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Fantasy 11

Naughty Dirty Wants


I’ve always secretly had this very naughty and super taboo fantasy… it was always something that made me a little embarrassed to even think about let alone tell anyone. But one night with to many drinks I finally confessed something that I wanted to try but never dared to bring up before. I was so afraid you were going to think that I had completely lost it and gone off the deep end but shockingly you were turned on about it. The idea intrigued you and then you said one day this will happen. I won’t say when but I can tell you that yes it will happen. I was so floored that you didn’t run away from me screaming!

And that brings us to now….

I get home from work… well after work drinks with some friends and the house is normally lit up but now is shockingly dark. Come to think of it I didn’t see your truck in the garage when I got home. Hmmm you must not be home yet. I set my stuff down on the table by the door. Thanks you you harping on me I’m finally good about that since I would always be searching for my keys. I take my shoes off and set them in the closet. Another thing you got me to be better about. One sprained ankle on a heel and you act like I had it out for you. As I head into the kitchen for a bottle of water I hear a weird noise. I pause and listen and look around and I see nothing and I hear nothing. I must be hearing things. I continue on to the kitchen to get water. Right as I’m about to open the fridge door. I feel hands wrap around my chest trapping my arms as well and a hand over my mouth. I start to panic. Holy fucking shit!! Fuck Fuck Fuck. I start to struggle and then I hear your voice. Baby I’m about to make your fantasy come true if you want this to stop I will right now just shake yes and I’ll stop. Oh my god lord… I don’t move cause I want this so damn bad and it’s going to happen. I wonder how much of my naughty fantasy you are going to fulfill… I don’t move cause I want this. After what you must feel is enough time to decide you kiss my neck and tell me to brace myself cause he’s about to rock my world!! Lord my pussy is tingling with the anticipation alone!! Game on the nice guy is gone…

I find myself shoved into the closed fridge door and harsh words telling me that I better keep my fucking mouth shut or it will be even worse for me, if I fight back you will be even rougher on me & that I need to be a good little slut and take what you give me. I feel your rough hands on me, pawing at me…. you put your hand on the back of my head and turn my head to the side and press my face into the refrigerator door. You press hard enough that I can feel your strength and your force. With your free hand you tear my top. You grab it at the neck and destroy my top. You don’t get it in on pull it takes several you are destroying my top it is in shreds hanging off my shoulders. You are then back to pawing my breast squeezing them roughly. You are taking what you want and don’t give a fuck about what I think about it. You yank the cups on my bra down exposing me more all while still holding my head firmly to the fridge. I can feel your erection at my lower back. You are pressing yourself into me. You take your hand off my breast and go to undo my pants this seems to be a harder task then destroying my top. You are struggling so much that you whisper in my ear “don’t move whore” and then you take your hand off my head. I see an opportunity to “save” myself and I take it. As soon as your hand is removed I bolt and make a run for it out of the kitchen. I’m not shocked that you catch me quickly in the front room and practically throw me over the arm of the couch. I can feel your aggression and it is exilerating and terrifying at the same time. You are holding me in place with your legs and you grab my ass firmly in both hands and grab the fabric of my dress slacks and you tear them at the seam. Sweet fuck my clothes are hanging onto me by threads. I can hear that you are undoing your pants behind me and then I feel you back at my ass you grab my thong and it is another item that is torn to shreds. You spit on your fingers and rub it on my pussy and tell me to lay there and take it like the whore that I am. Next thing I know you shove your hard as a rock cock into me no testing nothing!! You are fucking me for the sheer pleasure of what you are getting out of it. Your hand comes down hard on my ass. Hard enough that I feel a real bite of pain. You are fucking me so hard the couch is moving. You continue to slap my ass. Fuck it hurts yet every time you do it my pussy clamps down on you. You can feel my pussy dripping your ball are soaked. You tell me all kinds of fucked up vial things like How you always knew I was a whore and that this is how sluts like me need to be treated. My ass is raw and my pussy is drenched. The hand that isn’t assulting my ass grabs my hair and wraps it around your hand and pull my upper half up off the couch and you fuck me even harder. I am powerless. I am pinned to the couch with your dick destroying me and my head in in your tight grasp. I can feel myself getting closer to my orgasm and its going to be a big one. I’m a quivering mess I can’t keep quiet I’m moaning just like the cheap whore you keep calling me. Fuck!!! As you feel my pussy start to quiver you tell me that my pussy loves being abused. That I love being fucked like the neighborhood whore and I just can’t take it I start to spasm around your dick and you tell me how my slutty cunt is going to take your seed and fucking like it. I feel you burst inside me. You cum so hard it feels like a gunshot and I swear it sends me into another oragsm!!! You pump yourself inside me a few more times while my quivering pussy milks you of your seed and I just lay there a helpless quivering wet mess. You whisper in my ear that I was such a good little slut and I deserve a reward and that is that you will be back soon to destroy my ass. Fuck… one more slap on my very sore ass and you pull out.

