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here's my concept: dallas and malek in love and.............okay.

Here’s a concept: Dallas and Malek in college with some other dude dorming with them and they’re both lowkey since Dallas is a little anxious with coming out. Dallas sleeping like a cat and easily awakened with the slightest of noise because the guy he and Malek dorm with has a morning class. The second the guy walks out the door, Dallas is scampering off his bed like an over excited Puppy, blanket trailing behind him and making him trip and stumble. Dallas crawling into Malek’s bed as soon as he can. Nose pressed against Malek’s chest because loooord Malek always smells so good. Malek kissing the space between Dallas’ eyes half asleep. Concept.
It’s late whrere I am and I’m on painkillers but What A Concept.
T&S Play Covers or with Others - YouTube
It's always fun to see them play something that's not theirs, or with people who aren't in their band!

Oh hey guys, did I mention that I made a playlist of my videos of T&S singing covers and having other artists come onstage with them?  I’m pretty stoked about it, even if Prince’s label did block one of my videos of them singing “When You Were Mine” and file copyright strikes again me… 

He’s My Son, He Makes Me Shine (Dallas)

Requested by an anon

(please tell me someone understands the title)

Summary: Dallas gets the reader pregnant but during the pregnancy he cheats on them with Sylvia, causing him and the reader to split up.

Warning(s): Angst, Pregnancy

Dallas stood defiantly on your lawn while you set the last box in front of him. To say you were pissed was an understatement in the least. But you weren’t about to let him see it. He said nothing, neither of you did, you both knew what he did. Just yesterday you came home to find him undoubtedly sleeping with none other than Sylvia.

He always talked trash about her and told her how he never wanted to even look at her one more time. It made you wonder if he was saying the exact same things about you. Or god forbid the small peanut growing inside of you. It was the main reason you refused to let your anger get physical. Instead you neatly packed each and every one of his belongings in boxes and set them on the lawn.

After you set the last one down, you looked up at him and mustered the most threatening voice you could, “Leave.”

You turned your back on him, wondering if he could see the stab wounds he made as you made your way back inside. The door slammed shut and Dallas jumped ever so slightly before grumbling and starting to pick up the boxes. Running a hand through your hair you let out a shaky sigh and forced yourself to sit down on the couch.

A few days later a knock on the door ripped you from a very serious crime show marathon. Mixed with the assumption that it was Dallas immediately put you in a bad mood.

Trudging to the door you whipped it open with an attitude. “What?” The question fell from your mouth with venom before you realized it was Darry standing on your door step instead. “Oh, sorry. Uh, hi Darry. If you’re here to get me to take him back, I won’t.”

Darry shook his head and held his hands up. “No, I just… I wanted to see how you were.”

With a sigh you opened the door and gestured for him to come in. “I’m fine.”

“Are you? And what about…” He trailed off, eyes wandering to your barely-showing baby bump.

“Yeah. We’re fine,” You sighed and wandered to the couch, Darry following behind you.

“Are you gonna raise it all on your own?” Darry sat down, sincerely concerned and rather upset his friend didn’t even try to change his ways.

“I don’t see many other options.” You shrugged, nodding slightly.

After that, Darry said nothing more of the situation, changing the topic to something completely unrelated, most likely to get your mind off of Dallas. It was nice though, you had to admit that. Darry was easy to talk to and didn’t possess the risk of telling others like most the other boys had. In no time he had you smiling again, even going as far as to help you clean out the room you were going to use as a baby room.

Throughout the rest of your pregnancy the gang, minus Pony and Johnny, helped out as much as they could. Everyone tried to avoid the topic of Dallas as much as they could, but Steve was the absolute worst at it. Nearing the end of your debatable torture, reality started to seep in, causing quite a bit of anxiety for you. You were alone in this, yeah the gang was there, but none of them would be there throughout the whole thing, the night time feedings, the dirty diapers, hell, even your baby’s father didn’t want to stay.

The long anticipated day finally came, rather unexpectedly too. You phoned Darry at work, who gladly took a couple vacation hours so you wouldn’t have to take an ambulance. The ride there was slightly awkward and Darry was silently freaking out, making a mental not to himself to never have children of his own. Doctors and nurses ushered you into a room, some rushed and tense while others were relaxed and calm. The clashing dynamics stressed you out quite a bit but eventually the calm nurses weeded out the tense ones, leaving you in a relaxed atmosphere.

