George Michael’s life was constantly trailed by homophobic media that painted him as a sexual deviant and a drug addicted train wreck “corrupted” by the gay lifestyle. In reality, George Michael was an artist who, for a large portion of his life, was forced to hide his sexuality and live a lie in a pre-millennium society that emotionally punished anybody whose orientation challenged heteronormative expectations. Let us not forget the paths paved by people like George Michael: those who bravely came out during a time when closet doors were locked from the outside.

The Door is Ajar (an Olicity fic)

I had this idea in my head about an Olicity reunion fic, but I wasn’t a fan of the way the ending just sort of petered out so I’ve been sitting on it, but hey whatever. It’s abrupt and probably kind of dumb but I reread it today and it made me laugh so… Hope it makes someone smile!


Oliver goes to Felicity before he tells Susan.

He’s already decided he’ll tell her he’s the Green Arrow tonight. His biggest secret. But they’ve been dating for months now and if he wants them to have any real chance then he has to tell her. He’s learned that much.

That’s how he ends up standing in the elevator of his former campaign office and the current—(ly) cramped—office of the brand new Smoak Technologies, watching Felicity as her fingers fly over her keyboard. He’d always liked watching her work. He shook his head, remembering that that’s not really something he gets to do anymore. Gaze at her while she’s not paying attention. She doesn’t want that and he’s with Susan so…

He clears his threat.

“Oliver!” Felicity startles, her chair wheeling away from the desk a little as she looks up at him, eyes wide and hand to her chest. “We have to put a bell on you.”

“I’m sorry,” he says, stepping away from the elevator and closing up the secret passage by tapping that spot on the molding. “I didn’t mean to scare you, but I thought you’d hear the elevator…”

“Yeah, sorry. I was…” Felicity shakes her head, gesturing to the screen. “What did you need?”

Taking a deep breath, Oliver moves to her desk. His fingers twitch, itching for his bow the way they always do when he’s nervous.

“I’m going to tell Susan I’m the Green Arrow,” he says. Short and sweet.

What’s not so sweet is the deer in the headlights look that crosses Felicity’s face before she shrugs her shoulders and stands up from her chair.

"Oh, that’s…” She swallows, then tries again. “That’s a pretty big step.”

Oliver breathes out slowly. “I know. But if this thing with her has any hope of being real then—”

"You think it’s real with her?” Felicity blurts, then gestures awkwardly with one hand while stepping closer. “I mean, you’ve been dating her, obviously, but I didn’t know…”

She trails off and Oliver suddenly doesn’t know where to look. Making eye contact with her has never been this hard.

"I think I owe it myself to find out,” he says slowly. “And Susan and I… we’re in a place where she deserves to know the truth.”

Felicity’s lips twist at that, just slightly, but then she smiles—too brightly in Oliver’s opinion—and turns back toward her desk.

"Well, I guess the Arrow Cave will be getting a little more crowded after today. Not that much more crowded,” she adds hastily, spinning back to face him. “Obviously, because Susan’s tiny. Unless she’s pregnant with twins or something I don’t think she’ll ever take up much space. Not—” Felicity slams her eyes shut— “that she’s pregnant. I just meant—”

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D&D story time

Me, DM: There’s a room to your right, the door is slightly ajar and you can hear voices on the other side.

Our Dwarf Paladin: I kick down the wall next to the door.

Me: You can just go through the door.

Dwarf: No, I kick down the wall and catch whoever is on the other side completely off guard.

Me: Fine but make a Strength Check.

Dwarf: *Nat 20*

Me: You smash the wall down while screaming at the top of your lungs, your great axe held in both hands.

*Makes guard on the other side of the wall roll a Constitution Check to see how caught off guard he is*

*Nat 20*

Me: The guard whips around as if he was expecting this to happen, he rips his shirt open and screams “BRING IT ON!” and charges at you.

here's a concept because I need it

you’ve been texting Harry all day, and when he had received your one word responses he knew something was wrong.

he’s kicking his shoes off hours later and padding along the floor as he calls out for you in the dead, uncommonly quiet flat you two share, “Love? Where yeh at?”

And when you don’t respond he feels his heart sink a bit, steps a bit more rushed as he enters the living room, spotting your bag and laptop and phone sitting on the coffee table.

He glances around the room once more before he heads up the stairs to your shared bedroom, pushing open the slightly ajar door.

He sighs when he sees your familiar head of hair sticking out in the middle of the bed under a massive pile of blankets. The tissue box and waste basket next to your side of the bed which are littered with used tissues and cough drop wrappers is his next clue as he steps over to the side and peels back one of the many, many blankets you’re wrapped under to peer ar your face.