I don’t think I can move. I just came so hard I felt like I was going to pass out. I can hear you put yourself back together and then you help me up and take me to our bedroom. You lay me down on our bed and help remove my tattered clothing… you will not bitch when I go shopping this weekend. And roll me onto my front. I see you grab the lotion off the night stand and you bein to rub lotion onto my very sore buttox. You lean down and kiss my lips softly. I have a smile on my face and as soon as you can see that I am ok with everything that happened you smile too. You ask if it was to much and I tell you no it was perfect. You tell me that you didn’t want to hit all the taboo fantasies in one shot you wanted to save some and spread them out. I smile even bigger and ask you if you are ok with what went down. You kiss me again and tell me that you thought it was beyond hot and loved it. We lay there just talking a little about what happened but more about our day and plans for the weekend aka my shopping for some new clothes lol. I am beyond happy that something I though would hinder us becomes a possible new fun way to play….

Hope you enjoyed. If this is liked maybe I can continue this storyline…

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If you're really doing request might I ask for A Jerza mermaid and a shark-boy romance with some nalu, gruvia, Gale, rowen, and Rokino mentions. You might not ship rowen. But it's too cute to pass up. So please

Sorry that this is so late, but I had been studying for finals these past two weeks and have only just gone on break! At first, this prompt was pretty difficult for me, especially with how many ships there were included, and I didn’t really know what to do. But then I started writing, and somehow we ended up with this nearly 4k word monstrosity. I tried my best to deliver what you wanted, and I hope you enjoy it!! 

The day of Erza Scarlet’s wedding was far from the happiest day of her life. As all her best friends swam around her–polishing the scales of her tail until they glittered, braiding back the thick length of her flaring hair, and applying then reapplying all different colors of lipstick to see which one made her eyes pop the most—she tried her hardest to smile and giggle over the girls’ praises and look like it was the happiest day of her life, but on the inside she was breaking down.

 This was the day she had been raised for. She was born princess of the Merpeople and their sect of the ocean, but was soon after crowned queen at the young age of seven after her parents had been murdered by the king of the Sharks, who ruled the sect of the ocean right beside theirs. Such an act was enough cause for war, and although Erza and her court had decided to forgo declaring one, tensions between the two sects were so taut that it was considered taboo to even speak to one another.

 That was many years ago, as Erza was now twenty, and the Sharks had recently come under a new ruler, the twin brother of the king who had killed her parents: Jellal Fernandes. Supposedly, he did not share the same views as the brother he had killed, and as a sort of olive branch he had proposed marriage to Erza. Purely a political movement, he had told her the one time she had met him. Something to let our kingdoms know the past now lies in the past.

 She had always known that she would be married off to someone that she didn’t love, as did every member of royalty. But under no circumstances had she prepared to marry a man who looked exactly like the murderer of her parents.