During the slight chaos you didn’t notice Darry slip out of the room to use the telephone. He dialed the number to Buck’s place, hoping that he was there and didn’t just waste a dime. Thankfully, he was and Buck put him on the phone. Darry explained the situation, telling him that he thought Dally should be there for you, or at least for your baby. When he hung up, Darry sighed, not sure if Dallas was coming or not.

Though he felt slightly awkward doing so, Darry stood by your side as you pushed, giving you words of encouragement while reminding him to cuss out Dallas for him not being there. Hours later, the little cry that pierced the room made you cry out in relief and joy. Even Darry teared up as he saw the tiny little human the doctor was cleaning off and handing to you.

About a half hour later you were finally alone with your baby, as you were looking over all his features you sighed, “You look just like your daddy.”

Hearing your little boy squeal happily when he heard your voice you laughed, “Don’t worry, I’ll always love you, I’ll never leave you, darling.”

You sniffled, tearing up in your emotional and rather tired state, “I’m going to give you the absolute best life I can.”

A cough made you raise your head to look at the doorway, your eyes narrowing as they met Dal’s, “What are you doing here?”

The look in his eyes almost made you melt, he looked like hell and everything about his demeanor screamed that in that moment, Dallas was as vulnerable as he’s ever been in his life. “I just… I don’t know man, Darry called, and he said… Said I should come see.”

God, the tone of his voice threatened to make tears flow from your eyes once more, with a sigh you gave in to him for the moment, “Do you want to hold him?”

His eyebrows raised as his eyes widened and he walked into the room slowly, approaching the bed. He pulled the chair over to your side and you sat up so you could properly hand over your son, reminding Dallas to watch his head. You laid back on the bed with a tired smile, watching Dallas do the same thing you had done when you first held him.

“He looks like you.” Dallas grinned, momentarily looking up at you before going back to look at his son, not wanting to take his eyes off the child.

“We’ll see when he grows up,” You laughed softly, subconsciously glad he was there.

“We will?” Dallas looked up at you again, his eyes wide, a hint of fear in them, something new to even you.

“I think so,” You said with a smirk, knowing the two of you would have to have quite a long talk about everything and you just hoped maybe this baby would give Dallas a reason to finally listen to you and not fight as much.

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Ok you said maybe Dallas had to kiss blake in spin the bottle, if so what was blake thinking?

spin the bottle and seven minutes in heaven. Blake stuck inside a closet with Dallas. Blake literally crying and banging at the door. Dallas sitting in the corner, palms sweating because oh God What Do I Do 

He’d gently tap Blake’s shoulder. Softly, so softly says “let’s just get this over with” 

Blake refuses. Tries to pick at the door. Tries to scale the walls. In the end he’d sit on Dallas’ lap lamenting his sorrows until he passes out.

cue Blake sniffling “you’re not so bad, Margo.” and then pecking his lips. When the rest of the group opens the door Dallas would have to carry Blake out, princess style, and he’s the literal incarnation of the Maleficent “HERE’S YOUR PRECIOUS PRINCESS” gif

I mean, of course, assuming that spin the bottle seven minutes in heaven thing ever even happened in the first place..

Dallas Winston x Reader | Spin The Bottle

Request: Imagine where The gang (plus reader and maybe curly Shepard?) play spin the bottle and Dal kinda likes the reader and vice versa and it land on her on his turn and they kiss. And whenever it lands on someone else for her he gets all pissy? And afterwards they like makeout? :)) sorry it’s very specific

A/N: I actually spun a bottle to tell who it was going to land on lmao. It worked out pretty well.

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Spoiled Royalty - Dallas Winston

A combination of groans and whimpers push through your cracked lips, as you shuffle your way into the Curtis house. You drag yourself to the couch. The sound of you plopping onto the couch echoes through the house. After a moment of no one coming to check on you, you realize that nobody is home.

With an annoyed sigh, you pull your once white converse off of you sore feet and throw them to the floor. You lower yourself onto your side. You press your pale hands into your burning stomach.

The familiar metallic smell fills the room, and a warm, thick liquid coats your palms. With a small whine you close your eyes.

Your eyes snap open at the sound of the door slamming shut, followed by a shocked gasp. A worried looking gang stands across the room, silently staring at you.

“Something’s clearly wrong.” Dallas states calmly.

“Obviously!” You shout, your voice coming out hoarse.

“I’ll stitch it.” Dallas sighs. He knows he’s the only one who could give you stitches without starting a war.

Dallas retreats to the bathroom to get the first aid kit, while the rest of the boys slowly back out of the front door. They keep their eyes glued to the ground, and their mouths glued shut. The only exception is Sodapop, who briefly flashed you a sad smile as he shut the door.