Your nose is red and you’re breathing heavily through your mouth, causing him to sigh a bit. He leans forward to press the back of his hand against your forehead, gasping at the warmth he comes in contact with.

You stir a bit, a whimper leaving your mouth and he soothes your gently in a hushed whisper “Sh sh, s'okay. Just me, love.”

Your sleepy eyes open a bit before they shut again and your voice is hoarse as you speak, “ ‘lo love.”

He purses his pink lips together and clucks his tongue a bit, “Feeling sick, pet? Why didn’t yeh tell me?”

You inhale a raspy breath and shift closer to his touch, and he automatically brushes your hair back from your head. “Felt fine till I got home.”

“Don’t lie. What’s hurtin? Just a cold?” He admonishes.

Your sniffle is enough of a response for him.

“Gonna get yeh some soup, yeah?” He mumbled before moving to get up.

“No!” You croak, reaching blindly for him with a jelly feeling arm.

His eyebrows furrow and his green eyes are alert instantly as he sits down on the edge of the bed.

“Okay, s'okay. S'alright. I’m right here, love.” He mumbles leaning down to press a kiss to your blazing forehead.

“Can you cuddle me?” You whimper and he chuckles but is pulling back the immense amount of covers to join you.

“Aren’t yeh hot?” He hisses he pulls you to his chest and pulls the blankets back over you two.

“C-cold, actually.” You manage as you bury your face into his chest.

“Alright, alright. S'enough, go to sleep. I’ve got you, love.” He says softly as he leans his cheek into your hair.

iamafuckingbeast  asked:

could you update the stiles cooks/bakes tag please? ily blog so much btw, i'm pretty sure i'm addicted

a++ just what i like to hear

Feel Again by GameCake (1/1 | 9,586 | PG13)

Stiles cast a spell that was supposed to make him invisible and he wanted to test it out by sneaking up on Derek. However, he was not ready for what he saw when he peaked over the ajar door.

Stiles saw a man, cross-legged on the floor in the middle of the main room. And okay, that was not that extraordinary, but what was that made the image bizarre was the pitch black wings that emitted from the middle of the man’s back.

Not Made of Marble by onereader (1/1 | 2,368 | R)

The pack still ran on full moon nights, and maintained their awareness of the town’s safety, but without imminent threat all of them slowed down and enjoyed the little things in life.

Derek still ran in the forest, but for the pleasure of the scents of the land and the sights of the changing seasons. And he always returned to a warm home that smelled of whatever delicious breakfast Stiles had conjured up.

I made you cookies by zwatchtowerz (TheSpark) (1/1 | 2,824 | PG13)

Derek and Stiles grow up together. And Stiles knows how to make cookies.


Derek and Scott are brothers. Stiles is Scott best friend. Derek hate him. But not really. Time passed and they become friends.

the banana bread incident by Thealmostrhetoricalquestion (1/1 | 10,287 | PG13)

“Is this a plastic spoon?” Stiles demands in disgust. “You do realise that there’s actual cutlery in the kitchen, right? I’m surrounded by morons who don’t know how to use a kitchen.”

“I know how to use a kitchen,” Derek protests lazily. “It’s just that all the other spoons were dirty.”

“There’s this revolutionary new invention,” Stiles says, widening his eyes in mock-amazement. “It’s called a sink.”

In which there are tiny pink shorts, a kissing gate, a cat called Pumpkin and a plethora of awkward moments.

Baggage by deadly_nightshade, Nerdy_fangirl_57 (13/? | 109,630 | R)

Derek wasn’t meant to be the Alpha of Beacon Hills, but, when Laura moves to New York with her husband the Beacon Hills territory needed a new alpha to take charge. Not only is he busy running around making sure his territory is safe and doing his job correctly as Sheriff of the Beacon Hills Supernatural Police Department alongside Sheriff Stilinski who was the Sheriff of the Beacon Hills Human Police Department but he also has to keep track of his 3 adopted children. Erica and Boyd are about to start their junior year of high school so he doesn’t need to stress over them very much but Isaac? The youngest and newest member of their small pack? That’s the one he worries about.