 So as Lucy and Levy tightened the corset of her gown, Wendy placed flowers in her hair, and Juvia fiddled with the tiara until it sat just right, Erza had to clench her hands into fists to keep them from shaking. All finished, and Mira shouting about the harpists beginning to play, the girls all cooed one more time over their beautiful queen, then swam out of the palace, gripping flowers, to take their places beside their respective groomsmen.

 She could do this. Mira guided Erza’s overflowing bouquet into her sweating hands. This was for the well-being of both their kingdoms. She was standing face-to-face with the ornate palace doors, listening to the harps’ beautiful music floating all around on the other side. She could do this.

 The doors opened up to reveal the politely smiling face of her husband-to-be.

The wedding had been over a month ago and so far everything was going better than expected. A new palace, bigger than both of their old ones, and sitting on the borderline between the sects of the species, had been built and both courts were moved in. Adjusting to the new life was surprisingly easy. Her court and Jellal’s had apparently hit it off at the wedding, and she would see her girls keeping his men in line as they often had the knack of doing—though that did not mean that Erza didn’t have to step in and stop the rowdy boys every now and then. She may be a queen, but she had a zero tolerance policy for violence in her palace. In any case, she was glad that her girls had adjusted so well—she would eternally hate herself if even a single one of them felt uncomfortable around their new company.

 Erza and Jellal’s relationship, on the other hand, progressed more slowly. Whereas their courts had mingled to the point of being considered good friends at that point, the royals had only just begun to warm up to each other.

 Both of them being shy and prone to blushing madly around each other, they had yet to consummate their marriage, which had many people of the kingdom whispering. Erza knew she would have to produce a child soon to truly solidify the union of the two sects, but everything about her knew life was hard to get used to—including her husband.

 His hair was a shocking mess of blue so similar to his brother’s that it made her chest tighten every time she caught sight of it—the only thing that calmed her down was the difference in the way they parted their hair. She would stare at that part whenever they were alone together, a small, secret reminder she held onto to remind herself that she was in no danger. He had a bold tattoo, too, that encircled his eye in a blood-red pattern and made the features of his face look more severe than they actually were. Whereas the part in his hair made her feel safe, the tattoo made the tension climb right back up in her. It reminded her that although he was only ever kind and gentle towards her, he had killed a man—his own brother. He was capable of so much more ferocious things than his soft smile let on.

 And then there was his fins. They looked just as frightening as she remembered them being when she had first seen them when she was a little girl. Not to mention they were cold. At night, when they would lie back-to-back on their bed, his back fin would sometimes poke into her, and even through the silk of her nightgown it felt very similar to the cool blade of a dagger being pressed against her. Those were the nights that she would get the least amount of sleep. 

 But after another month, all of these things that had initially put Erza off, were now becoming fond reminders of her husband. She found herself looking for his blue locks during events and gatherings if they ever got separated. More than once she had caught herself tracing a finger across the pattern of his tattoo when she knew he was fast asleep, and she began finding the way the ink crinkled up when he smiled to be one of the most interesting features of him. And after Jellal had noticed the way she stiffened up if his fin brushed up against her, he had begun sleeping facing her back, one hand delicately placed at the curve of her waist. She had never slept better.

 Five months had then passed, and Erza began to become very aware of the fact that her and Jellal had yet to kiss since the day of their wedding.

 They were not completely void of physical affection, though. When dining or when sitting with court discussing political matters, Jellal would scoot his chair so close that all throughout their time seated there would be brushes of arms and thighs, accidental nudges of feet, and the occasional sharing of forks if Jellal had any cake left over after Erza had ravaged hers. And every time one of these incidents would happen, Jellal would give her this warm, gentle smile, and her heart would flip, and she would think for a second about the way those lips had once kissed her so softly.

