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holy fuck that fic is so good, and jesus, your English is fucking amazing.

Aww thanks. this chappie is shorter than the previous ones. Despite not answering you for 7 days this is all I could pull out from the dumpster called my brain. Idk if anyone is still reading this story, but here you go anon :) Our quarterly assessment starts this week which means I’d be really busy

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Re pt. 1, Re pt. 2, Re pt. 3


Touka’s mouth went dry. She suddenly found it hard to breathe. There she was, her back against the door and her chest pressed against his. It was the most intimate contact she had ever gotten from a man, except maybe her father and brother. But this was different. She was very aware of his presence, and her mind could not seem to concentrate on anything but the strange warmth of his skin on her skin. Her knees were shaking, and no doubt without the support from the door she would’ve already collapsed on the ground. Her trembling fingers were trapped between the spaces of his calloused ones, the hotness spreading in her palms traveling up to her arms and settling right on her cheeks, leaving a light, rosy stain.

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loudly || hyungwon

anonymous asked ; Hii can I request Hyungwon getting really mad at you for ruining his favorite designer shirt so he spanks you over his knee and it ends up turning you on (basically dom hyungwon)

this is a drabble, slightly nsfw, enjoy ^^



running to the bedroom and peeking your head around the door, your chest heaved nervously as you were met with hyungwon’s bare back.


"come here.” his voice was firm, a voice you rarely heard or expected out of him.

you stood in front of him, trying not to let your eyes skim his bare upper half as he held a shirt in front of you. it looked way to small for him, the base of the shirt a hot pink color.

“you ruined it. you fucking ruined my favorite shirt.” he glared at you, making you swallow. “you just had to go and wash my laundry when I told you it was fine, didn’t you? you just had to go and do what you wanted to do?”

“i’m sorry, i didn’t know-”

“shut it.” he held his hand in your face, dropping the shirt and walking around you. sitting on the bed, he patted his lap. “take off your undergarments and bend over it.”

blushing, confused as ever, you slid down your panties and bent over his lap, yelping loudly when his large hand harshly slapped your ass.

“no noises. count with every spank, okay?”

before you could respond he was at it again, seeming to get harder with each spank. your bum was on fire but it felt good, the pain made you slightly grind your core against his clad thigh, so caught up in the feeling you forgot to count after the eighth spank.

“you like it, don’t you?” his low voice and chuckle snapped you out of your daydream. he massaged your cheeks, leaning down to kiss your neck. “guess we have to use something other than my hand.”

Staff (Ab)use 3 of 2: Unlocking Greater Potential

Part 1: Restore

Part 2: Barrier / Ward

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The first two staves discussed in this series had obvious utility in the form of direct damage reduction or recovery.  Their uses, stacked up beside likely alternatives (the options they typically replace), were clear mathematically and strategically.  The staves to follow are more specialized and so less universal, but that doesn’t prevent them from being worthwhile additions to a staff user’s inventory, and it also doesn’t mean that the posts to come are going to be short.  We’ve got a ride yet.

The One-Trick Pony

Unlock is one of those niche staves that does one, maybe two things: it unlocks doors, or both doors and chests (FE5).  So that means that there’s pretty much no nuance to its use whatsoever, since your decisions are binary.  However, the Unlock staff is capable of saving lives, particularly those of the fleet-fingered variety.

How?  Easy:

A lockpick (or Thief in general) or a key as an unlocking range of one.  The Unlock staff universally has a range of more than one.  Which is big news in terms of entering previously unopened doors.  Because this is what happens when a Thief opens a door:

That Thief gets to be the welcome wagon for unsavory things, barring a quick save from somebody else, which requires either

  1. Rescue, by staff or by another unit handicapping itself, or
  2. Someone else pushing through the choke point produced by the door, placing that unit at a disadvantage relative to nearby enemies

I’m not saying that Thieves can’t ever dodgetank, but I am saying that I personally have had enough restarts in my FE career not to be cocky about Thieves and dodging ability.  And, referring back to an old concept about choke points, first mentioned in a post from a long time ago:

A choke point has three parts, which are the two ends, and the channel between them.  The “channel” is that area where the space for movement is limited to just one or two units wide, like the gap Legault (the Thief) is standing in above.  Think of it as a turf war.

On “our turf”, we are at an advantage, because we have the best backing from our comrades, while our enemies have to thin themselves out, or cluster somewhere without being able to effectively coordinate.  On “their turf”, the roles reverse.  In the middle, there’s a grab bag of advantages and disadvantages, depending (unsurprisingly) on proximity to our respective territories.