Dallas returns, falling to his knees by your side. He keeps his eyes trained on the needle in his hand as he speaks. “This is going to hurt.”
“I feel like every time I see you, youre about to die.” Sodapop says, only half-jokingly.

“I guess that’s what I get growing up with you boys. I’m gonna start hanging on the south side soon.” Y/N chuckles slightly.

“Or you could just learn to stop trying to fight boys.” Dallas stares at her seriously.

“Yeah, right. In your dreams.” Y/N smirks.
Dallas feels his heat beat picking up as he quickly stomps out of the house. He sighs, plopping down on the stairs to the porch.

His eyes land on his calloused hands.
His knuckles were covered in so many scars, they almost seemed to be completely white. He was sure that was partly due to how scared he was. The feeling was almost foreign to him. He hadn’t felt scared since he was a kid.
The only question is… “what is he scared of?”

“Dal?” A timid voice whispers from behind him.

He knew who it was immediately. Y/N’s voice was something he knew. It was the only voice that he found soothing. Maybe he was scared he’d forget it, the sound of her voice.


“You okay?” Y/N asks, sitting down next to her best friend.

He simply nods his head in response, unsure of what to say.

Y/N knew Dallas better than anyone. She knew Dallas wasn’t okay, but she knew he would be eventually. He always was okay eventually.

She just simply hoped she wasn’t the reason he wasn’t okay right now.

advice | DALLY W.

sorry for the wait!


summary : dally hears girlfriend – reader – giving Johnny advice based on their similar home lives through the door.

Ever since Dallas arrived in Oklahoma, you’ve been hanging around the Curtises.

It isn’t to be classified as a gang in the means of violence and organized crime, but a gang as in a group of close-knit friends.

While Dally sparked and still sparks your interest, Johnny is the thin boy sporting often ragged clothes that you instantly connected with.

Naturally, you’ve got a real bad family — you wouldn’t live on this side of the city if you didn’t, right?

When asked you only blame your father, because in your opinion it’s only his fault what goes down on a fairly regular basis.

Perhaps there’s others guilty, but those others don’t lay a hand on you. In that way, they’re innocent.

About three months ago Dally asked you out. He’d always been very close with both you and Johnny, but it was becoming apparent that things were different between you two.

It was funny because you were afraid that you ruined your friendship doing something of which you did not recall.

The amount of relief and surprise that hit you the day he proposed the idea of your relationship was astonishing.

“Y/N,” Johnny brings you back to reality. Your thoughts had grown astray once more, lingering on your father for a moment.

“Sorry, Johnny.” He nods and you wet a cotton pad with alcohol to clean his wounds.

No one else is in the bedroom besides you pair, the rest of the gang in other various rooms of the Curtis household.

The wound didn’t penetrate through any layers of the skin, but you want to make sure the cut is sanitary before applying any creams or bandages.

He sits on Pony’s bed, holding his arm out awkwardly for you to continue. Your eyes meet and he looks away. “What do I do about all this, Y/N?”

“My father hasn’t laid a finger on me in months,” you say. “I just ignore him, I don’t speak and it shuts things down. If that doesn’t work, well, I’ve attacked him before. But you can only do that for so long before he fights back again. And worse.”

Johnny bits his cheek, eyes glistening. “I don’t even give him a reason. They got no reason to do this stuff to me. Makes me wish I never existed.”

“I used to feel like that,” you vent. Instinctively, you set the things down and embrace the boy in a large bear hug.

“Like I could just disappear,” you continued into Johnny’s shoulder. “You and Dally are the only things that stopped me, you know? You’ll get through it, Johnny.”

He sniffles in response.

“Just think of Dally and I, and if we’re not enough for you, think about graduating and going to college and leaving this place. And yes, Johnny, you’re doing all of those. Things will get better.”

Breaking the embrace now, you apply some cream to the bruises and prepare the bandages. “Have you ever thought of getting a job? You’d be home a lot less and you’d have some of your own money. Maybe even get a place…”

Johnny considers this. “Yeah, maybe I will. You can help me see what’s out there?”

“Of course.” He winces as you put on the bandages. “Don’t ever feel like you’re not worth it. He’s not worth it. It’s not your fault. None of it’s fair, but you just need to remember that it’s never your fault.”

Unbeknownst to you, Dallas Winston is standing outside the door. He’s close to the door but not against it, straining to hear.

