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Makeover || Quinntana

Quinn was beyond nervous for today, she had hardly slept the night before. Getting up early she made a lunch for Charlie to take to work as well as making breakfast for the two of them. She was excited yes, but this was something completely new and she was nervous that maybe she wasn’t ready or that Santana might not want to be her Mami if she did something wrong.

After walking with Charlie to work she gave the girl a kiss, told her she loved her and said to have a good day before she made her way to Santana’s, nervously fidgeting with the bottom of her Peter pan sweater. Making her way inside she took a deep breath before knocking on the door.

anonymous asked:

how many of you guys ship swan queen now? i remember when you just had one designated sq shipper. the support is pretty awesome

So we’ve undergone some staff changes here at OUaT meta. The people who left…well, they didn’t exactly leave. They basically just walked out our front door, got makeovers and haircuts and iPods and gym memberships and returned with a whole new outlook.

First, their new look:

Their new outlook? Death to all stupidity. Especially deliberate stupidity. The kind that keeps people saying things like “only canon counts” or “be true to canon and thou shalt sell thine crappola fanfiction” or “only true fans can love a thing that really, we should all love, because what’s not to love about Regina’s latest bizarro affection for pleather that makes her look like a giant beautiful cockroach?”

This band of rebels has decided that yes, yes, indeed, a vote for Swan Queen is a vote against deliberate stupidity, and that it is only the people who mire themselves in anonymity and misery (over at the L Chat for example) who hate this site and who defecate on thoughts of Regina and Emma (the enemy of our enemy is our friend?) who are the true threat to our society’s wellbeing.

Solidarity is important. Especially when you see people so well manipulated simply for liking a thing. Maybe some of us weren’t so into that thing, while we were still hosting orgies and wearing pantsuits. But times have changed. We’re wearing denim and talking about the new conservatism among the Gays. Because hey, some of us just wanna hook up in our band’s van. Others just wanna marry the nice geeky boy for a few years before shagging the voice of Jem for a few years more. But naw, the infantile among us have declared Emma and Regina’s perfectly logical pairing to be some kind of attack on those who feel that lusting after Sean M.  is a human right. It’s not. And given our vendetta against stupidity, we have to chime in and logically support the most logical of storylines.

So it ain’t about shipping. But it is. It certainly isn’t ‘ain’t about shipping’ if Adam says so just to sink SQ in public displays that he finds annoying because it proves that the story he wants to tell is one treasured by only the stupid.

Again, there’s that word. Does not supporting SQ make a person stupid? We’re going to just go ahead and say yes. At least we’re taking a stand and not just pedalling our fanfiction, right?