rose.

This morning I woke up and Alex was asleep in my bed. Jack,my eight year old, used to do this when he was very little, bad dreams, tummy aches, noises in his room. I studied the features of her face while she slept. She certainly has my nose, ( all the kids do). Her black hair though, the other two have a dull blonde/brown colour. I have to admit, she’s absolutely beautiful.

It felt awkward, and uncomfortable. I tried (unsuccessfully) to get out of bed without waking her. She turned towards me. Sleepy smile. And opened her eyes. Brown eyes. I have blue eyes. My husband has blue eyes. Jack and Cara have blue eyes. Is it possible for a child with two blue eyed parents to have brown eyes?

“Morning Mum, I missed you so much”. She missed me? I asked her when? “When did you miss me Alex?” She smiled, one of those toothy sleepy five year old smiles, “before I was born”.

What Should I Believe?! ((Starter: lion-sove))

Soul sighed as he went to Ignacio’s house. He had a bag of the other male’s clothes, his lover having forgot them back at his house. He felt his heart skip a beat when he saw the door ajar and hesitantly walked up to the door.

Soulmate part 3 (Ashton)

A/n: I received many requests for part 3 so here it is :)

Part 1  Part 2

You could hear the beeping sound of a heart monitor, the strong smell of disinfectant around the room was also very evident which led you to the conclusion; you were in a hospital. You felt better, although not fine, but at least better.

Your memory was quite a blur, the last thing you remembered was Ashton. Ashton and his mesmerizing hazel eyes and him calling for help. As you opened your eyes and scanned the room, you found no one. You were again confused.

Where are they? Don’t they know I’m here?

Your questions were answered when your eyes darted on your rooms’ door. It was left ajar and as you tilted your head and peeked. You saw them, your band, 5sos, and of course Ashton talking to the man in a white lab coat whom you assumed was the doctor. You were about to call them when the man in white spoke.

“Is she under a lot of stress?”

“We’ve been quite busy these past few months so I think she is.”  Your bassist confirmed

“Is there anything else you can think that’s bothering her?”

The guys exchanged confused looks all of them pondering on what might have caused this except for Ashton who looked so stressed out. 

Of course he knew what was bothering you. He wasn’t numb, he knew.

He was angry to himself. He knew there was no one else to blame but him. He was also falling for you but he didn’t know what to do. Two months ago he broke up with his girlfriend and explained everything to her. 

But still he never knew how he’d tell you . A part of him was afraid. He felt like a coward, he had questions. More questions than you. 

Why did our names appear late? Why is it on cursive? 

Why haven’t I heard on anyone who had this situation before?

So he wanted to search for those answers before finally confessing to you. He searched answers from google to libraries and  just as when he thought it was impossible to find answers to the situation, just last week fate intervened and he met an old couple. 

Names written on their wrist. And just like Ashton and you it was written on elegant cursive letters. They were more than happy to share their story and answered his questions.

Snapping back to reality Ashton figured out this was the best time to tell  the guys about the marks since it was also hard for him to keep it a secret especially to Calum, Michael, and Luke who were like his brothers. But before he could tell them, the doctor did the honors. 

“So there’s a name on her wrist, maybe you know who this Ashton Irwin is? Perhaps her soulmate has an idea on what’s troubling her”

All heads suddenly turned to him. Jaws dropping, still processing what the doctor just said.

“Dude what the heck is he talking about?” Calum blurted out loud and everybody was also looking at Ashton and the doctor for some explanation.

So he did. He took off all those thick baller bands and bracelets and this time proudly showed your name resting on his wrist.

“Dude what the fuck? How come we’ve never seen this before?” Michael touched his wrist to confirm and was skeptical and awed at the same time. 

Your band was also astonished on what they just saw. Questions were thrown at Ashton which he didn’t bother to answer, there was a right time for that. As for now all he wanted was to see you and apologize for everything he’s done. 

He was supposed to do that tonight,  that’s why he went to your dressing room, but instead he found you on the verge of pain. And seeing you in that situation hurt him. If he could, he’d be more than willing to take away the pain.

