door stage

Tales from the stage door

Sorry for the long post! So, here they are - some of the pics I took of David at the stage door at The Wyndham’s Theatre after his 2. and 3. performance of Don Juan in Soho (which you should totally go watch!). Some are better than others, but they are all magnificent because, well - it’s David Tennant! You are welcome to reblog, share, save or whatever you want - just don’t repost, please :-)



Bonus, because I know some of you will appreciate it:



Here you go! The few decent pictures I got of David Tennant at the stage door on June 8th (top pic) and 9th 2017 after Don Juan in Soho. Some of these are blurry, but I’ve tried to do some modifications :-) Fell free to reblog, but please do not repost. Anyway - enjoy the lovely, amazing, precious, kind and wonderful human that is David Tennant!