Isaac is a shy little pup and this will be the first year that Isaac won’t be home schooled. He is about to start 2nd grade and Derek couldn’t do anything but worry. That is until he caught sight of the 2nd grade teacher. A face too elegant to be considered handsome and too masculine to be viewed as pretty but gorgeous nonetheless with sweet honey brown eyes and a bright smile as his lean figure rested against the door frame where he waited for the parents to pick up their children. Yeah…… Isaac will be fine…

Boarding House

Originally posted by tahyns

Genre: Mild smut, mature, angst, fluff, … (idk)

Summary: Kang Mari is a girl with a vivid imagination. Struck with perversion, she is one of the most popular smut fanfic writer on the internet, while being the only girl in a boarding house. Seven boys live with her and it was no doubt she gets her inspiration from those hormone-raging boys.

Count:1895 words

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]

Chapter 2:

“I told you to stay away from that place. Why won’t you guys ever listen?” I heard someone complaining downstairs. I removed my glasses and closed my laptop, while staring up at my clock on the wall.

3 A.M.

Who in the world is yelling through the boarding house at 3 a.m. in the morning? I stepped out of my bed and opened my door ajar. Peeking through the gap, I watched three familiar young men walk into the living room. Two of them were wearing black clothes and seemed to be having a hard time standing on their feet. The one who was yelling was Jin who looked at the two drunk youngsters.

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Be a Good Boy (M)

REQUEST: I’d like a scenario w/ jungkook or suga where you are the dominant and ya know, orgasm denial and such. Like them being so into it they almost cry. Wtf is wrong with me honestly



“Jungkook!” you yell in the middle of the hallway announcing your return from work. Quietly tiptoeing up the stairs, you crane your neck to see the living room light off only the dim light of a lamp bringing light in the room with the door slightly ajar.

You quietly make your way to the bedroom door, making sure not to let Jungkook hear you. Soft moans and groans escape through Jungkook’s lips. Your eyes widen when you realize what he is doing. “Y/N.” He moans out softly, a smirk replacing your ‘o’ shaped mouth.

“You called?” You say huskily as you make yourself visible to him.

“Y/N, I can explain!” He says as he quickly pulls his hand out of his pants.

You’d always enjoyed making Jungkook stutter. You had taken his first time and he had been nervous as ever the lights were off in your room and he mumbled apology after apology at how quick he had come but you loved it all the same however You’d never been intimate with Jungkook since he had always been busy with schedules and when you suggested it he put it off due to how tired he was now. Jungkook was the perfect submissive. He didn’t know enough to question anything and he hadn’t a clue what punishment awaited him if he disobeyed you. He was new and innocent and he looked so good when he tried to hide his arousal.

You start to palm him slowly, putting slightly more pressure as he starts to squirm in his seat. You can feel his eyes on you as you start to unbutton his jeans, “Eyes on me baby.”

“What are you d- oh?” He cuts himself off with a moan when you finally wrap your hand around his bare cock. You can’t help but smile in victory when he involuntarily bucks his hips up, putting your hair behind your ear before you lean down.

“Fuck, you can’t- what are you doing Y/N, are you sure you don’t have t-”

“Shut up and relax baby okay?” You say, cutting his rambling off with a stroke of your hand that has him cursing your name.

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Things You Said At 1am.

Things You Didn’t Say At All.

Carl tip toes into her room, leaving the door slightly ajar behind him. He eyes his dad, slumped over the edge of her bed, his head resting on her lap. Carl walks up beside his father, taking note of his fingers intertwined with hers tightly. Carl wants to be angry with him. He wants to scream at him and tell him how much of a fuck up he is. He wants to ask him why every time things get good, he has to figure out a way to ruin them. But that isn’t fair this time. He tried. Carl knows that he actually tried this time. So instead of waking up his battle worn father, he runs his hand over his damp hair softly; lovingly. Like his father has done to him so many times in the past.


Carl takes a seat next to him and turns his attention to the closest thing he’s had to a mother in over a year. Her face is puffy and bruised, no doubt from pointless beatings at the hands of Negan’s heathens. But he knew she fought tooth and nail. Refusing to stay down; getting back up each and every time they knocked her off her feet. She wouldn’t have it any other way. His father lost his mind at her appearance when they dragged her from the van after taking her nearly a week before.


“You fucking prick!” Rick screamed loudly when his eyes landed on her, struggling against the hold that Arat and Bob had on him, “Goddamnit! I did everything you fucking wanted! Everything! You fucking-”


Carl glances down at his plaid shirt, her now dried blood staining the material. Enid begged him to take it off, to change, but he couldn’t. He wouldn’t. It would serve as a reminder to him now and always as to why that mother fucker has to die. Daryl, Rick, Gabriel, Carl, and Rosita watched in horror as Negan stabbed her with the same hunting knife he used on Spencer. She crumpled to the ground and within an instant, the war was ignited. Bullets whizzing through the air, fists flying, knives slicing.