“Don’t forget that we love you.” He nods, again. Although he’s relatively unresponsive, you know he’s understanding everything you’re saying and storing it for later. “Your family isn’t always the one assigned to you.”

He looks up from his torn shoes and smiles. “Thanks,” he mumbles. “I love you, too.”

“I admire you a lot, Johnny,” you smile back. “But don’t tell Dally,” you joke.

A genuine grin breaks out on Dally’s face behind the closed door. He already knows that your good girlfriend, but this just confirms it.

“Thanks for offerin’ to fix me up,” Johnny says as heading for the door. “I could have done it myself, you know. You just do a better job.”

Looking up from the supplies you’re putting back into the Curtis’s kit, you smile again. “I’ll see you out there, Johnny. Remember what I said.”

Johnny is already back in the living room with the boys by the time you’re evacuating Pony’s room.

On your way there, you don’t expect Dallas to impulsively grab you and kiss you intensely and with extreme passionately.

While you’re confused Dally is smiling about how great you are. The gang’s around, though. He won’t let you know why and how you’re so great until later.

“Y/N’s had a real busy day today, huh?”

“Two-Bit, go away!”

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Dally x Reader The Unexpected

Summary: Dallas and you are on a date, aimlessly driving around. Your brothers are the Curtis’ so you haven’t told any of your family or gang about the relationship, they would flip. You try to avoid them as much as possible on the date. But they turn up unexpectedly leading to a narrow escape.

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Author Ladyoftheteaandblood.

Alternative Tom, Conny and Roper the cat.

Fluffy nonsense long enough for a coffee and biscuit.

“Hello my little Hobnob” he said, as he sat beside me on the sofa.

“Hello my large Nob” I said back

“I was being nice to you and you insult me”

“Well, A. It depends on how you look at what I called you, and B. You only ever call me that when you are after something. So, what do you want?” I smiled at him sweetly.

“As it happens I need to know where you have hidden all my under kegs” 

“Why would I hide your pants Tom?” What was he thinking?

“Um not sure but nearly all my comfy ones for slopping around the house have gone” 

Now here’s the thing that fans don’t know about their Demi God, Tom has three kinds of pants, work ones which are mostly Calvin Klein, black tight fitting, so his arse looks good in those suits. Those he wears for going out, tight boxers like the ones in ‘The night manager’ cottage scene. And his indoor ones, these are not the same, he wears these and nothing else, as he lays around the house with the heating up. 

Oooo I hear you cry how sexy. Well it would be but these are loose boxers with the daftest prints you can find. From Minnie mouse to a pair that has a tiny dick printed all over them. These are not Gucci you understand more Eastenders Market, they are far from sexy and he knows I hate them.

Occasionally a pair will meet a sticky end, however he’ll just replace them with something equally obnoxious, so it would be pointless getting rid of them. Plus the fact he told me he’d destroy my collection of fluffy bed socks if I did. And, if I’m very honest I have been known to borrow a pair when he’s been away, just to have something of his close to me you understand.

“I have not moved your somewhat dubious Underpants dear and that is a promise” 

“Well I only have three pairs left out of ten, the Donald duck, the danger mouse and the tiny dick print. That’s it! the rest have gone, even the Muppet pair that you kind of liked.” He did look kinda cute walking around the house with the Cookie monster and Animal on his butt, especially when he did the wiggle……my mind wondered off. 

At this point I spotted Roper about to do a moonlight tour of the garden before bed. 

“Hey fluff butt you’ve not seen Tom’s under kegs have you?” I called after him, as his own sweet furry arse disappeared through the catflap.

“Now you are just being silly, as if mouse breath would know where they are. Come on bedtime” he got up took my hand and started to head for the stairs.

“So I’m not finishing my book then?” I asked him.

“Nope you’ll be pleased by your man. Come on wench this caveman need love”

The following day I worked from home, something I hadn’t been able to do for ages. A day of coffee at will and music of choice. I was happily deleting emails from idiots when Roper came in the catflap looking like Tom did after a long night out.

“Hello you dirty stop out, what have you been up to?” I asked him, all I got was a tired sounding mew and he padded off to his bed under the sideboard.

At lunch my dirty stop out got up, demanded cuddles and food and went out again. Oh to be a cat that has not a care in the world, no bills to pay and no bloody deadlines to hit. Still work to be done and I got back to it.

Five minutes later in comes the reprobate again and this time he has something in his mouth.

“Ok what have you brought me?” He walked over with an I’m so sexy strut and dropped a leather glove at my feet. An expensive leather glove and five minutes more I had the pair Shit! Just as I’m trying to think how to find the owner, Roper comes down the stairs dragging something fabric and starts to head to the catflap.