 Though she had begun to find herself wanting more of this contact—and perhaps more than the single kiss they had shared—Erza was mostly content with the way their relationship was progressing. They were taking things slowly, becoming comfortable with each other. There was nothing wrong with that.

 And then Gajeel, a member of Jellal’s court, had announced his engagement to her Levy.

 The girls all surrounded the petite, blue-haired mermaid with stars in their eyes and tails swishing about excitedly as they admired the sparkling new addition to Levy’s ring finger. The boys all clapped Gajeel on the back and somehow—Erza could not fathom exactly how—ended up knocking each other out after a four-way fight that had lasted a good hour.

 For the next month, Erza hardly saw Jellal beyond when they fell into bed at night. She was busy planning Levy’s wedding while Jellal dealt with some minor threats the kingdom was receiving from a dark sect. Though she was preoccupied with the wedding, she made sure to ask him every night before they fell asleep how things were managing with keeping the dark sect under control—he would always assure her everything was fine, but she had begun to tell that whenever his jaw would tighten the way it did when he answered her, it meant that he wasn’t telling the entire truth. Still, Erza chose to place her trust in her husband. She had been with him for nearly six months and so far he had done nothing to prove he was unworthy of her faith, and so she decided to place it all in him.

 The wedding soon came, and it had been a beautiful event almost as large as her own, although this time it was a lot less awkward and tense. Everyone knew each other well now, and it had become to seem as though they truly were joining together under a one, united kingdom. It brought Erza the sense of family that she had long forgotten.

 When Levy threw the bouquet, Erza couldn’t help but notice how disappointed some of the Shark men were that certain mermaids hadn’t caught the flowers. Juvia, however, was so ecstatic over having caught them that she immediately launched herself at Jellal’s court member, Gray, screaming about love and weddings and kids while he tried prying her strangling arms from his throat. Natsu and Romeo, also members of Jellal’s court, then went over to Lucy and Wendy, both shyly asking their respective girls to join them in the slow dance song that had just started up. Another girl, a friend of Lucy’s whom Erza had just met that night as Yukino, with white hair pinned up with a delicate blue flower, could be seen laughing at her blond friend’s expression as Natsu kept swishing his tail around in random, not at all graceful patterns. Lucy shot Yukino a look that screamed “Help me!” but before the white-haired beauty could respond, her husband came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. Smiling contently, she leaned back into him, pressed a kiss against his waiting lips, and then the two joined the others on the dance floor. 

 As everyone began to sway with the happy newlyweds at the center, beside her Jellal merely intertwined his fingers with hers. Lately, they had been going to sleep like that—fingers interlocked, pulses of their wrists beating against each other. But this was the first time they had done so publically.

 Jellal’s warm hand squeezed her tiny one, and she looked up at him. He was giving her that smile again—the smile that he only ever used when looking at her—her smile. It made butterflies erupt in her chest and heat dance across her cheeks. She squeezed his hand back and refused to look away from his kind eyes. Everything else around them turned to static. He brushed a loose strand of her hair behind ear.

 And in that moment, as her breath hitched, and she saw with mesmerized eyes the way his lips twitched as he swallowed hard, Erza Scarlet realized she had fallen in love with Jellal Fernandes.

 That night, Erza could feel herself trembling as she sat up in bed, waiting for her husband to exit the bathroom. Her hands fiddled with the silky fabric of her night shirt, which showed more cleavage than she normally chose to wear when alone with her husband. Her breathing was uneven, and when he finally opened the door and swam over to get in bed, she swore she felt her entire being freeze up.

 Throwing the thin sheet over his legs, Jellal ran his eyes over Erza’s figure. She watched, throat dry, as his eyes lingered on the midnight blue scales of her tail. Hesitantly, he reached out a hand and stroked the scales that rose up over the curve of her hips and melded with the supple skin of her waist.

 “Have I ever told you how beautiful your scales are?” he asked her, voice barely above a whisper.

 Erza shook her head, not trusting of her voice in that moment.