Carl reaches out and places his hands on her forearm, a little surprised at her warmth. That’s a good sign at least. He strokes her skin gently, smiling softly for really no reason at all, which surprises him more, “I never thought this situation would be reversed. It’s usually you huddled over my bedside.” He says quietly, “I know I’ve never told you this, well, I kinda have, in my own dumb way.” He pauses, glancing to his left as his dad shifts but doesn’t wake. His breaths deep and rhythmed. He turns back toward her, his mind racing with the words he wants to say. Carl was always like his mother, never finding a time where he was lost for words. Now is no different, “That night, on the porch, after Deanna. When I told you that I would do it for you. What I meant to say was that I love you. My sister loves you.”


He drops his head a little, his voice growing softer and softer by the minute, “My dad loves you. I don’t know if he’s said it, probably hasn’t, but I know he does. He’s not a talker, he won’t say it out loud but I hope you can feel it. I hope you know it. I’ll, I’ll talk to him. I’ll tell him that sometimes people just need to hear it, for no reason. I’ll make sure that you hear it. From him, from me, from Daryl, from everyone. Because we love you Michonne. We love you and we need you.”


He nods a little, growing more and more confident as he speaks, knowing that his words will come true, “Daryl and Jesus are working on a plan right now. And when you’re strong and you can fight, we’ll take that piece of shit down. Together. We’ll hang his head on the gates of Alexandria as a sign to any future fucks that wanna mess with us. We don’t die easy. But they will.”


His hair falls in his face as he looks up and gazes out of the small window. His hand grazes down her arm and rests on top of his fathers’. He laces his fingers as best he can with both of theirs just as the clock strikes one am.

Star of the Nativity


In the cold season, in a locality accustomed to heat more than
to cold, to horizontality more than to a mountain,
a child was born in a cave in order to save the world;
it blew as only in deserts in winter it blows, athwart.

To Him, all things seemed enormous: His mother’s breast, the steam
out of the ox’s nostrils, Caspar, Balthazar, Melchior—the team
of Magi, their presents heaped by the door, ajar.
He was but a dot, and a dot was the star.

Keenly, without blinking, through pallid, stray
clouds, upon the child in the manger, from far away—
from the depth of the universe, from its opposite end—the star
was looking into the cave. And that was the Father’s stare.

                                                                                                                                                                                       December 1987

Daddy Draco: Sick - Draco x Reader

Draco heard the distant sounds of quiet cries. He slowly opened his grey eyes. 4:30 a.m the morning. He turned to see if his wife was asleep beside him. She was gone and their bedroom door was left ajar. Draco stood up and decided to follow the source of the crying. It led him to his two year old daughter’s Ariel’s room. Draco soon noticed his 3 and a half year old son Leo was also awake. He opened the door. “ Daddy!” Leo yelled. This caught Y/N’s attention. “ I’m sorry to wake you.” She apologized. She held the little girl with long Malfoy blonde hair. Her eyes were her mother’s and Draco couldn’t have been happier. Ariel whined on Y/N’s lap. “What’s the matter?” Ariel wiped her Y/E/C eyes with a tiny balled up fist. “ She’s got a fever and a tummy ache. Leo got sick all over his bed so I just cleaned him off.” Draco picked up Leo in his arms. Leo rested his head on his father’s shoulder. “ You should have woken me up to help.” Y/N smiled. “ You have work in the morning. You need your sleep.” Draco rubbed the small of Leo’s back. This always soothed him. His tiny grey eyes were fighting to stay awake. “ Family is first. I’ll put him to bed. I’ll be back.”

Leo watched as Draco made sure all his Thomas the Train sheets were neat and orderly. “ Daddy. Stay.” Leo pleased knowing his father would soon tuck him into his bed. “ Of course. Come here my little man.” Draco picked up the toddler. Laying him down gently in his mass of blankets. Making sure to tuck every layer in. Draco dimmed the lights. Leo began to fuss. “ Tummy.” Draco laid in the small twin bed. “You’re alright. Daddy is here.” He whispered softly. He rubbed the sleepy toddler’s back. He hummed a quiet lullaby. Leo, tried to stay awake but, was soon overtaken by sleep. Draco gently kissed his son’s soft cheek before sneaking out of the room.