“Oh Fuck!” He’s pulling Tom’s kegs out the door. The Dallas Cowboys would have been proud of me as I raced across the floor doing an amazing slide to the ground, and grabbed the end of Tom’s dick print under pants as the rest made to escape. A brief tug of war with a very angry cat the other side and the human wins. Phew!

Or was it.

I remembered where I had seen those gloves, Mrs Snooty three doors down had been wearing them. This meant not only was Roper going into her house, he was stealing and I was harbouring a fugitive.

When Tom came home I explained to him what had been happening to his pants, a first the little shit laughed his head off, then he went very quiet.

“Christ what if the little bastard has taken them all there and she works out they are mine, she’s the kind to phone the sun and tell all” he looked actually worried where as I was now squealing with laughter.

“And how would she explain how she got them pray tell? Well Mr Sun reporter their cat gave them to me” I stopped laughing as his face looked like thunder.

“You won’t be laughing if she tells them I left them there!” He’d got a point.

Still at this moment we didn’t know if it was her Roper was giving them to, or if she knew they were Tom’s. Not time to panic yet, Tom was not so sure.

Roper had the sense not to come in till Tom had gone into his office and shut the door. He looked at me all surprised when I had a go at him, what was the mad lady shouting at him for this time. 

The next few weeks Tom asked if anything had been said, every time he came home. The answer was always the same no news was good news.

However three weeks later there was a total fracas in the street. Number 22 where arguing and everyone, even Mrs Robertson who was hard of hearing at number 33, could have heard them.

It seemed that Peter, the husband had found some underpants in his bedroom that were not his, or his wife and all attempts to explain to him they were a gift from a cat fell on deaf ears.

“Really Dear it was the black one from down the road he’d just turn up with them and leave them, I thought I’d got all the ones he’d presented but it seems I’d missed a pair” she pleaded with him.

“So you are trying to tell me that a man let’s his cat walk off with these, and who for the love of God wears these anyway, your taste is getting worse if these are an example of what the guy wears”

I looked at Toms face He seemed very offended at Peters fashion comments.

So did the wife as at this, she lost it and shouted at him “well my first choice seems to have turned out to be a complete dick so you could be right” after that there was much slamming of doors and it all went quite.

“Tom you have to go tell them” I said to him.

“Oh no, your cat did it, you can go tell” 

“Coward” and it was my turn to slam the door and stomp out. Behind me Roper and Tom looked relieved.

Knocking on the neighbour’s door I wondered how best to handle it and in the end I did the decent thing.

“I am so sorry I couldn’t help overhearing your conversation and I have to tell you that the pants are mine, and it’s my cat that um, delivered them to you. I wear them as night wear” why was I explaining further?

“They are very comfortable to be honest” just shut up!

Peter looked at me, grinned and handed me the pants, his wife then handed me more, many more, with a looked that said say nothing.

“Each to their own I say” and they grinned at me. Peter kissed his wife and told her how sorry he was to doubt her. 

“It’s ok honey. Come show me how sorry you are!” And with not a backward glance to me, she took his hand and shutting the door they could be heard giggling up the stairs.

Tom looked very sheepish when I walked in and in very dramatic fashion I threw the under kegs and their new friends at him.

“The things I do for love. You two are in the dog house, so if you ever want tummy rubs or sex again I suggest you start creeping”

“But I love Tummy rubs!”

Top picture not mine I just played. Bottom picture kindly posed for by Oscar.

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Dallas: *breaks door of the curtis house down while holding johnny* guys we need a place to lay low
The gang: *horrified* ur supposed to b dead
Dallas: long story short i broke out of hell and broke into heaven to get johnny, and now we r on the run
The gang: fucking savage man

Dally Finds Out About His Son [Version 1]

y/s/n stands for ‘your son’s name’ and y/s/m/n stands for ‘your sons middle name’

oh and it says ‘version 1’ bc Im thinking about rewriting the same thing about dallas finding out he has a kid but in a different way ok cool

it  probably sucks because i haven’t written in a while but it’s super long so that’s coooool

ok that’s all enjoy friends

You were 15 years old, and you had a son. It was ‘scandalous’ and people constantly called you a ‘whore.’ You told them all to go to hell.