 He continued to let his fingers trail along her scales, occasionally going further and further down. She made no movement to stop him. Just laid very, very still.

 “I’ve always loved the night sky of the human world. When I was a child, I would swim up to the surface and poke my head out for as long as I could manage, watching that sky as it faded away into the light of day and the calm of night was stolen away. Now that I’m older, I don’t get to go up as much.”

 “I’m sorry,” she said, wetting her lips.

 He shook his head, her smile adorning his lips. “Don’t be. Your scales remind me of the night sky. They’re exactly the right shade, and when the light hits them they sparkle like your own, personal stars. And every time I see you, I look at them and wonder how I got so lucky to have you, and to have the most beautiful night sky be with me for the rest of my life.”

 Her heart stuttered, then completely froze. In a rush, she leaned over, tangled her hands in his soft blue hair, and pressed her lips against his. His arms wrapped around her, drawing her so impossibly close against him, and she eagerly melted to his will, lips parting to invite the curious sweep of his tongue inside.

 Never once breaking contact, Jellal slowly lowered her down so that he hovered over her. When she was comfortably placed back against the mountain of pillows, he drew back a little, tugging her quivering lower lip gently between his teeth before releasing her. With one more peck against her swollen lips, he looked into her eyes.

 “I love you.”

 Her reply was pulling him back flush against her and molding their lips back together.

Three months after the consummation of their marriage, the men were called away to war.

 The dark sect, Tartaros, that had been sending them threats during the planning of Gajeel and Levy’s wedding, had finally declared war, announcing the arrival of their army at the kingdom within three day’s time. Jellal swore to Erza that he would never let even a single one of them cross into the space of their kingdom and that we would do everything in his power to protect her and every one of the citizens they governed. Though a small part of her was terrified, Erza held her head high as Jellal made the announcement before their kingdom, calling all able men between the ages of nineteen and fifty to join the fight. There were many tears shed, even by the women of her court, as they all said goodbye to their men. Levy, especially, was a sobbing, hysterical mess, clinging to her husband as he rubbed soothing circles into the prominent bulge of her stomach.

 On a happier note, Natsu, not one to be able to read a moment or have any sense of good timing whatsoever, chose that particular moment to get on his knee and ask Lucy to marry him. And, in typical Lucy fashion, she hit him over his pink head, yelled at him about said bad timing, and told him, while tears streamed down her face, that she would give him her answer when he came back home. Apparently taking that as a promise, Natsu stood and kissed her over and over again. No one gave their usual shouts of “Get a room!” It was, after all, potentially the last time the would see each other, which everyone in the kingdom understood. Let them savor this last moment together.

 And then it was time to leave. The army of thousands of their men were assembled, geared up, and ready to take off, all wearing mixed expressions of determination and terror. At the head of them all was Jellal, looking as handsome and fierce as the day she first met him.

 He gave her her smile. They embraced, and whispered against the skin of each other’s necks how much they loved one another, and that Jellal better not keep her waiting long because the bed would be cold without him, and that she should be more considerate to him since he would be the one without his beautiful night sky for so long. They laughed and kissed, his lips soft, warm, and gentle against hers, moving lazily as if they had all the time in the world.

 But time moved on, as it always did, and what felt like mere seconds later, Erza was standing behind the men, the women of her court and her all clinging together as they struggled to hold their heads up high. Only when the men were completely out of sight did the girls break down. Erza, face set in a frown that did little to convey the mess of worry she was on the inside, embraced her all her friends tightly, allowing them just this one moment of weakness before they had to carry on into the unknown future.

 The first night the men were gone, Erza had lied awake in bed and rubbed a soothing hand around her stomach, softly whispering to the life that no one knew had begun to grow inside her.

It took four long months for the men to return.