Every time Draco heard his children cry it broke his heart. Ariel was exhausted. Both Draco and Y/N could see she wanted nothing more than to sleep. “ I’ll get her some medicine. You take her.” Ariel opened her arms up wide for her father. “ come here my little princess.” Draco said lifting Ariel off of Y/N’s lap. “ Daddy.” Ariel cried. She cuddled her warm soft cheeks into his neck. “ I know my darling, I know. You’ll be alright. Daddy’s here.” Draco ran his fingers gently through her soft blonde hair. “ I found some medicine. Now, we gotta get her to drink it.” Y/N said holding up a small brown tinted vile and a small spoon. “ Ariel baby. Drink this and you’ll feel better.” Ariel took one look at the vile. “ No! No! No! Yucky!” She hid her face in her father’s chest. “It’ll be okay princess. You can have some ice cream if you take it.” Draco said with a sing song voice. The toddler was now listening. “ Ice cream?” Her teary eyes full of hope. “ Yes. All for Ariel.” Y/N quickly nodded. Like a baby bird she opened her mouth. Causing Y/N and Draco to laugh.

Y/N handed Ariel her “Ice cream” which was a child’s yogurt frozen. Ariel had finally stopped crying and began to eat. She sat on Draco’s lap at the kitchen table. “ Draco Darling. Go back to sleep. I can take it from here. You have work in 2 hours. Get some rest.” Ariel was giggling to herself thinking she was getting away with something she wasn’t supposed to. Draco smiled. “ I’m alright lovely. I’m fully awake now.” Ariel lifted her head up to look at her father. “ Daddy sleep?” He chuckled and kissed her forehead. “ I’m okay.” Y/N cleaned off the toddler yogurt covered hands. “ Draco? I hope you don’t mind but, I want Ariel to sleep with us. I’m still worried about the fever.” Draco nodded. “ I agree. Ariel you want to sleep with mummy and daddy?” Ariel nodded her hands reaching up to wrap her arms around her father’s neck.

Draco laid a now very sleepy Ariel beside him in the bed. Her blue and grey onesie had been replaced by her favourite green nightgown. Draco wrapped her up in the blanket. “ Go to sleep now my princess. Mummy and Daddy are right here.” Draco said quietly brushing the stray hairs off her forehead. Draco hummed quietly as the toddler finally gave away to sleep.

Draco looked at Ariel’s sleeping face. She resembled her mother so much when she was asleep. Y/N soon drifted to sleep as well. Draco laughed a little seeing their expressions matching. His two favourite girls were together. He couldn’t think of a better way to start off the day.

Attraction, the marvelous simplicity of opening, has nothing to offer but the infinite void that opens beneath the feet of the person it attracts, the indifference that greets him as if he were not there, a silence too insistent to be resisted and too ambiguous to be deciphered and definitively interpreted - nothing to offer but a woman’s gesture in a window, a door left ajar, the smile of a guard before a forbidden threshold, a gaze condemned to death.
—  Michel Foucault, Being Attracted and Negligent in Maurice Blanchot: The Thought From Outside