You knew who the father was – he wasn’t even from Windrixville. He was from out of town. He had been there to see his cousin, and something had just clicked – or so you thought. You thought that he would keep in touch. You only ever got one letter saying that he ‘just didn’t do relationships.’ It hadn’t even had a return address. Some crazy part of you had thought that after a week he would love you like you were certain you loved him. Of course, you didn’t know that if you had been any other girl he wouldn’t have sent a letter at all – you didn’t know that Dallas did love you back, and that’s why he kept away.

After you found out you were pregnant, you knew it was his immediately. It had to be… There had never been anyone else. You kept the baby, despite your parent’s kicking you out and losing all but one of your friends. Finally, you couldn’t take that town any longer. Before you could even comprehend, you had packed up your few belongings and asked your friend to drive you to Tulsa, your 4 month old son cradled in your arms.

He looked like his father. His eyes were blue and his hair was a bit darker than Dallas’, but his skin was fair. You kissed his forehead and he kicked his tiny legs slightly. This little boy was the best thing that had ever happened to you, and just because his father was a no good jerk didn’t make you love him any less.  

You knew that even if Dallas found out about his boy, he wouldn’t want either of you. Even at the time, a part of you had known that Dallas didn’t commit – but you liked the thrill. You even thought that you could make him care. But no one could do that. Dallas Winston only cared about himself.

You look around the room you were to be staying in as Y/S/N grasps at your hair. You laugh and grab your purse, deciding to go and familiarize yourself with the surrounding area – you were staying with your friend’s cousin.

You hold Y/S/N tightly to you – you didn’t like strollers – and walk down the road. You come across a small gasoline station and decide to go in and buy yourself a bottle of pop. It was hot out and you deserved a treat. You push open the door with your free arm and the bell goes off.

A boy with golden blond hair comes trotting out from the back where you were guessing the garage was. You smile kindly. He was a real looker.

“How can I help ya?” He asks, and you can’t help but blush. With a baby on your hip, you didn’t get much attention from boys around your age.

“Just came in to grab a bottle of pop,” You say, and he smiles.

“Sure thing.” He says, grabbing a Pepsi for you as you walk up to the counter. “You new around here?” He asks, and you nod.

“Came from Windrixville. Just tryin’ to familiarize myself with this place.” You reply, and he nods, giving you the price. You hand over a quarter.

 “And who’s this little guy? Your brother?” He asks, reaching out a finger and wiggling it at Y/S/N. You smile, looking down at your little one.

“No, he’s mine.” You say, and immediately the smile drops from your face. You loved showing him off. He was yours, but at the same time… This was a new start for you. Perhaps it’d be better for them to think that he was your brother. You avoid the boy’s eyes. “Sorry, I outta get going.” The boy hesitates as you grab your soda and begin to head towards the door. Suddenly, a commotion erupts behind you. A chorus of deep male voices comes from the garage and into the store.

“Boys! Be quiet… Miss, are you alright?” The boy from behind the counter says, and you turn to look at him, offering a small smile.

“I’m fine, thank you-” Someone cuts you off.

“Y/N?” A deep voice interrupts.


No, no, no.

You turn slowly and face a group of about 6 boys. Your eyes scan them and land on the very last person you wished to see. Dallas stood there, his mouth hanging open ever so slightly. The buzzes of general activity from the boys had ceased, and bite your bottom lip to keep it from trembling. You swallow.

“Dallas?” You ask, and he looks like he’s about to step forward before his eyes fall to the small baby in your arms. You wrap your arms tighter around Y/S/N and he stirs. His head had been resting against your shoulder, blissfully asleep. You rock him to try and calm him, but almost as though sensing your discomfort. His eyes open, exposing the icy blue of them. He whimpers before beginning to cry.

“Shh,” You coo, turning your attention back to him. “It’s ok, little one. Mommy’s here.” You say, bouncing him slightly. He calms quickly, looking around the room. You kiss his forehead.

“Dal, who’s she?” The handsome boy from behind the counter finally speaks up. Dallas doesn’t respond. Your anger from the past year rushes back.

“Yeah, Dal, who am I?” You say quietly, and he opens his mouth slowly.

“Just a girl I used to know,” He says hardly. “An old friend.” You snort.

“An old friend, huh?” You continue to bounce Y/S/N. Everyone remains silent and finally you shake your head. You turn around, pushing open the door. “Fuck you, Dallas.” You say, storming out and towards your house.


The boys were all in the Curtis’ living room with an uncomfortable silence over them like a blanket. It was never quiet there, but something was wrong. Dallas had left the DX immediately, a look on his face that no one had ever seen before. It was blank, but in his eyes you could see something that could only be described as upset.