You on the other hand was just watching the happenings unfold in your room. You were happy to see that finally you don’t have to use those heavy duty concealers again. But what made you even happier was seeing Ashton reveal his wrists proudly.

You were expecting everyone to come in after that shocking revelation but instead, it was only Ashton who came in.

“They said they wanted to give us some privacy”

He chuckled after saying that, but you could sense that he was nervous.

“Ohh I doubt that, they’re probably eavesdropping right now.”

Now he was genuinely chuckling and you were glad the awkwardness had faded. He sat to the chair nearest to you and held your hand. His eyes trailing at your bare wrists without the concealer, admiring how his name is written on yours. Admiring how you are finally his, without the complications.

“You know that I’ve heard all your conversation outside right?”

His eyes met yours searching for something, and his lips curved a smile.

“ Well I did not know that. You know that we already broke up right?”

“Well I did not know that”  You copied him  a smile forming on your lips which made you even more beautiful.

“Is that a bad thing?” He was again nervous but his smile not leaving his face.

“The two of you breaking up? This might sound selfish but It’s not” Now it was you who laughed and you could hear him sigh in relief.

“So can I be your boyfriend now?” He asked hopefully

“Well what choice do I have else? You’re my soulmate right?”

You both laughed again and fell into awkward silence. And out of nowhere Michael shouted.

“Oh come on cut that crap why don’t you just kiss already?”

And you did. 

Half-Dragon All Manchild (Open Starter)

Lewis is vaguely aware that the front door is slightly ajar, but he is too preoccupied with what he is doing to be concerned. Setting the last alpaca plushie on the mantle, Lewis steps back and observes his work. Humming, Lewis glances around the room and grins in satisfaction. There are alpacas all over and now it will be impossible for anyone to infiltrate the area or get close to his lair and treasures without him knowing.

“Okay my minions, your job is to alert me should someone enter the premises or if anything suspicious takes place alright?”

Taking the silence as their answer, Lewis nods. Rumbling happily, Lewis turns and makes his way to the kitchen. Upon entering the room, Lewis strides over to the fridge and throws the door open. He rummages through the various foods for a few minutes before a happy growl falls from his lips. Reaching in, Lewis pulls out a jar of jalapenos and a some fish. Happy with his find, Lewis turns and uses his vibrant purple tail to shut the door.

That done, Lewis makes his way towards the hall lined with alpaca plushies of all shapes, colors, and sizes and the occasional Sailor Moon related poster plastered to the wall. Lewis continues his journey until he finally reaches a door at the end of the hall hidden behind a large, purple comforter. Grunting, Lewis pushes the thick cloth aside so he can enter without much incident. 

Lewis pulls his amethyst and fuchsia wings closer to his back before pushing his way in to the dark room. Unfortunately, despite Lewis’s best efforts, his left wing still manages to bump in to the door frame. Huffing in irritation, Lewis stomps his way over to the large tub that he has claimed as his nest and sets the food aside. Admiring the makeshift perch, lined with blankets and filled with spoons, mirrors, and various other treasures, Lewis finally decides to climb in and get comfortable.

Placing his head on the orange vest nestled against the wall of the tub, Lewis moves down and stretches out. With a snort, Lewis then proceeds to use his tail to pull the blue scarf closer. Taking the fabric in his hands carefully, Lewis snuggles it and pouts.

Vivi and Arthur may have refused to let Lewis add them to his glorious treasure pile, but they can’t stop him from adding their signature clothing so ha! 

Of course, now Lewis is feeling rather lonely… 

Pouting, Lewis lets out a loud roar of displeasure. As a result, Lewis completely misses the sound of a door slamming shut in the other room.

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Rinmaki. Were Maki discover Rins signing voice for first time? And is really amazed by it and wana hear more but rin thinks its no good. :3

“Rin-chan, that was great! Do you want to practice the song again?” 

“H-huh… was it? It didn’t sound like it to me…” 

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