After Opening the Door

If Legault moves one panel down, he will be at a severe disadvantage: as always, he’ll be able to target just one enemy at a time, but he will be targetable from four spaces – potentially four enemy attacks.  If Legault stays where he is, any enemy that tries to melee him will hold the same disadvantage.  But if Legault is able to move up one space from where he is, then two things happen:

  1. He holds the greatest advantage over attacking enemies, since they are confined and his movement is virtually unlimited
  2. Any other unit besides Legault can move to where Legault would have been (one panel outside the door), allowing a unit much more versatile than he (such as a Paladin) to take up an advantaged position on the friendly side of the channel.

Legault cannot move again outside of refreshing him with a dancer, which prevents our dancer from doing anything else that turn and providing very slim returns (pulling one unit back as opposed to maintaining forward progress) across multiple units’ moves.  But if we offer the Unlock staff as an alternative, then this happens instead:

  1. Our staff user Unlocks the door from two spaces away.  This means that the door is open, the current frontmost unit is in a highly advantageous position.
  2. Any other unit better prepared for the enemies ahead than our door-unlocker can move into the space immediately adjacent to where the door was, which is a still-advantageous position as it is usually on or closer to our turf, stacking advantages of equipment, stats, and position.  In the same movement, our door-unlocker becomes safe from all but some limited ranged combat, which puts the enemy at a severe disadvantage on the next turn if they choose to attack the door-unlocker.
  3. The focal point of the combat remains near “our turf”, allowing multiple nearby units to contribute to combat each turn that follows by means of items, ranged attacks, and interchanging frontliners, at relatively low risk.  Depending on the shape and size of the channel, our units may be able to outflank opponents in battle at a ratio of 2:1 or better.

And Another Thing

Unlock usually provides between 17 to 30 experience per use to healers with between 90 and 170 lifetime available experience.  Lockpicks and Door Keys provide no experience to anybody.

The Short of It

If you don’t use the Unlock staff, then this will probably happen to you

and nobody wants that.  You have a good staff.  Use it.


The Fangirl Project - Calum Hood

Description: Calum starts back tour with an interesting and not-so-good attitude towards the fans, leading his band’s management to do something that neither him or the boys excepted

Warning: No

Request: None.

(Part 5/?)

Part 4 Here


~Y/N’s POV~

“Goodnight man, don’t dream about y/n.” I heard Luke chuckled from behind his closed door. Not know who he was talking to, and because I was slightly creeped out by the mentioning of my name in such a weird way, I eased myself in front of the doorway.

No one said anything else inside that I could hear, so I stepped a few inches closer, only to be frightened when Calum jerked open the door, his chest ending up a centimeter away from my face before he realized I was there and stopped moving.

“What was that conversation just about Calum?” I questioned him, my tone of voice sounding a lot more harsh and hateful that I intended, scaring him a bit.

His face flushed as he looked back into the room he just walked out of, Luke paying no attention to us as he had his headphones in. "What did you hear?” He visibly gulped, shutting his band mates door before looking back to me warily. “It’s not what you think, if you heard what I think you heard.”

I tried to hold back the smirk that was threatening to appear on my lips, it was very amusing to watch Calum try to explain himself while blubbering out nonsense. “I believe I overheard something about you dreaming of me.” I pulled myself together partially, this smirk halfway forming onto my face as he nervously chuckled to himself at my words. “But that’s not what I think, right? So, Calum Hood, please explain yourself to me.”

“I…” He dragged out, his eyes widened and flustered. “I went to Luke to talk about you, but not in a nice way really.” I raised an eyebrow up at him, not sure if I should take that to heart or not. “Wait, that sounded so mean! I meant that I went in there to see if he could remember your name ‘cause I couldn’t. I sort of described you as the mean one.”

I opened my mouth to speak, Calum gasping as he realized that his last statement also sounded rude as well. “Well, You found out my name. And about the description of me, I would say that I’m being pretty descent around considering how you’ve behaved recently, don’t you?” I know that, that was pretty harsh to bring up since he has been doing better, but the other reason me and the girls are here is to teach them all a lesson really, so I’d consider this apart of that.

“I’ve apologized!” He raised his voice, becoming easily agitated with me and my cockiness. “You need to get off your high horse and get this through your head; not everyone is perfect, not everyone has good days all the time. It just so happens that on one of my worst days, me and the boys was mobbed and I acted out. Again I’ve apologized for my mistakes that night, so when is everybody going to stop using that against me as if I’m the only one in this band who has misbehaved before!”

