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Yellow Door Zaachila Oaxaca Mexico by Thomas Aleto
Via Flickr:
Painted walls with yellow door

Bussana Vecchia: An artist’s paradise in a ghost town.


Bussana Vecchia is certainly a great place to be welcomed into Italy. An ancient medieval village that became a ghost town when all of its residents abandoned it is now inhabited by artists from all over the world. Their studios, all open to the public, are mixed into the overgrown windows and broken shutters of the old town, tucked away in between narrow cobble streets with crumbling stone arches overhead. There’s even a restaurant where visitors can dine alfresco with wine and outdoor BBQ-cooked steaks and take in the coastal views. The town is an artist’s paradise, completely autonomous, where creativity flows through the streets in the form of brightly painted postboxes, quirkily decorated front doors and murals hung on walls.

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Welp, here’s an early Christmas present for MWSIH! This was done for my school’s art room door mural over the course of 3-4.5hrs (4days).
Featuring the Font Family with Lucida, Gaster, Harlow, Papyrus and Sans.
This is my tribute to both the blog and our mod @spiritednug running behind the scenes, have a lovely Christmas/New year holiday y'all!
(There’s a cheecky Easter egg in the timeplase gif, shouldn’t be too hard to miss.;)