Two-Bit finally voiced what everyone had been thinking. “That baby today… It looked an awful lot like Dally.”

Darry shook his head. “Y’all all know that we can’t talk about this to him. He’ll blow his top. He’ll do what he wants about it.”

Ponyboy, who rarely spoke at all, scoffed. “Bullshit.” He said, and everyone’s heads snapped up. “That poor girl. She had to carry around his baby and now she’s raising it alone. She don’t deserve that, but she don’t deserve a guy like Dallas Winston neither.” He shook his head. “But he would never go after her anyways. He don’t want a child.” Nobody argued. Darry didn’t even yell at Pony for cussing, or for talking back. Everyone knew it was true. Even though they had barely spoken to her, they all knew. She was kind, and she wasn’t any Sylvia. She deserved better than what Dallas was like now.

The door opens and Dallas walks in. He goes straight to the icebox, pulling out a beer. He opens it and downs half of it immediately before going to sit next to Johnny on the couch.

“So, I was thinkin’ that tonight we could go hunt some action.” Dallas says, and no one replies. Dallas doesn’t react. “Y’all up for it?” He continues, and finally Two-Bit nods.

“Sure, man.” He says, not wanting to upset the younger boy and Dallas grins.

“Cool. Darry? Steve? Soda? Johnny? Kid, you wanna come?” He asks, nodding to Ponyboy. Nobody replies.

“Man, I think I’m just gonna go hang out with Evie tonight…” Steve finally says, and Soda almost slaps him. That reminded all the boys that they didn’t have girls, and it would more than likely remind Dallas.

“What the hell is up with y’all?” Dally finally snaps after another minute of complete silence, and Darry looks at him.

“You know what’s up.” He says, going against what he had told the boys minutes before, and Dallas scoffs.

“No, enlighten me.” He says, challenging someone to talk. He didn’t think anyone would, but Soda looks up at him from his spot of the floor.

“That kid looked just like you, and you looked at that girl like you were sweet on her. We all know that that boy is yours, Dal. Don’t try and deny it.” He snaps, and Dallas’ eyes blaze. “And don’t you dare try and hurt any of us. We all know it’s true. I do, Steve does, Darry does, Two does, Pony does, hell, even Johnny does, and you do too.” Dallas stands up suddenly.

“It ain’t any of your business!” He says, and Soda stands too, causing all the other boys to follow, Two-Bit stepping between them.

“Dallas, Soda’s right.” Darry says, and Dally almost screams. He knew that was his boy. He knew the minute he saw him, and he had loved Y/N since he had met her. But Dallas didn’t do feelings. He felt lost, and though he would never admit it, he was scared.

“What the hell do y’all want me to do?” He all but yells, turning and throwing his bottle at the wall. “I fucked up a long time ago! The kid has to be what? 3, 4, 5 months old? I’ve been gone for that long! I messed it up, she ain’t gonna take me back and even if she did – for fucks sake, we all know what kind of dad I would be! No better than my old man, probably. No better than Johnny’s, and I’m already actin’ like Two’s…” Dallas trails off, catching his breath. He never spoke like that – he never shared what he felt. He looked at the ground, his blond locks shading his face.

“Dallas, if you go and find her, you’ll already be better than my dad and yours. Could you ever hurt that boy? Could you ever hurt her again? You’d never be as bad as Johnnycake’s old man.” Two-Bit says, reaching out and tentatively placing a hand on Dallas’s shoulder. Dallas shrugs it off, sitting on the couch.

“Y’all ain’t gonna start callin’ me soft for havin’ a kid and carin’ for a broad or nothin,’ right?” He asks, trying to gain back his tough persona and act like he hadn’t just said more about himself than ever before. Two-Bit laughs like always.

“Shoo, it’s makes you more of a man than half the boys in Tulsa!” He says, and the rest of the guys smile despite their unease. Something was seriously wrong with Dallas. He needs this girl, and he needs his boy.


You cradle Y/S/N in your arms. You kiss his forehead. Kathy, your friend’s cousin, was at work. The TV was playing ‘Alfred Hitchcock Presents,’ but you were paying little attention. You were thinking about Dallas.

You wished that everything could work out, but he hadn’t even come looking for you. You tried to ignore him – you and Y/S/N were doing fine. But you knew that Y/S/N would grow up feeling half alone and you probably would too. You sigh, rubbing the pad of your thumb against Y/S/N’s soft feet. He chortles, and you can’t help but laugh too, nuzzling your face against him. Did this mean that you had to leave Tulsa? What would it be like for you to always be running into him on the streets? What if Y/S/N just walked passed him one day, having no idea that he was his father? No. You had to leave. You had to.