His rant left me standing back in awe. Throughout the whole speech, his voice increased in volume, making all the girls and boys in the house come to see what was up. Once Calum noticed the other presences around us, he sigh and slumped his shoulders, mumbling an apology before darting outside and out of all of our sights.

“Are you okay Y/n? Did he scare you?” Ashton came up from behind me, his room being the farthest one down the hallways, so him and Luke was the one’s who saw the most of what just happened.

“If he did, we’ll go kick his ass.” Luke stood beside me, sending me a small and warming smile as did Ashton.

Shacking my head, I cleared my throat and breathed out slowly. “I’m fine, but I don’t think Calum is.” I whispered, averting my gaze from the two worried guys in front of me, to where Calum has rushed off to. “I think I’m going to go find him, I needed to be the one apologizing at the end of that, not him.”

I grabbed a jacket out of my claimed bedroom and went downstairs, through where everyone was now sitting and staring off into their own little worlds, and outside in the darkness of the night.

“Calum!?” I called out, squinting my eyes in attempts to get used to the light adjustment so I could find the upset twenty year old. “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that whole mess was still taking a toll on you.”

Rustling came from my left, towards the back of the house. I still couldn’t see everything clearly, it didn’t help that there wasn’t any source of lighting out here other than the moon, but my hearing was still good enough to make our sniffling closer to where to in ground pool was.

Slowly making my way to Calum’s upset figure, I started to feel more and more guilty. “Hey, please don’t cry okay, I’m not good with sad people. Get mad at me, like really angry, I can handle people in those situations easier.” I grumbled, taking a seat beside him cautiously.

“Why would I get angry with you, and you only, it’s not only you who feels that way towards me, if half the fandom.” He sighed, his head falling into his hands. “I just wish people were more forgiving. I mean some people still hold that snap chat incident over my head, now I’ve just added something else to go along with that.”

“I don’t know what to tell you, I can’t make everyone change their way of thinking or their opinions about you. I am sorry though, about my part in your break down.” I patted his shoulder, smiling at him in sorrow, even though he probably couldn’t see much of me out here. “Let’s just go inside and start fresh, okay, we will be spending a whole month together you know.”

Nodding his head up and down in agreement, we both stood up and went back in the house, ready to start everything over between us.

Pain=pleasure (Brendon urie X reader smut)

You were slammed against the door with Brendon’s chest pressed up against yours, you could feel his breath as his dark lust full eyes looked into yours he sucked and licked your neck finding your sweet spot, his lips traced yours as he bit Down hard causing an exiting pain to rush through your body you moaned out louder then before.

Brendon noticed the change in your moan as he bit down again this time marking sure it hurt, you grabbed him moaning into him as the pain seemed to give you loads of pleasure and made you want more.

He picked you up and slammed you on the bed he crawled on top of you and began to bite your neck and nip at your skin, your moans became louder needier you loved the rush it gave you.

He stopped and looked at you, he then began to speak “ does my baby girl get pleasure from pain” all you could do was nod and moan in return.

His eyes seemed to grow wider, darker as he seemed to have an idea.

“Stand” he demanded, you did as he told and stood with your back to him he began undoing your cloths and dropping them to the floor leaving you naked.

He pushed your head down to the bed leaving your ass in the air, you heard the metal of his belt clatter as his pants fell to the floor, you were desperate with anticipation.

You felt a hand softy stroke your ass getting you ready for what was to come.

Everything went silent as a sharp pain followed by a slapping noise hit your ass making you scream in pain and leaving your ass red, again his Belt came down on your sore skin making your body shiver, you felt him thrust his cock into you as the pain began to turn into pleasure, you could feel his cock thrusting roughly in and out of your dripping pussy as his fingers rubbed circles on your clit, the room was filled with sounds of your pleads Brendon’s groans and the skin of your ass slapping against Brendon’s body.

You could feel the warmth inside the pit of your stomach Brendon’s thrusts became sloppy as he thrusted hard one last time as you came all over his cock, moments later you felt him twitch inside of you followed by his hot cum.

“You like that baby girl” he asked as he brought you into his chest and wrapped you up with the sheets

“Mmmm” is all you could muster up still shaking and exhausted from your orgasm.

“Good I love you” he said as he kissed your forehead, he knew you loved him so no need for a reply your eyes got heavy and you fell asleep cuddled up to him while he was gently stroking your face.

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