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Tales from the stage door

Sorry for the long post! So, here they are - some of the pics I took of David at the stage door at The Wyndham’s Theatre after his 2. and 3. performance of Don Juan in Soho (which you should totally go watch!). Some are better than others, but they are all magnificent because, well - it’s David Tennant! You are welcome to share, save or whatever you want - just don’t repost, please :-)



Bonus, because I know some of you will appreciate it ( @ktrosesworld. @thingsdtwears, @tyttetardis and many others!):



okay i’m not sure if many of you have seen this video, but it’s just a fan encounter with this girl Lin has on her birthday at the stage door, after the show, i’m assuming, and he’s just really sweet about her freaking out in front of him and just a cinnamon overall, like, my heart hurts with how nice he is

 (from Penny on Vimeo.)

One day, I want to know what it’s like to stage door.

Not stage door.

Stage Door.

I want to encounter a fan that freaks out when they see me in modern day clothing. I want to hear stories about how MY story has inspired someone, helped someone, SAVED someone.

I want to be on the other side of that barrier. Someday, that will be me.


I stage doored Dear Evan Hansen tonight and when I met Ben Platt I told him that the show was the first time a musical had provoked so much thought and emotion in me since Spring Awakening and he smiled and said that the compliment meant a lot because Spring Awakening was his favorite musical and that he had seen it five times.
What I didn’t tell him was that Spring Awakening had been my favorite until I saw Dear Evan Hansen.


i had to make a post about this,, dear evan hansen is such an incredible and heart wrenching depiction of mental illness and family. ive been struggling hard with mental illness and this show honestly made me feel like there is a reason to keep going,, i talked to the cast and they were all so wonderful and encouraging and they hugged me. this show is so important

Quick stagedoor tips

I’m definitely posting more personal posts than I wanted to, but I’m very passionate about this- if you stage door a show:

1. Bring a Sharpie! I’ve been to like 3 shows where the actors came out without a marker and I had to share. I usually bring a few. Black and metallic colors are good for different poster/Playbill art. If the actors don’t have a marker and you do, let the actor use it for other fans.

2. SHARE! If there’s a crowd and you manage to get to the front, offer to pass things up to the actors for the people behind you. I’m always appreciative when people do that for me, and I make sure to offer to the people around me before anyone comes out. It means a lot to people and it’s an easy way to be nice. This is literally my favorite good deed to do for people.


So I met Darren Criss (for the first time!!) at stage door on Friday after Hedwig and the Angry Inch. We waited for 2 hours because he was so busy after show but he STILL came out and treated everyone with excessive kindness and love. I brought my AVPM t-shirt to have him sign and he cracked up when he saw it :) He then told me a fun fact about how they wrote a lot of the songs for AVPM, AVPS, etc. at a small apartment just up the street from Pantages! 

He was absolutely as sweet as he seems–even after an exhausting performance and needing to be up in 12 hours to perform again. What an indescribable pleasure. Lots of love for that one <3 <3 

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Long story short, I gave Benedict my pen to sign it, he then took my pen to sign everything else and I was left pen-less and I said to my friends “omg he took my pen”, halfway down the line he said if there any better pen because this one’s run it of ink, he took another person’s pen, my pen got passed down back to me, and after he was done with it all, he came back and pointed the not-my-pen towards me asking me “who’s pen is it” (I think he thought it was mine coz he remembered taking a pen from me) and I just stared blankly at him utterly dazed and stunned and confused and overwhelmed