A knock on the door pulls you out of your thoughts. You hold Y/S/N to your chest and head to the door. You open it and a boy with greasy black locks and dark skin stands in front of you. Dallas stands behind him. Your eyes widen.

“What the hell are you doing here?” You ask, and Dallas opens his mouth but remains silent. The other boy looks just as uneasy. You could tell that he was kind, shy… You wondered what he was doing with a jerk like Dallas.

“I’m gonna go to the DX, Dal. See you later.” He says quickly, rushing off the steps. Dallas avoids your eyes.

“How did you even find me, Dallas?” You ask, and he finally looks up.

“My friend from the other day, the one with the side burns, he goes with Kathy sometimes…” He trails off, his eyes falling to Y/S/N’s face. You hold him closer to you. “We need to talk about this.” He says. You laugh dryly.

“Dallas Winston caring about anyone about himself? This is a new one.” You lean against the door frame.

“Dammit, Y/N. I’m tryin’. You know I am. Just let me in, please.” He says, and you sigh, stepping back inside.

“Come on.” You say.


You sit at the small table, him across from you. You hadn’t ever seen him this uneasy – you didn’t know he could be. You sip your tea as Y/S/N plays in his high chair.

“He’s mine, ain’t he?” Dallas says finally, nodding towards Y/S/N. You nod.

“Ain’t it obvious? He looks just like you.” You say quietly, and Dallas’ face remains hard. He had been staring at the table, but his eyes meet yours.

“What do you want to do about this?” He says finally. You grab Y/S/N, who had been reaching out for you.

“Why the hell does it matter? We’ve been fine without you.” You say, and he stares unblinkingly at you.

“You coddle that boy too much.” He says, and you glare at him.

“Maybe it’s because I’m tryin’ to give him the love that any other boy would be gettin’ from both his mother and his father.” You snap, and Dallas stares at you coldly.

“I’m sorry that I wasn’t there, alright? But I am now, and I own up to my mistakes.” He says. Your eyes widen suddenly, your face flushing with anger.

“Mistakes? We’re your mistakes?” You spit, standing up. Dallas opens his mouth to argue, but you shake your head. “Get the fuck out of my house, Dallas.” You spit, and he stands up.

“Y/N.” He says, and you shake your head, tears streaming down your cheeks. You hadn’t even realized that you’d started to cry. “Y/N, listen to me! That’s not what I meant. We both know that he wasn’t planned, but I meant that I take of what’s mine. I take care of the people I love. I’m gonna take care of you, and I’m gonna take care of him. Because you’re mine, and he’s mine.” He says, stepping forward until he’s right in front of you. You look up at him. “What his name?” He asks suddenly.

For the first time ever, Dallas was ashamed. He didn’t know his own son’s name. You look at the ground through the small space left in between your bodies.

“Y/S/N. His names Y/S/N Y/S/M/N Y/L/N.” You say. Dallas remains quiet for a second before replying.

“I like that name. I’d like it even better if his last name was Winston.” He says, and you let out a sob.

“But Dallas, could you ever love me? More importantly, could you ever love him?” You ask, and Dally stares at you.

“I’m gonna try. I promise. I promise.” He says, and you look up at him. You thought about how after a week, you had sworn that you loved this boy. You knew that it could happen again – you could fall in love with him every day, and you wanted to give him another chance. You thought about if you didn’t… If you didn’t, you would never know. If you didn’t, Y/S/N would never have a chance to have a father. A part of you had loved Dally even after he had left, and from the way he had been acting all day, you knew that he meant what he was saying. Dallas would never act this way unless he truly meant it.

“It’s going to take me a long time to forgive you – but you didn’t know. You didn’t know… You can be his father, but it’s gonna take me a while to be your girl, okay?” You say, and Dallas nods once. “But if you hurt him, so help me god, I will kill you, Dallas Winston.” You say, and he nods.

“I would never.” He says, his eyes darting to yours. “Can I hold him?” He asks slowly, and you nod hesitantly. You hand him over carefully. Dallas looks frightened, but he takes the boy and holds him close. Y/S/N struggles momentarily before resting his hands on Dallas’s chest and shoulder and gurgling contently. Dallas stares at him.

“Hey, buddy. I’m your daddy.” He says slowly, and you could tell that the words felt strange on his tongue. His eyes flick to you, and you force a smile. It would take you a while to love Dallas again, and to fully forgive him, but you knew you would. 

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