Harry had come home early. He was excited to see his girl after 6 months apart. He was going to surprise her, she had no idea he was coming. As he walked into the house he could immediately tell something was wrong. Usually Y/N would be sitting on the couch watching reruns of her favorite show or in the kitchen making herself a cuppa. She wasn’t in the kitchen nor the living room. Harry made his way upstairs thinking she may be asleep, she had been stressed this week. Her and Harry had talked over the phone and he could hear how tired she was. As he made his way closer to their bedroom he heard moans, not just any moans, her moans. She was moaning out his name. As he walked into the bedroom he heard the moans coming from the bathroom. The door had been left ajar, he made his way towards the door trying not to make any noise. He walked in the steam filled bathroom to see Y/N getting herself off with the shower head. He couldn’t help but smirk when he heard his name tumble from her gorgeous lips. Harry couldn’t see her face clearly because the hot showers steam had fogged up the glass door. He wanted to get a closer look, so as quiet as possible Harry took off his clothes and slipped into the shower. He stood there for a minute until your moans started getting higher pitched and louder, she was about to cum. He swiftly grabbed the shower head from your hand, “Enjoying yourself pet?” she almost screamed when a hand grabbed the shower head, but she was quickly reassured as she heard Harry speak. She didn’t turn around to meet Harry’s gaze for she was far too embarrassed to face him. “Look at me pet.” he demands. Y/N slowly turns around to face him averting her eyes to the shower floor. Her face was completely flushed from embarrassment. He softly grabbed her chin so he could look her in the eyes. She looked up at him innocently hoping it would make Harry take it easier on her. “Tha’ not gonna work pet” he says knowing exactly what she was doing.
“Sorry” Y/N mumbled, his gaze making her legs squeeze together. His eyes shifted down to her soft thighs, she was trying to get relief from the ache in between her thighs. He smirked.
“Still horny, princess?” He asked looking back up to her face, her eyes shifting trying not to make direct contact with his. Y/N merely nodded her head at his comment. Harry slapped her thigh lightly. “Use your words.”
“Yes, I’m still horny.” she said only slightly louder than her apology earlier. The smirk on his faces grows. He grabs her hip and pulls Y/N towards his chest.
“Are yeh pet? Wha’ do yeh want?” Harry asks her knowing exactly what she was craving. Y/N once again averted her eyes from his.
‘I-I want, want yourcock.” She said words jumbling together at the end of her sentence.
“You want wha’ now?” he asked putting his hand near his ear as if he you were going to tell him a secret
“Want your cock.” she said once again, her words not jumbled this time.
“Is tha’ right missus? Want my cock huh?” he paused for a second before continuing on “do yeh think yeh deserve it, after I caugh’ yeh touchin’ yourself?” Y/N only nodded not being able to form any words,for her brain was too clouded with lust.
“Hmm I don’t kno’ bout that, maybe I will. First you’re gettin’ a punishment” Harry says as he pushes the powerful shower head back onto her clit. She moaned out his name loudly as she was before.
“Harry!” her clit was still sensitive from your earlier experience, she could already feel the knot in her belly tightening. “Harry, I’m gonna, gonna cum!” she moaned out, digging her nails into his strong arm.
“Cum pet, come on, let go princess.” She was done for, her vision went white and hot, searing pleasure ran through her; from the tips of her toes to the top of her head. Before she had fully come down from her high, Harry already had her pushes up against the wall. He was looking at Y/N as she opened her eyes.
“Yeh ready pet?” he asked, looking for a nod or waiting for a verbal yes. She nodded her head he brain still consumed with pleasure. He pushed into her both of them groaning as he did. “Fuck yeh feel so good. How are yeh always so tight.” he moaned feeling her slick wall engulf him.
“So big, just so big.” she moaned out her words coming out choppy. Harry continued thrusting into her. He once again brought the shower head to Y/N ‘s clit. “Harry, no, hurts.” she whined trying to push it away.
“Let it hurt pet.” he growled thrusting harder. The pain quickly dissolved and turned into pure pleasure. She wasn’t going to last long, with his thick length pumping into her repeatedly hitting that spot inside her and the warm shower water hitting her.
‘H-Harry cum, cum!” she screamed out, Harry knew he wouldn’t last long either, her tight walls squeezing around him and after months of only using his hand, he knew he’d cum fast. He pressed into her harder and quickened his thrusts.
“Come on pet, cum all over my cock.” with that she came, she came hard. Her walls were completely milking him; with her squeezing around him and the sounds of his name tumbling out of her mouth he came. Harry came hard, coating her walls with his thick cum, groaning her name. As they both came down from their highs, Harry was the first to open his eyes. He saw Y/N eyes closed, trembling in his arms. He pulled out of her put kept her in his arms. He brushed a wet piece of hair out of her face. “Yeh alrigh’ darlin’?” he asked.
“Yeah’ she answered him voice raspy from yelling.
“Love you” he whispered
“Love you too.” she said giggling.

It’s not very good but I wanted to give you something because I’ve been promising concert Harry! Which will be out soon! Thanks so much for reading, all the love! x

Inconvenient curses to put on people

When cursing people please remember the rule of three. this is mostly just for fun :)

1. May your mother come to talk to you, and then leave your door slightly ajar, so that you have to get up and close it.

2. May every sock you wear be slightly rotated, just enough for it to be uncomfortable.

3. May the chocolate chips in your cookies always turn out to be raisins.

4. May both sides of your pillow be warm.

5. May your article load that extra little bit as you’re about to click a link so you click an ad instead.

6. May you forever feel your cellphone vibrating in the pocket it’s not even in.

7. May you not be able to get an erection without thinking about Steve Buscemi

8. May you always get up from your computer with your headphones still attached.

9. May you always hear the last 5 seconds of your favorite song when getting into your car

10. May your life be as pleasant as you are.

11. May the tool you need RIGHT NOW disappear only to reappear when you use an inferior tool

12. May your chair produce a sound similar to a fart, but only once, such that you cannot reproduce it to prove that it was just the chair.

