door kicking

Piscatella’s backstory in Orange is The New Black wasn’t included to make you sympathize with him. It was a reference to a real life event. On June 23, 2012, four correction officers locked black prisoner Darren Rainey in a shower and raised the temperature to 180 degrees. He kicked the door and begged to be let out, and they laughed and asked if it was warm enough. They left him in there for two hours. When he was pulled out, his internal body temperature was too hot to register with a thermometer. His skin was peeling off. Burns covered 90% of his body. Despite all of this, the official statement was that cause of death was “undetermined” and on March 17, 2017 it was announced that the four COs involved will not face any charges.

His name was Darren Rainey. Say his name. Remember his name.

Hajime Tabata: Noctis experiences isolation in his youth and has a fear of losing those close to him. His words and actions often stem from a fear of being unable to meet the expectations of those around him.

Saori Itamuro: While Noct dreads becoming the future king, he’s never walked away from his calling. Then again, he was born into that life, so there’s never been anywhere to run. (source for both quotes)


Human Vs Door

I had the pleasure of being the DM to a casual game of DnD.

me: you approach the unlocked wooden door. What do you do?

our party’s paladin: I roll to kick the door down!! *rolls a nat1*

me, a somewhat forgiving dm: you successfully kick through the door, however your leg is stuck and it has not actually opened.

-we go through a round of turns in which every other party member merely walks through the door and observes the next chamber-

me: alright paladin, what is your move?


paladin: I roll to kick my other foot through the door and set myself free! *somehow rolls ANOTHER nat 1*

-our entire party cracks up as now the paladin has both feet stuck through the door. We do, however, successfully complete the dungeon and move onto another-

me: you come to a stone door which is visibly locked.

paladin:  :)

me: oh my god

paladin: I punch the door, trying to break it *rolls yet another nat 1*

-our rogue successfully opens the door and frees the paladin, when they come to a second locked door-

paladin: :)

rogue: no

me: no

druid: no

paladin: I roll to pick the lock with my finger *rolls another nat 1, getting finger stuck in lock*

-a turn passes-

paladin: I roll to pick the lock with my finger again *somehow rolls a nat 20*

paladin: :)

everyone else: oh my god

Small details in Persona 5 I love

-Akira pulling up his gloves as he runs when in a Palace.

-Ann can be seen texting in front of you and putting her phone away during school when the group chat comes up.

-Makoto following you around secretly when her goal was to keep tabs on you.

-Akira changing his blankets according to the weather.

-Ryuji’s leg bouncing when he is angry.

-Morgana’s tail frizzes up in car form if you run into a wall.

-Mementos Shadows announcing that they recognize you as the Phantom Thieves.

-Akira being extra in his movements: An example being how he back flips away from a Shadow during the All Out Attack, but the others just jump back.

-The picture of Akira in the loading screen has a necklace of flowers during the Hawaii trip.

-Futaba sits in a crouch.

-NPCs exiting the Big Bang Burger have bags specifically from the place, logo and all.

-When being pursued by enemies, Akira violently kicks open doors instead of pushing them open.

-Morgana’s legs kicking when he hides behind a corner, in front of you.

-Being able to see your breath as the weather gets colder.

me as a baby #1
  • baby: w- wh- w- w
  • parent: omg he's about to say something!!
  • Gerard Way: *kicks down door* TOO SEE A MARCHING BAND
  • My Chemical Romance: *materializes* HE SAID SON WHEN
  • Tyler Joseph: *backflips through window* YOU GROW UP
  • Dan Howell: *rides in in a llama* WILL YOU BE
  • mcrmy: *eyeliner running* THE SAVIOR OF THE BROKEN
  • parent: fuck

an anti-israel protest by turkish ultranationalists yesterday in instanbul surrounded a synagogue [neve shalom], kicked the doors, & threw rocks at the windows, saying it was revenge for israel keeping muslims from entering haram al-sharif & that they’ll be back today & every day after that for more

the jewish community in turkey goes back two & a half millennium & they have nothing to do with israeli policy. please keep them in mind & refuse to let diaspora jews be blamed for israeli actions