 The day they came back, no one had been expecting them. There had been little communication passed between the men on the battlefield and the loved ones lying in wait at home. The only time there was news was when someone injured had been sent back home to receive treatment. They would then get the death count, and if they were lucky enough to have a patient with a good memory, the names of the deceased. The last wounded to come back home had been two months into the war, and they updated the death count to a total of only ten. Mostly, he had said, they were just exhausted, with minor wounds that Wendy, the only woman allowed to go along with the army, was able to treat on a nightly basis so that only the majorly wounded had to be taken out of battle. Though no death was good, such a low number was a great relief to Erza. But there was still a long way to go, according to the man, and so the relief soon passed and everyone went back to the normal routine of living without the men.

 Then, two months after that last update, just as the sun above began to rise, illuminating the waters of the kingdom, one of the guards spotted figures swimming in. Erza was immediately awakened as they tried to identify the figures as enemies or friends, and she only had enough time to knot her robe over the growing bulge of her stomach before another guard burst into her chambers, shouting about how the men had returned home. At the news, Erza felt her baby kick in excitement, as if it understood its father had come back to them.

 The entire palace—no, the entire kingdom—was suddenly alight with an excited fervor. Bells were sounded all throughout the kingdom, awaking everyone as town criers ran about shouting the joyous news. Soon, the streets were flooded as everyone rushed to the gates of the kingdom, standing ready behind the queen to be reunited with their loved ones. Beside Erza, as always, was her beautiful court, their hair all coming undone from their night braids, shivering with anticipation beneath their robes. Levy was clutching at her gigantic stomach with a huge grin on her face, saying over and over, “Your daddy is coming home!”

 Jellal was the first of the men to be seen, leading the army at the head just as he had been when he had left four months ago. He looked tattered and dirtier than she had ever seen her clean-freak of a husband, but he was alive with a beam lighting up his entire face. Just behind him was a smug Gray, a happily waving and grinning Natsu, a smirking Gajeel, and an exhausted-looking Mest with Wendy waving excitedly from where she clung onto his back. Her loved ones, her family, against all odds, safe.

 The reunion was a blur of tears, happy shouts, and a lot of champagne and dancing. They had won the war. They were safe. It was a day to rejoice.

 Lucy finally gave Natsu his ‘yes,’ to which he responded by picking her up, spinning her around, and whooping until they both collapsed in a laughing heap as everyone cheered. Romeo and Wendy also announced their engagement, having had gotten much closer over their time spent on the battlefield together. Jellal had even appointed a new member to his court after Rogue, the man who they had only met once, at Levy and Gajeel’s wedding, had jumped in front of a spear for Jellal. Rogue had barely survived, and was in critical condition even after Wendy had patched him up, but even then he had refused to leave his comrades and go back home for further treatment. For the next month he had fought with crude stitches in his side that reopened often. But after it all, Erza found herself meeting the face of a man who had never looked happier, especially when his lovely wife, Yukino, had found him in the crowd. His daughter and wife immediately latched onto the injured man, and he smiled and hugged them both back all the more fiercely.

 As king and queen, Jellal and Erza had to make their rounds throughout the crowd to offer condolences to the families who weren’t as lucky as the others and had been among the few who had lost someone, and to make sure all families had reunited amongst the chaos. It wasn’t until that night, when they collapsed on the bed in a flurry of frantic kisses and tender touches that they were able to truly reunite and express their love.

 When things became heated and Jellal gently pried Erza’s shirt over her head, he nearly fainted at what he saw, his hands frozen in the silk of her shirt, mouth gaping.

 “Erza,” he murmured, “are you—are we–?”

 Cupping this side of his face in her hand, she smiled at him and said, “We’re having a baby.”

 The smile he gave her then was the brightest she’d seen yet.

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It had been at least a day after Hary 'died' and came back, the guy had locked himself in his room again. More because of what the duck had happened and less like self loathing.

*EJ and UJ were at the door, a little bit worried and confused at the same time*

EJ: *sighs and knocks on the door* Come on Harp, U is worried about ya.