13. May you always forget why you walked into a room

14. May your five year old neighbor have their violin lessons during all of your hangovers.

15. May your sock always slip down onto your foot at the most inconvenient time

16. May you have your laptop charge all night without noticing the cord isn’t plugged in the wall.

17.May the person in front of you always be going a tad too slow

18. May your return calls always go unanswered, even though you literally just f*cking called me, Kyle.

19. May the belt loop of your pants always get stuck on a door handle

20. May you always step in a wet spot after putting on fresh socks.

21. May your tea be too hot when you receive it, and too cold by the time you remember it’s there.

22. May you always see people eat string cheese like regular cheese

23.. May your cookie always be slightly too large to fit inside your glass of milk.

24. May your shoelace always break when you’re tying your shoe in a hurry

25. May the pin of the bathroom stall never reach the lock to close the door.

26. May the person in front of you in line always let other people cut in front of them

27. May all your Facebook notifications be game invites.

28. May you never be quite certain whether that pressure is a fart or poop.

29 May it always be poop

30. May your spoon always slip and sink under the hot soup you’re eating.

31. May people always say “chachacha” in between the verses of the happy birthday song on your birthday.

32. May the corner of your fitted bedsheet always slip off

33. May you always have to get up to pee when you’re really comfortable

34. May your youtube videos take way too long to load

35. May your headphone cords always be tangled

36. May the hairdresser always cut your hair a tad too short

37. 38 May you always have the feeling that someone is looking over your shoulder

38. May your eye twitch, for a very short time, several times throughout the day

39. May someone always change the settings on your chair

40. May the people you eat with be very loud chewers.

I got the idea for this from buzzfeed, A lot of them I thought of and some I got off the internet :)

Disobedient Wife

(Negan x Reader)

Request:  Hi! I love your Negan writing 💕 And I was wondering if you could please write an one shot based on E03S07 of TWD where reader is one of Negan wifes (the one he loves the most), but she’s actually really kind and can’t look at how he treat Daryl so when no ones looking she turns of the music in his room and brings him better food and eventually Negan finds out? 💕


You’d never openly say something against Negan’s methods, hell you even agreed with him on many things but unnecessary cruelty wasn’t one of them.  

So instead of doing the smart thing and keeping out of other people’s business you had gone to visit Daryl a few times. You turned off the music at night and brought him food, not seeing the point in any of this torture, he was already broken enough.  

You should have known better. When you walked back to your room one night and found the door slightly ajar, that was when you should have gone back and turn the music on, pretending not to know anything.  

You didn’t. Instead you opened the door, stepped inside and found yourself face to face with a smirking Negan.  

“There’s my favourite girl.” He sits straight up on your bed, holding out his arms for you to greet him, “Been wondering what the fuckidy fuck you’re up to lately, never in your room, always sneaking around…” His tone made clear that he knew exactly what you were doing.  

You take a deep breathe, swallow down your fear and start to take slow steps towards him. The shock was probably showing on your face even though you tried to control it.  

“Hey Negan.” You give him a small smile before putting your arms around him to embrace him in a quick hug.  

He places both of his hands on your hips, pulling you into his lap. One of them moves up into your hair, stroking your head lovingly. A gesture that makes you shiver.  

“Did you think I wouldn’t find out darlin’?” His voice is calm and even, which is more effective than any kind of yelling would have achieved.  

Your nails are lightly digging into his back as you think of something to reply. When you open your mouth to answer, he clicks his tongue and you fall silent again.  

“Didn’t think you’d get away with this shit, did you? Oh no you don’t. As much as I like you sweetheart, I can’t have you going around breaking just any rule you like.” His hold on you gets tighter until he flips you over onto  the bed, your back pressed into the mattress, “Only question is…what to do with my disobedient little wife? I think we both agree you need a punishment, right?” He raises his eyebrows and looks down at you expectantly.  

“Yes…” You nod your head and look up at him, seeing a sly smile appearing on his face again.  

Negan would never hurt you, not really. Yes, he would punish you and yes, it would bring him absolute joy to do so but then again, the kind of punishment he had in stall for you wasn’t so bad…

Requested by Anon
Reader is pregnant before Arthur goes off to war, Arthur meets baby girl when he comes home (Reunion).
Warnings: Fluff.
Authors Note:

Name is pronounced “Row-nah”. Hope you all enjoy! This went up sooner than I planned! yay! Feedback is super appreciated!

“(Y/N), wake up, the train is coming in an hour. The babe is downstairs with Ada.” Polly knocked on your bedroom door that was left ajar. You groaned and felt your body begin to wake up. Your muscles felt warm against the cold air, you curled and uncurled your toes letting them peek out from the bottom your sheets and quilt. You let your head lull against the pillow for a moment, hair cascading around you.

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The supernatural fandom is like that annoying big brother that randomly bursts into your room ((usually in the middle of the night)) shouting ‘I aM HeReEEEeeeeE’ then throws glitter at you before leaving with the door slightly ajar.

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Preference #6 - The Other Boys Don’t Like You (Niall)

I had the afternoon off work today and decided to grab some lunch and take it to the studio; the boys had been in there non stop for the last week, rarely leaving except to come home late into the night. Stopping off at Nando’s I collected a few things I thought the boys might enjoy, loading them into my car before making my way to the studios.

Thankfully I got inside with no issues, only having to stop twice because of paparazzi taking photos; they’d moved on quickly when they realized I wasn’t going to answer any of the questions. They moved back to lean against the brick wall, waiting for at least a glance of the boys.
Heading into the studio I smiled at the receptionist; she nodded at me, pointing down the hallway to the room the boys were recording in. Heading up the hallway I noticed the slightly ajar door, their voices spilling out towards me.
“-what are you saying?” Niall asked, his voice unusually strained.
“That she’s a total fame whore!” One of them shot back, tone of voice indicating that it was Liam.
I stopped walking, wondering what they were talking about and whether or not I should interrupt.
“That’s so not true!” Niall responded.
“I wouldn’t be surprised if y/n was only with you because of how famous you are,” That was Louis, his tone sounded bitter.

I swallowed thickly, feeling a lump form in the back of my throat as soon as my name was mentioned. Did they really think I was only with Niall because of his fame? It didn’t matter to me one bit whether he was famous or not, I’d have loved him anyway.
“So your saying she couldn’t just love me for me?”
“No, no Niall that’s not what we’re saying,” Harry chimed in. “Look, we just think that y/n loves the attention way too much, the way she acts around paparazzi and fans you’d think she was the famous one and she’s not.”
“She’s leeching off you Ni,” Liam spoke again. “She’ll break your heart.”

I felt the tears welling up along my waterline, my bottom lip quivering as I tried to stop the onslaught of emotion that was trying to break out. I couldn’t understand why they were saying those things about me, I’d never given them any reason to doubt what I felt towards Niall, at least I’d never thought I had before now. As I stood outside in the hallway, holding the rapidly cooling takeaway bags, I was running through everything I had ever done or said while with them in public; sure I’d never shied away from the paparazzi, they didn’t really worry me all that much and smiling at them, answering questions was less likely to hurt Niall’s reputation in the long run, so was talking to the fans when they wanted to talk to me. Apparently though, all my efforts in trying to be apart of Niall’s life were taken the wrong way and I was left with a pit in the bottom of my stomach that felt like it was made of cement.

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Feel Again

Author: game-cake
Type of Work:
Title: Feel Again
Teen And Up
Word Count:
No Warnings Apply
Summary: Stiles cast a spell that was supposed to make him invisible and he wanted to test it out by sneaking up on Derek. However, he was not ready for what he saw when he peaked over the ajar door.

Stiles saw a man, cross-legged on the floor in the middle of the main room. And okay, that was not that extraordinary, but what was that made the image bizarre was the pitch black wings that emitted from the middle of the man’s back.
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Stiles had just had the best day ever. Okay, that is a total exaggeration, but he was actually very excited.

So, here is the thing, since the whole thing with the kanima/Jackson situation, Stiles became aware of his ability to magic shit up. It essentially meant that he had the ability to manipulate certain forms of magic objects, plus he could learn some tricks on how to call upon nature, or something that sounds equally hippie, and get help when he needs it.

At first, he was all about research and everything, but working on magic without guidance? It was either ridiculous, since he made a fool of himself when he tried spells online, or extremely dangerous, like the one time he accidently ignited a very valuable and very ancient book he had borrowed. He hadn’t stolen it, not at all, he fully intended to put it back, but when all that was left was ash returning it wasn’t really an option.

Deaton noticed and he was very mad, Stiles knew, because the man actually let the expression be shown in his face, and that doesn’t happen unless someone screws up really bad. So, Deaton decided he should teach him so that he doesn’t end up destroying another one of his precious books.

At first, Deaton went all about reading, understanding, and studying, which was unacceptable, because Stiles needed to learn and practice, he didn’t have time for homework! He had a good reason for that, which he made sure that was voiced from day one. He was afraid that when a threat comes up he would be defenceless. Deaton didn’t buy it, but he said he knew Stiles would end up practising on his own if he didn’t teach him so he caved.

 And this is why it was his best day ever. Because finally he was taught something that matters, not theories or lighting a candle or anything, but the actual magic that he could use in an actual fight.

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